4 Tips for Ensuring your Loved One Takes the Right Medications

Facing the fact that a loved one is getting older can be challenging for you both. If you’re the caregiver of this individual, there are likely many decisions to be made. One of these includes making certain your loved one gets the right amount of medication each day. Eight out of ten older adults take at least one kind of medicine per day. Here are some tips to make sure your loved one’s medications are organized and taken on schedule.

Tip #1: Check that the right medications are given

It’s a fact that any pharmacy can make a mistake when it comes to filling a prescription. There is always the chance of a human error being made and you will want to look for these. When you’re the primary caregiver for an older individual in your life, you will want to be certain to check the drugs before administering them. You should take a moment and use a pill identifier to ensure the pills given are the right ones.

It’s a good idea to verify any new prescriptions are correct that this person is being given. Once you’re more familiar with the medication, you may not have to check the same medication with every refill.

Tip #2: Attend doctors appointments

One thing you may want to consider doing is going with your loved one to schedule doctor visits. This can allow you to ask the right questions and work to ensure the best medications are being offered.

It’s possible an older person in your life may not think of all the questions to ask and having you there could be a great help in ensuring the right medications were prescribed.  Be sure to be as prepared as possible for a visit by doing some research on your loved one’s medical conditions, for example, you may want to read up on arthritis and common treatments.

Tip #3: Purchase a pill box

One of the best ways to help ensure medicines are taken on a daily basis and as necessary is by buying a pill box. These come in a variety of types, and you’ll be able to find one that suits the needs of an aging person in your life best.

This type of device can be ideal for placing one or more medications that may need to be taken daily. The good news is these are typically inexpensive but can make a huge difference in ensuring any prescription medicines are taken as necessary.

Tip #4: Know the side effects

As the primary caregiver for your loved one, you will want to be sure you know the side effects of any medications that are being taken by this person. This can allow you to look out for and monitor things on a routine basis.

If you see any abnormal behavior that typically wouldn’t occur with this medicine, you may want to make a trip to the emergency room. Working to ensure the health of your loved one is not being compromised is essential when you’re in this position.

The benefits of caring for a person you love a great deal means include having a personal satisfaction of doing good. It’s for sure this individual will appreciate the time you’ve spent and the help that you’ve provided working to ensure the proper medications have been given. Taking time for making certain the right medicines are dispensed and taken is sure to be to the benefit of you and the aging individual in your life.

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