Unlimited Swapping of Nike & Converse Sneakers for Kids at EasyKicks

Kids these days grow much faster than kids of decades ago. Their feet grown fast too! As such, buying them sneakers can be economically painful. Not only do they have to wear sneakers for easy roaming, they also have to change the pair sooner than later.

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That problem has been solved by EasyKicks.com. You can choose from any of the three available subscriptions: monthly, semi-annual, and annual, which is the longest subscription and the cheapest. Whether you go for the budget-friendly monthly subscription or the wallet-friendly cheaper option that will save you as much as $60 a year.

What will you and your kids enjoy? A new pair of sneakers every so often! Whether the first pair no longer fits or you (or your kid) simply want a new design, you can have it swapped for whatever is chosen as the new pair. How it works is simple. Pay for the subscription you prefer and choose the pair of shoes you like with the given size. When it gets delivered, it comes with personally named and with accompanying size chart. If it does not fit, simply send it back with the right info. You do not have to pay for shipping.

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You have several designs to choose from and they are from Nike and Converse. The Nike Flex Experience and Nike Flex Run Bright are two of the favorites.

You no longer have to worry about feet growing bigger sooner than the shoes wear out. You can easily choose another pair and send the old pair back, which will be donated elsewhere. Shipping is free and you can even send in old pairs of shoes that you want given to others at no charge. Every time a package arrives, your kid will know it is his or hers because of the personalized name on it. It’s like shopping from home without the need to go out and spend for extra or unnecessary buys. You’re happy the shoe fits and your child is happy for having new shoes all the time.

The Gululu Hi-Tech Water Bottle On Amazon

Health is wealth is a popular saying and as humans we cannot do without water. As parents we always want to see our children drink the right amount of water to stay healthy and hydrated, especially during this summer season. To help your kids and perhaps even you as parents drink enough water, there is a new interactive water bottle that bolster water intake —  Gululu The Interactive Water Bottle.


Think about a modern-day Tamagotchi-like pet integrated with a technology-laced water bottle that is designed for the purpose of encouraging kids as well as adults to stay hydrated. That is a simple description of the Gululu Interactive Water Bottle.


This water bottle makes it fun to drink water and this definitely helps children and adults stay healthy and hydrated. One major importance of Gululu is that it provides a solution to the persistent dehydration that may be affecting your child’s health.61WIbtci8+L._SL1500_

This amazing water bottle features a home button, a screen, WIFI, a pair of touch sensors and wireless charging capabilities. This is among the most high-tech water bottles you can find anywhere and it is arguably the most effective. With the help of the companion app, you can easily set hydration targets depending on your child’s age, weight as well as location. For the fact it is meant for kids, Gululu the interactive water bottle is water and dust proof, it is made from 100% BPA-free materials and it can survive drops up to three feet. The water bottle is designed with various built-in sensors working to measure water intake as well as detecting to know if your child is truly drinking water or just pouring it out.91ae80hWxOL._SL1500_

Gululu The Interactive Water Bottle will be launching exclusively on Amazon. As parents, let your child share from this one of a kind health and fun experience. You can get your own Gululu water bottle with the click of a button. Simply go on Amazon and click on this unique product to make your own purchase.  Your Gululu purchase on Amazon comes with a wireless charging dock, micro-USB charging cable, user guide, one year warranty and the Gululu Universe storybook.

Also this launch is accompanied by partnering with Generosity.org.  For every bottle purchased, a child in a third-world country will receive a drinking water source.

Get More Chances of Conceiving the Natural Way #2017StorkOTCjourney

This is a sponsored conversation from Mums the Word Network and The Stork OTC. All opinions are my own

There are many women who have tried and tried to conceive, but they have failed despite the existence of ovulation and a high sperm count. The sperm and the egg just fails to meet at the right time. In my case, I have never had that problem during my first try. My daughter is now nine years old. However, it is a problem now that it takes a lot of attempts and yet nothing happens. I do not like shots, prescriptions or any other procedure than the natural way. I also prefer my own room!
16174667_1320592348003829_6209704557102058146_nIt looks like I don’t have to look any farther because the Stork OTC Home Conception Device can be bought at Walgreens  and CVS  along the family planning section just right next to the ovulation test kits! The simple concept is to get the sperm as close as possible to the cervix opening so that it easily gets near the egg. The couple gets to meet the natural way but with him wearing a condom with a cervical cap to collect the sperm inside. It is actually part of the device. After discharging sperm, he simply takes off the condom and carefully making sure the cervical cap is upright, puts it in the device to get it in her to be released inside. The device gets a 3x higher concentration of sperm to the cervix compared to natural intercourse.


This is by far is the closest to the natural way to increase the probability of conceiving. It is also logical as the problem of the sperm and egg not meeting is what is being solved. The device simply bridged the gap! It can be bought over-the-counter as it is FDA-cleared for over-the-counter use. There’s also been a clinical study performed from November 2014-August 2015 to back up their results. No wonder so many pregnancies are being realized. Looks like I’ll be pregnant sooner than later! (Watch more instructional videos at storkotc.com)

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Get the Most Out of Your Digital Devices at Home

When we are at home these days, it’s important to make sure we make the most of our electronic devices. Technology plays such a huge role in the world that it’s important to make sure you use it as best you can. When it comes to making life easier, our technological devices can play a massive part in that.

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They Can Be Practical

The best thing about using your electronic devices at home is how practical and useful they can be. Now, instead of having to have your laptop there in front of you, it’s fine to just have your tablet or even your phone. These days you can do pretty much anything on a device that you can on a laptop or PC. And it’s essential to make sure you use them to your advantage. Making your life easier through the use of technology is incredibly important and something you need to action.

Make Sure You Choose the Right Device

The thing you need to get right the most when you start this process is making sure you choose the right device. Picking a new electronic device is something that requires a reasonable amount of effort. You have to make sure you research what devices are on the market, and what you would like to own. There are reasons to get every device, and you need to weigh up the reasons why you would like a particular one. Experts are there to consult, and you need to make full use of their input. It’s also a good idea to get online and make sure you look at reviews and feedback from other people who have bought and used the product. That way you will be in the right position to make an informed decision, and choose what’s right for you.

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Have More Than One

The best way to make the most of technology and devices within the business is to make sure you have several. Sure, a lot of people will just have a smartphone or an iPad, but, if you want to maximize your digital experience, you need to try to have an array of devices you can use at home. So, think about what you can use at home, and make the most of. You could be tapping away on your phone while using your iPad for work, and glancing at your Apple Watch! There are so many elements of home life that can be made easier by having the right number of electronic devices. So, it’s important to make sure you have a range of devices to select from in order to make things much easier for you.

Keep Them Charged

These days our devices and technology are so useful, and we make use of them a lot. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure we can use them at all times. There’s nothing worse than going to use a device and finding that it has run out of juice. This is frustrating and inconvenient, so you need to make sure you prevent this from happening. The way to do that is to make sure you keep your devices charged and ready to use at all times. The perfect way to do that would be to buy a charging port. This is the perfect holiday gift for any digital person and will allow you to keep your devices organized in a charging station. You can use these to make sure you always have working and fully juiced devices as much as possible.

What’s Your Data Plan?

You need to make sure you have the right sort of data plan for your devices. When you are using your iPad or smartphone, you are going to need to make sure you have the right data plan. This is something that is essential for getting the most out of your devices. A data plan from Suddenlink.com/data-plans would be perfect for anyone wanting to make the most of their devices. You need to know what your plan can offer you, and how to get the best value for money. And that’s why it’s crucial that you come up with as many options as you can for the right data plan. Check out what is available and see how you can benefit from it as much as possible.
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If you aren’t familiar with Apple AirPlay, you’re about to have your mind blown! This is something that Apple TV brings with it. If you buy an Apple TV box, you will be able to access plenty of different apps. There are a lot of different things you can use with the Apple TV box, but by far the coolest is AirPlay. Watching something on your iPad, or YouTubing on your iPhone? Well, how would you like to watch things from your devices on your TV?! Now you can, because that’s what AirPlay allows you to do. You can use your phone or iPad for a lot of different purposes, as well as AirPlaying your favorite shows or music videos. That’s why you need to make use of AirPlay if you want to maximize the potential of your electronic devices.

Get a Stand

You know there are plenty of stands you can get these days. No matter what device you have, there are a lot of different stands that will hold or fit it. This can be really useful if you are hoping to use, say, your iPad for work or something. It’s a really good idea to have a stand close by that you can use to hold it. This makes it so much easier to use and improves the practicality of it. There are plenty of stores or even online sites where you can find stands for pretty cheap. You’ve got to choose something that’s as practical and easy to use as possible. Something that can help you make the most of your devices is the perfect thing to go for.

We live in an era dominated by technology, and this is something you need to make sure you think about. If you are wanting to get the most out of tech and digital devices, then you need to learn how to best use them at home. And the way to do this is to make sure you understand what can help you best utilize them. Hopefully, the ideas and suggestions on this post will go some way toward helping you with that. So, now it’s time to make sure you get the most out of your tech devices at home.

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