Limit the ‘Digital Heroin’ With a Screen Time App


Smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, basically all the forms of screens, are called digital heroin by the by the Chinese researchers.  They have the same effect on the human brain as drugs. They increase the dopamine levels, leaving the brain stimulated and high. That is the reasons kids can’t get enough of video games and are glued to their devices all the time. The development of technology has brought the whole world at the tip of their fingers.

Device addiction is same as any other drug addiction and causes harm to kids’ health. They get agitated and find it difficult to spend a few hours without them. They get socially reserved, their grades get affected and they can’t perform well even in daily life. This is a rising concern for parents as most kids own smart devices and stay online all the time.

It requires a long-term rehabilitation process to save kids from this addiction. All the digital devices are kept away from them and their minds and bodies are rewired to function without these devices. It obviously takes up a lot of their precious time especially in their most important years of life. That is why it is advised to take a preventive approach right from the beginning. A screen time app is a handy technique for making screen time rules for kids.

How does it work?

There are three major times of a day that require a digital cut off. Those are meals, nighttime and study time. A screen time app like FamilyTime parental control allows parents to do so.


You can use the app to hold and lift the curfew, according to your mentioned timings.

  • Device-free meals bring the whole family together and give them a chance to talk while cutting the screen time.
  • Uninterrupted homework time allows kids to concentrate on their assignments. The distractions from devices divide their attention. As a result, they take longer to complete their work and get tired early.
  • Proper sleep is essential for a fresh, energetic and focused life. A digital curfew at night automatically cuts five to six and even more hours of screen time.
  • Apart from these, screen breaks should also be scheduled on weekends and holidays too. The whole point of it is to keep the screen time limited and not let kids reach the verge of addiction.

Get FamilyTime from Google Play and iTunes store.

Prevent your kids from digital addiction

Regarding the excessive involvement of smart technology in our lives, it is impossible to completely avoid it, but its use can definitely be controlled. Make rules for your house and make it easy for your kids to follow by arranging fun tech-free activities for them. If they stay busy they wouldn’t have to turn to these devices at all. Be sure to follow those rules yourself as kids take up a lot after their parents. You need to be a good example for them. Take a help in whatever way you can and a screen time app is a great help in this matter.

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New To Yoga? Here’s A Mini Breakdown Of What You Need To Know


Photo source: Unsplash

In the last few decades, yoga has become one of those regimes that anyone and everyone seem to be joining in. But its actual origins can be traced back some 5,000 years ago to the Northern Indian Indus-Sarasvati civilization. However, it wasn’t until the 1940’s when Indra Devi opened a Yoga studio in Hollywood, that the Western world started to take it on board. A male who practices yoga is called a yogi and a female is called a yogini. The discipline of Yoga is fundamentally a method of meditation and spiritual awareness. Yoga brings inner peace and calm to the body. It also relies on a series of poses and moves that prepare the nervous system for tranquility and well-being. Essentially it gives the body the physical and emotional strength to remain composed at all times. And it is a good form of exercise too.

What You’ll Need For Your First Class

Are you wondering what you’ll need to bring along if you sign up for a first-time yoga class? Well, for starters yoga studios are in plentiful supply so as long as you get a good recommendation from a friend it won’t be hard to find one. Secondly, make sure you know what type of Yoga you have signed up for. As a beginner, you will want to move at a gentler and slower pace. Seasoned visitors will be much more flexible and be able to get into intricate poses with ease. To not put you off, always make sure you choose the most basic class. Most yoga studios provide mats. But seeing as your body will be in direct contact with your mat for nearly all of your session, you will most probably want your own. Start your yoga bliss journey by investing in your own mat and some yoga pants and a bamboo yoga bra to get you started. And yoga classes are taken barefoot, so you don’t need to worry about buying appropriate footwear.


Photos source: Unsplash

What To Expect from A Beginners Yoga Class

If it’s your first time joining a yoga lesson, expect to chant at the beginning and end of the class. To start, many yoga classes will chant the sound ‘Om’ which in Sanskrit is believed to be the sound of creation. At the end of the class, your yoga teacher is likely to bow her head and say ‘Namaste.’ In Sanskrit, this means ‘I honor you.’ If you need to rest during your class, you will need to be familiar with Child’s Pose. You can learn how to carry out this pose here. Also expect your last pose of the class to be Savasana. This is the final resting pose of every yoga class. Also expect to need props. These will be available at the beginning of class and include straps, blankets, and blocks. These props can help make it easier to get your body deeper into a pose. You’ll also be taught the importance of breathing in your first-time yoga class. A good introductory class will teach you how to breathe deeper and inhale and exhale for longer. This will help you relax and calm your mind and body.

screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-8-29-02-amPhoto source: Pixaby

Hatha Vs. Vinyasa
Hatha and Vinyasa are two different types of the many yoga regimes on offer. If you are a beginner, it is much better to enroll in a Hatha yoga class. This type of class has difficult yoga poses but also lots of breaks and restorative standing or seated poses on between. A Vinyasa (flow) class concentrates more on transitioning from pose to pose with no breaks and is suited more to intermediates.

Baby Steps – Traveling With The Little Ones In Tow

Getting out and about and seeing what this big wide world has to offer is something that is so important. That shouldn’t change when you have kids. In fact, it should encourage you to get out even more and educate your children about the places that are all around them.

Having said that vacationing with kids isn’t always the easiest of activities is it? Especially when they are young. They need particular food, naps, and places to run around in. Which doesn’t always mesh well with hotels or even when staying with friends and family. Luckily there are some other options to try.

screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-8-21-58-amImage link

Day Trips

First of all, if you haven’t been out and about too much with baby yet, then a day trip might be less overwhelming for both you and them. It’s a good place to start with as it gets you to practice packing all the stuff that your little one needs to stay happy.

You’ll need to think about nappies, food, water, wipes and any other essentials like medicine that they are using at the time. Remember that if you put most of the stuff in the boot, you will need to transfer some of it to a bag. This is so when you leave the car, so you have enough with you for any eventuality.


Another option is to go campaigning with an RV. This means that you can choose to break your journey if you are traveling a long distance. It also means that you can experience the calm and relaxation of the great outdoors, but with the comfort and safety of an RV.

One of the best thing about choosing an RV trip is that you can cook meals yourself and don’t have to rely on hotels and diners. This means that picky eaters and any allergies can be catered for easily which is a relief to many mothers.

If you are considering an this as a good vacation option, then remember you can trade in any vehicle against the cost of an RV. Which can make it a very reasonable deal, as well as a good way to get out and explore the world with the whole family.


If you are looking for a longer vacation, then why not consider renting an apartment or home in the place that you will be visiting? This means you get the space and privacy you would do in your own home while you are away. It also means that you get to set your own schedule around meals and sleeping. Which is perfect if Baby hasn’t quite settled down into a routine yet.

There are many sites that specialize in private rentals now like AirBnB. If you have young kids, it best to select one where you can rent the entire home. Then you will have the space all to yourself and won’t risk disturbing the owner if your little one has a noisy night.

Be aware that some places are not allowing entire houses to be renting out in this way. This is because it’s making property cost too expensive for the locals to get on the property ladder. That is why ou will need to do a bit of research to find the perfect place.