A Must Have For Your Bathtub

As strange as it might seem, I’ve always wanted to use a bathtub caddy board. I used to imagine how it must be great just relaxing in your bathtub with a great book and a glass of red wine. Maybe that’s just some movie scenes we see that make us want to try something like this.


I finally managed to use one – the Premium Bamboo Bathtub Bathing Caddy Board. Since my bathtub is the normal size, it fits in perfectly. The bamboo color is just beautiful and goes along with my bathroom decoration.

As soon as I received it, I put it to the test. I prepared myself a nice bubble bath, placed my favorite book and my red wine on top of it and just got into the bathtub.

I have no words. I felt so reinvigorated.

When I had to reach for my towel, I had to move it a bit, but I didn’t have any problems with it at all. The bamboo seems really resistant and is waterproof.

Now, whenever I feel more anxious, I just know what I have to do to have a relaxing bath.

To learn more about this awesome product from Clever Creations, check it out at Amazon and enjoy your bath time more than ever before.

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