Your Place In The Future Of Computation

Computation should hold a special place in everyone’s heart. Our world is becoming increasingly computerised. Right from the moment Charles Babbage substantiated the ideas of computation until the present computer-dominated days, we have always needed to overcome certain complex computational challenges and mediated solutions to myriads of problems crying for computational solutions. People who have taken courses on, or related to, computer science tell us how overwhelming the recesses of computational studies can be. A great number felt nervous at their first introduction to the field or domain. Nevertheless, each step of the ‘study-way’ became more and more exciting as the days went by – until they got to the place of no return – the place of unquenchable quest for more knowledge and dexterity at computing. To a beginner, it is always a marvel to experience, first hand, how a simple set of instructions could make a computer produce desired outputs. Even the average individual who hasn’t gone to take any courses related to computing is inundated with the computing solutions all around us: the mobile devices, medical gadgets, household electronics (like the amazon echo!), computerised cars, etc. just name some of them.

Computerised systems have eased life, enhanced comfort and productivity, saved lives and proffered solutions to real life problems. Computerised systems has transformed how we connect with others and perform online transactions, for example. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, which are sub-domains of computer science, are taking an exciting new shape.  Machine learning is an aspect of computer science that confers computers with the capacity or ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. It was an extensive work on pattern recognition and computational learning theory in AI that gave rise to this important field of computer science. Machine learning is a step away from the regular programming which we have become very much familiar with nowadays.

Sofia, the robot that was granted Saudi Arabian citizenship a few months ago, is a product of AI and machine learning technology. A recent live TV interaction with Sofia, displayed that the machine is still learning, as it was not able to decipher some questions asked of it accurately. At a point, the machine itself acknowledged the obvious – it is still learning. Innovations like this one will definitely change our computational horizon in the coming years and decades.

Exciting days are ahead. More innovations are coming that we can’t even imagine today. You can decide to be a part of this amazing future. It is time to give yourself or your career a leap forward. Click here to learn more about  Andrew Charlton  and his work.

Everyone Should Visit the Incredible Ice Castles in Colorado 

For the first time ever, Ice Castles are in Dillon, Colorado. Our family was so excited when we arrived and saw the ice sculptures for the first time. We were so curious what it would look like once we were inside. There are many areas to visit and two slides the kids loved going down over and over. We had so much fun taking pictures in the different viewing areas. This was a fantastic family adventure we would recommend for people of all ages. Check out their website to make your reservation today!

How to Cope with Allergies

Most allergies are cause discomfort to internal organs, skin or breathing. Some can be fatal while others can cause other issues due to scratching the itch, and if your digestive system is affected, you may be staying near the bathroom. How can you cope with your allergies to be able to live life more comfortably and minimize the dangers that can befall you? Having had asthma for several years and having experienced near-death several times, I’ve figured out what to do.

Know your Allergens

If you have been treated in a hospital, you will likely be asked if you are allergic to certain medicines. That is to avoid aggravating the situation. Being aware of your allergens will enable you to decide whether to eat a specific food or not, choose your accessories better, and breathe more comfortably. Once you have identified your allergens, avoid them as much as possible, unless you have made your immune system stronger, then ingesting them from time to time, wearing metal or sniffing cologne or smoke from time to time will be bearable.

Breathe Correctly

Breathing the wrong way robs you of a more comfortable life. Babies breathe right naturally. As we grow old, we learn to breathe the wrong way, hence, the lower lungs are not maximized. Inhale and exhale slowly through the nose and make sure to use your diaphragm (your stomach bulges as you inhale instead of your chest). When asthma attacks, sometimes it helps to hold your breath for awhile to calm the airway.

Avoid Chemical-Laden Products for your skin

People with sensitive skin react to chemicals 99.9% of the time. There are just varying degrees of reactions for different people. Choose hypoallergenic makeup sets or all-natural ones. Virgin coconut oil helps in healing the skin and making it glow. Applying right after bathing at night, but before toweling, will lock the water in the pores through the night, for healthier skin. It is also anti-fungal, as well as anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial, so you are covered well.

Strengthen your Immune System

As long as your immune system is weak, there is no way your allergic reaction will lessen drastically. It can only be done with proper nutrition. In today’s generation, most of what is called food are filled with preservatives and served fast. Even supposedly natural foods are GMOs. Livestock and poultry are often injected with hormones. Farm lands are filled with insecticides. Choose where you get your nutrition from wisely.

Visit an allergy doctor, such as Dr. Summit Shah, MD. He will be able to help you, especially when you have ongoing allergy problems. Check his LinkedIn profile, too.

How To Travel With Toddlers Stress Free

With summer here, our thoughts turn to family holidays. Clear blue seas, golden sands and balmy temperatures are just around the corner, but there is just one problem because to reach that idyllic location you are going to have to travel. No problem you may think, it’s all part of the experience. Think again. For when you are a parent of one or more travel averse toddlers, this can prove challenging at best.


Children love family holidays. It is a time to spend quality time with their parents and siblings, enjoying all of their favourite activities in the sunshine. Swimming, playing ball on the beach and building sandcastles – what could be better. What they seem to forget, is that you have to get there first.

Taking a flight, however long with children can be stressful. It is difficult for your little ones to understand that they have to remain seated sometimes for hours at a time, seatbelts on with nothing much to do.

Unless you are one of the lucky ones who start your vacations with private jet charters, most of us will embark on our journey in a cramped economy class cabin full of strangers.

Tempers fray, stress levels rise, and even the shortest of flights can turn into an endurance test that you would rather forget.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. With thorough preparation and careful planning, you and your toddlers can have a calm, stress-free flight, and they might even learn to enjoy it.

Do the groundwork

If your toddlers haven’t flown before make sure they understand what to expect. You can even recreate the scenario at home by lining up a few chairs and playing ‘aeroplanes’ with them. Explain that they have to remain seated but emphasise the positives. Tell them that they will be able to watch TV on the plane and get them involved in packing their cabin bags too.

Give yourselves time

Calm parents equal calm kids, so make sure you allow plenty of travelling time to get to the airport. You will avoid unnecessary stress and reach the boarding gate feeling relaxed.


Make sure you have plenty of activities that you can bring out when needed. Drawing, pocket games, ipads or a story for when they feel sleepy will help pass the time.

Take plenty of snacks

There is no better distraction for a young child than their favourite snack. Make sure you take plenty and try not to get anxious about what they choose to eat on board. It is only one flight, and at least it will keep them quiet.  Remember to pack some lollipops for when you are coming into land. Children can suffer terribly with pressure pain in their ears so take along something they can suck, a comforter or even their favourite teddy.

You made it! Hopefully, you will have had a great flight and can now enjoy your holiday. Just remember the advice for the return leg of your journey and your family vacation will be one to remember for all the right reasons.

Things You Must Do In Roanoke

If you’ve never heard of Roanoke before, here’s a bit of background history; It was established in 1585 in what we now know it as North Carolina. It has the nickname of “The Lost Colony” due to shipments being stopped randomly, and then the colonists disappearing.

Now, however, Roanoke is a fabulous place to visit. It’s especially good for getting the kids out and about without them becoming bored! Here’s a list of the things you must do on your visit.

  1. Dolphin Tours

    Let’s be fair, who doesn’t love dolphins? Take up this opportunity and sail with the dolphins. The dolphin watch is truly incredible to see, with a tour guide giving you lots of useful and exciting information, it’s a once in a lifetime experience that you’d be mad to miss out on!

  2. Elizabethan Gardens

    Enter these luxurious grounds and marvel at the beauty of the memorial the town created for Queen Elizabeth I during her reign. It was made to keep her entertained and has remained there since. It’s open all year round, but it’s best to check what times they are open as this does vary.

  3. The Lost Colony

    While you’re there, why not take in the history of Roanoke and see a reenactment of the lost colonists that happened over 400 years ago. Feel like a part of the culture, and it’s yet another family friendly activity!

  4. Pirate Adventures

    Arrrrr matey! A fun family day trip that includes face painting, sailing on a real pirate ship and much more! Take the kids (or just yourselves if you don’t have any children) on this super fun day out.


  1. Ghost Tours

    You may want to find sitters for your children for this one. This is a long walk around the outer banks of Roanoke with ghost stories at night. A fabulous experience for those with the thrill.

  2. Tram Tours

    This is one for those of us that love being up and close with nature. The tour takes you along the land and gets you close to the wildlife including alligators and red wolves.

  3. Wings Over Wildlife Festival

    If you’re lucky enough to be visiting in October, why not head on over to their annually held Wings Over Wildlife Festival? It has loads of activities and caters for all ages! Because it’s during an off-peak season, it’s super cheap to visit too!

There are loads of things to do in Roanoke; it’s tourists heaven! If you’re interested in looking at what else the lovely island can offer, why not check out these 64+ activities that you can do in Roanoke.

No need to panic about where you can stay either, the island offers many hotels and B&B’s for visitors to stay. A popular choice of hotel is Cambria Hotel & Suites Roanoke that offers plenty of amenities and can also give advice and recommendations on what to do in Roanoke.

Roanoke is a place with lots of history and plenty of activities to do. Be sure to visit!

A Motherly Touch For Your Own Health

As a mother, it’s very easy to get sucked into the whirlpool of life, dealing with the problems of the entire family while ignoring your own. Of course, you want to be able to put your energy into the people you love. But, just sometimes, you have to be a little selfish. Your own health is very important to both you and your family. If it goes bad, your family might have to pick up the pieces, struggling with their new workload. Or, it could just be a matter of keeping up with the kids. To help you out, this post will be going through some of the most common areas moms have health issues and some of the ways to secure them for the future.

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Considering it’s so important, it almost feels like an oversight that humans only have one heart. But, of course, you do only have one, making it critical that you protect it. There are a lot of different things which can negatively affect your heart. From smoking and a bad diet to a lack of exercise or issues in the family, your heart is under constant pressure. Regular trips to the doctor will help you to make sure you’re not unhealthy. But, you should also adapt your lifestyle to make sure it’s as healthy as possible.

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Next, it’s time to consider another part of your body which will be hugely impacted by the way that you live. It’s very easy to damage your back. Sitting in the wrong kind of chair for days on end will have a negative impact. And, so could your bed. When you’re choosing items like this, you should always be aware of the back pain they could cause or solve. There are loads of options out there designed to help people with their back.

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Your senses are one of the most valuable assets you have. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to perceive the world around you in the way that you do. Protecting your ears is easy, you just have to avoid long exposure to loud volumes. Your eyes, though, might take more work. There are loads of different eye conditions which can only be spotted by a professional. It’s a good idea to have your eyes tested as often as you can. This will help you to ensure that they keep their health, and will enable you to catch issues before they get worse.

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Finally, not a lot of people consider the health of their skin. But, with issues like skin cancer on the rise, it’s worth thinking about the protection you use. UV light from the sun breaks down the cells in your body, causing sunburn and other painful issues. Eventually, this damage can cause cancer to form. Avoiding sunlight is very hard. But, you don’t have to. Instead, you just need to make sure that you use a good sunblock when you’re spending a long time in the heat.

Hopefully, this post will help you to start considering your own health a little more, not just the families. It’s worth being a little bit selfish when it comes to health. A lot of people leave this sort of effort until it’s too late. But, with the little amount of work it takes, it makes sense to put as much in as you can.

Careful Parental Advise For Illnesses That Toddlers Commonly Catch

As children grow up, they’re bound to catch something; it’s purely inevitable. Not only is it a foregone certainty, but essentially human beings would not exist if mother nature does not test our defenses. Our immune systems can only develop strong if we don’t go through illnesses when we’re little. Unfortunately, children need to go through some common ailments before they can grow up with tough, reactive white blood cells. In a way, children aren’t exposed to illnesses because as parents we try to protect them as much as possible. We make every precaution we can think of and still, one day; your child will get sick. It doesn’t help that toddlers are extremely curious and often put things in their mouth to feel and chew them. Basically, parents are fighting a losing battle. However, that’s not to say you should just let them be because of course, you should wrap them up warm when they go to school in the winter. By no means necessary are your children going to go through the ebb and flow of illnesses in a linear pattern. However, there are certain illnesses which they are likely to catch, and here’s how to treat them.

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The most common

Of course, everyone knows it, because it’s the bane of all humankind; the common cold. You know the drill by now; the first sign of a virus taking hold will be your children complaining of feeling hot, or suddenly they develop a sniffle. Next will be the un-mistaken noise of the dry throat cough. Before you know it, your child’s sinus will be stuffy, their nose will be running, and they’ll be sneezing regularly. Toddlers above two years old are unlike babies in the fact that they can take cough medicine, although the brand and strength should be consulted with your doctor or local nurse. Equally, warm orange juice should clear their throat, as well as closing the bedroom window at night and keeping their extremities such as hands, feet, and head covered. Although initially, they’ll feel hot, the body expends so much energy trying to fight off the virus, that the energy resources are located purely in that battle; thus their body temperature will start to dip.

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Shigellosis is a bacterial infection that attacks the digestive system. A shigellosis outbreak is mainly found in unsanitary daycare centers, and ingested through contaminated drinking water; as well as food. The bacteria releases toxins that exasperate the intestines which cause further progression of the infection. Toddlers are more likely to get it because they put their fingers in their mouths and allow bacteria into the bodies. The symptoms are watery diarrhea as well as cramping of the abdominals. Toddlers can feel nauseous, and vomiting can occur. Symptoms usually begin to surface within three days. To treat the illness, first, you need to fight off the effects of dehydration by giving your toddler plenty of fluids, especially those that have electrolytes in them. It’s best not to give your toddler some kind of medication as this will actually keep the bacteria in their system for longer. Usually, within 4-6 days, the illness should subside and pass. If it prolongs, go and see a doctor or take to the nearest hospital, although, such instances are very rare.


Pinkeye or to use the medical term, conjunctivitis,  is an inflammation of the soft tissue lining the eyelids. The cause of the infection is due to contact with another person’s infected secretions, and bacteria living in the nose and ear making contact with the eye from the hands. This causes redness and sometimes yellow pus to discharge from the area. Your toddler will suffer from blurred vision and dry eyes. It’s a bacterial infection which has to be treated with antibiotics in liquid drop form. Belay your child from going to school for a couple of days. Make sure they wash their hands regularly and avoid touching their eyes as well as sharing towels, blankets, pillows at home, and the other children at the daycare center.

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If you see your child struggling to breathe, or hear them wheezing when they exhale, they may have a mucus infection in their throat. This can lead to breathing difficulties which cause their windpipe to react overly defensive and tighten and or close up. Asthma is common in toddlers because they often don’t have very thick mucus to protect them. Bacteria from mold, damp or poor quality air in the home care lead to this illness. Dust mites also play a role, because the feast on dead skin cells and their excrement causes bacteria to waft into the air. When this occurs, the germs latch onto living tissue and begin to infect the internals of the throat. To treat your child, they must see a doctor as soon as possible. He or she will prescribe your child an inhaler, only to be used in mild discomfort and or sudden attacks of breathlessness. The main thing you can do at home is to make sure their bed sheets are changed regularly and to hoover their carpet which is where most of the dust mites reside. Equally, fresh air should be circulating their bedroom, so bacteria in air particles don’t infect them further while they sleep. They should also be regularly changing their clothes, so dead skin cells aren’t allowed to pile up and fester in them.

Photo by – Eden, Janine and Jim

Ear ache

Ear ache is very common in toddlers, and there can be multiple causes. Swimming in dirty pools can afflict them with swimmer’s ear which is an infection of the ear canal. Pressure from the cold or even pain from the jaw can radiate itself into the ear. Your child may suffer from fever due to the proximity of the infection to the brain; the body will need to be cooled by wearing thin clothes and avoid wearing socks at home. Take your child to the doctor, and they may give you some antibiotics if the infection is in need of immediate attention. However, if you think the infection is in its early stages and can be managed, simple ear drops can fight the infection adequately.

A Fun Holiday In The Mile High City Of Denver For Kids And Families

Situated in the north of Colorado, lies the metropolis of Denver. A great city for holidays with kids as there are lots of family-friendly activities to do. It’s a remarkable urban environment, and there’s no doubt about it, the city has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the 19th century. Thanks to the investment by the US government and real estate companies, there are so many cozy neighborhoods with friendly locals who can’t wait to tell you about their city. There are lots to see, eat and enjoy as many different parts offer, hiking, rafting, skiing as well as some mouthwatering restaurants. The downtown area has also been given a makeover, and now possess some of the cleanest streets in the state, as well as safer bicycle routes for greener transportation. Denver is aptly nicknamed the Mile-High-City, and one can see why because it sits approximately 5280 feet above sea level. There are a few notable spots that family adventurers must see while in this gorgeous city.

Fluidly getting around

Travelling with children can become taxing as their enthusiasm might be misconstrued for impatience. Denver’s urban investment has brought the standard of public transportation to the highest level it’s ever been. However in the modern world, wherever there is investment there are entrepreneurs to be found. Gliding around the city has never been faster and easier with Ridester at your fingertips. Unlike a traditional taxi, there is no waving down or waiting. Simply download the app, book a journey and your car will arrive. The neat thing about the app is that your journey can be planned, with the distance and estimated time, equating the proposed price before you even set off.

Photo credit – Children’s Museum of Denver

Children’s museum

The children’s museum is great fun for the little ones who want to play and learn while adventuring in a new city. The complex just recently got a whopping $16 million expansion, with new materials, colors and designs more fitting for the modern child. It’s one of the most sought after spots in the town and has children clambering to get in line. One of the highlights is the enclosed three-story structure that provides children with the fun of climbing it with safety in mind. Children also have cooking classes available to them when they visit, and that’s sure to occupy their full attention.

Image source – skeeze

Cooks Fresh Market

The best connoisseur’s congregation spot and by far the best deli in the downtown area. Great for families and reasonably priced, eating on the go has never been more delicious. The attention and purely quality of ingredients are obvious in all the items they sell. Their salads are famous throughout the city for the best selection of soft cheeses, and everyone loves their soft and fluffy pastries. Brilliant gourmet cooking with a handy selection of great picnicking spots in the park just around the corner for the family to sit and enjoy.

Gifts for kids

Hope Tank sells cool and fun gifts perfect for children who want a physical memory of their trip to Denver. Handcrafted jewelry, t-shirts, and many Colorado state souvenirs. All the items are created by local artists; however, the great thing about each sale is that some of the profit goes to helping nearby charities. Playful magnets, coloring books, key chains and bouncy balls are great fun for the kids and something they can keep to remind them of the fun they had in the metropolis Mile-High-City.

Small But Perfectly Formed: Making Limited Spaces Beautiful

The old saying goes “it’s not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it”, and we all know what that phrase is about… Interior decoration! While many of us fantasize about owning a vast mansion that’s elegantly furnished and bedecked with gorgeous thing, it’s important to love every inch of the space you’re in, from a five bedroom house in the hills to a petite studio apartment. Rising property prices are keeping more and more of us from having a significant space to call our own.

If your home is limited in size, then it’s important to make the most of the space you have. From making the most of a small kitchen to making a tiny garden in a windowbox, there are a great many gorgeous, space saving solutions to making your house or apartment feel spacious and luxurious.

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A place that’s just for you

Summer’s here and while it can be a beautiful time of the year it also means hot, sweaty bus and train rides, and hours spent in cramped offices with bad air conditioning. Your home should be a bright, breezy place to relax and unwind after this, so if your living space is dark, cramped and cluttered then it’s time to refresh your living room for summer.

You should be able to throw on some music while reading a book and sipping an iced caramel macchiato in blissful surroundings free of the oppression that can be caused by cluttered or overly busy living spaces.

Even if you have a very limited space, it may come as a surprise how easily you can create a feeling of spaciousness without needing more actual space.

Here are some easy ways in which you can do this:

  • Keep your walls bright and neutrally colored.
  • Keep your wall art bold but restrained. You should be able to see lots of blank wall.
  • Maximize your window-space by replacing heavy drapes with blinds of bifolds.
  • Lay out your furniture according to the room’s layout, matching the corners and agles for optimum free space.
  • Now’s the time to purge your home of clutter and remove anything you no longer need or want. You may need to be uncomfortably ruthless if you or your partner are natural hoarders. If you still have a chipped coffee mug from 1994 taking up valuable space in your cabinet, it needs to go!


You might think that open plan is the way to go, but dividing your space into separate ‘zones’ can really help you to maximise whatever space you have available to you. Each zone should be associated with a specific activity (e.g.. sleeping, eating, working, relaxing), which will give a feeling of separate “rooms”.

Marvelous mirrors

If you’re working with limited space then the strategic placement of mirrors is a must. Not only do they create an impression of depth, they also reflect light which will be extremely helpful in creating an airy, spacious feeling.

Nothing says ‘home’ like a houseplant

What better way to brighten up your home and make it feel more open than by opening it up to a little piece of nature? Houseplants breathe out oxygen; literally making the space airier. They also bring a wonderfully calm, serene presence into your home.

Mission Impossible? Getting Your Kids Outdoors More!

It seems that getting children to play outdoors is more and more difficult than it ever has been thanks largely to the lure of video games. However, it is so important that children play outdoors. Not only does it help to develop their learning abilities, but also it improves their health and well being while also giving them a sense of independence, the platform to explore, the ability to improve their social skills, as well as boosting their creativity levels. So, how do you get your child off the sofa? Here are some top tips on achieving mission impossible and getting your kids to play outside:

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  • Add water – Children love water. If you add some water to the mix via a paddling pool or a trip to the beach, you will have them outside quicker than you can say let’s have a splash. Playing with water also offers a number of benefits. It is a sensory activity that aids brain development while also laying the foundation for mathematical and scientific learning.
  • Buy your child a drone for their next birthday – Drones aren’t just for adults, nor are they for crazy people that want to interfere with planes – you have probably heard the stories. You can take a look at the best drones for kids, and you will see how they differ from the other drones on the market. There are many benefits of getting your child to fly a drone, aside from the obvious that it gets them outside. This includes the fact that they will improve their fine motor skills and their spatial problem-solving skills.
  • Think beyond your garden – When motivating children to play outside more, the natural approach is to get them to play in the garden. However, depending on where you live, there will be a range of outdoor environments that children can enjoy exploring. Why not arrange a family trip out every weekend? From heading to the river, to visiting your local botanical garden, to looking for shells on the beach, there are many different ways to get your child outside more.
  • Spend time outdoors as a family – The former point leads onto this perfectly: you should spend more time outdoors as a family. This does not only refer to taking trips as a family, but you can do things like washing the car together, having a picnic, or simply going for a walk after dinner.
  • Take the indoors out – If your child loves to play indoors, you can easily resolve this problem by taking their toys outside. Of course, this is a bit difficult when it comes to their video consoles, unless they have a portable one. However, the vast majority of toys can be taken outside.
  • Make nature exciting – Last but not least, one of the best ways to get your child outside more is to get them excited about nature. Going for a walk may not appeal to them. But, if you show excitement in bird watching, gardening, flowers, and other related activities, then it is likely that your kids will too.