Texas de Brazil, Our Best Family Dining Experience Ever!!! @texasdebrazil

We decided to visit Chicago for our summer vacation this year. I have been wanting to go there for a long time since our family has never been there. There are so many places to see we were really excited to get there. While we were planning our visit, we decided to find a classy restaurant in downtown Chicago that the whole family would enjoy. After doing some research, The Texas de Brazil Steakhouse was exactly what we were looking for. They are a family dining restaurant that provided an incredible dining experience for our whole family. First, they have the best salad bar I have ever seen because they have such a great selection including sushi and salmon, two of my favorite foods. Everything tasted so good at the salad bar, we had to remind ourselves to save room for the main course and dessert. We really enjoyed the staff of carvers who visited our table with their impressive selection of meat items including filet mignon, basted beef ribs, leg of lamb, pork chops and other tasty and tender meats. The meat was cooked to our personal preference, for example, I like my meat medium-rare and my hubby prefers his cooked medium-well. Then, we ordered the chocolate mousse for our dessert and it tasted out-of-this-world. The entire staff at their Brazilian Steakhouse was first rate and could not have been better.

We experienced our best family dinner ever at the @texasdebrazil in downtown #Chicago. First we started with the amazing and incredible salad bar that has a huge selection including two of my favorite foods, #salmon and #sushi. Second was the meat carving staff that visited our table with an impressive selection of all types of meat including filet mignon, braised beef ribs and more. Lastly we ordered our dessert that was #chocolatemoussecake and I’m telling you it tasted out of this world!!! The wait staff provided impeccable service by providing us everything we needed. Thank you @texasdebrazil !!! #prochnowstravelingadventures #Chicago #blast #instagood #summer #travel #trip #dinner #dining #family #familydining #braziliansteakhouse #blogger #sponsored #prochnowtriptochicago

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Our family agreed this was the most enjoyable family dinner we have ever experienced. To learn more about Texas de Brazil, you can visit their website TexasdeBrazil.com to learn more about what they have to offer and their other locations they have around the United States and in other countries. Our family gives them our highest recommendation when it comes to their outstanding and tasty food selection and the impeccable service their staff provides to their guests.

@360Chicago & #360Tilt! Ride are a Must See When Visiting Downtown #Chicago

Last weekend was our first family trip to Chicago. We had so many places to see during our stay there for our summer vacation. So, the first place we wanted to see was the 360 CHICAGO Observation Deck located on top of the famous Hancock Tower. The ride to the top was quick and easy. After we arrived, we had to decide whether to look at the fantastic views from over 1000 feet above downtown Chicago or to experience their 360 Tilt ride that looked really interesting and a little scary for me since I’m afraid of heights. We decided to enjoy the ride before walking around to look at the different views and to take pictures.

When we get on the ride, we stood facing looking out and grabbed two bars on each side of the window. Then, as the ride started, the floor and window began to lean outwards so we were literally tilting down to the buildings and street below. It was really an amazing feeling because you feel like you can actually reach out and touch the buildings next to the Hancock Tower. My hubby and our daughter said they really enjoyed the ride as much as I did.After the ride, we walked to each side of the observation deck and took dozens of awesome pictures of downtown Chicago, the Lake Michigan beach and many other sites you can see for miles around. 360 Chicago is a much see visit because of the incredible views and the 360 Tilt ride that is like no other ride we have ever experienced. To learn more, I suggest to visit their website: 360Chicago.com!!!