A Full Life

A philosophy professor stands in front of his class and fills a
mayonnaise jar with rocks that are about 2″ in diameter.
The professor asks the class if the jar is full…they agree that
it is.

The professor then takes a handful of pebbles and adds them
to the jar, shaking it so the pebbles fill the cracks and asks if
the jar is full and again the class agrees.

The professor produces a small bag of sand and proceeds to
add it to the jar, shaking it so it fill the cracks and asks the
class if the jar is full and for the third time they agreed it is.

“Now”…the professor says…”I want you to use this jar full of
sediment as a way of looking at your life…the rocks represent
the things that are most important to you, your family, your
partner and your health… things that are the cornerstone of
your life.”

“The pebbles represent things like your money, your job or
your dwelling,things that are important, but can be replaced.”

“The sand represents the small things in your life, for instance,
what you wear, who you are seen with or where you eat.”

“You’ll find, if you put the sand in the jar first, you won’t have
enough room for not only the pebbles, but most importantly
the rocks.”

“The same thing goes for your life, if you spend too much time
and energy on the small issues, you focus less on the things
that really matter.”

“Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness,
play with your children, take your spouse out on a date and find
time for that medical checkup, in essences, set your priorities…
you must take care of the rocks first, then let the pebbles and
sand fill your jar.”

As the professor finishes, he receives a standing ovation for his
presentation, but through the crowd, comes a pupil from the
back of the room wearing a backpack.

He goes to front of the class, takes a bottle of beer out, opens it
and pours it into the professor’s jar.

The student asks the professor…”would you say the jar now full?”

The stunned professor could only watch as the student answered
his own question…”then we must conclude, that no mater how full
your life is…there’s always room for beer!”

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