Accounting- It’s Not As Hard As You Think

Why is it that most incoming university or college students despise accounting? Or more than that, after a year or semester of experiencing the “dreadful” subject, they often transfer to another program to prevent further mental torture.

Yes, accounting is hard on its own, same goes with any other courses in the university, whether it’s engineering, medicine, arts, psychology, education, communication, law, marketing, or architecture. The reason why most students fear the subject is the notion that accounting is one of the subjects that will not just give you a simple headache, but a nightmare, if you even have the chance to sleep.

That belief alone creates the stigma that it is really hard to complete the course when in reality it isn’t. What makes accounting more difficult is that idea being embedded in the mind of the individual making them enter the school with a mindset like that, and with that, things will never come easy.

But how come there are still very large numbers of enrollees for accounting course every year on every university?

Accounting is a career that is considered to be an element of a long term job security. Most students find accounting course to be an effective way to stay longer in the business world. Accounting is a profession that will never lose a place in the business industry. After all, it’s totally necessary to keep financial records accurately.

What will it take to get an accounting degree?

Guts, perseverance, and no light amount of work – those will mostly do the work. It’s doable for anyone who’s interested, in the end it is still a bachelor degree waiting for them upon graduating from the university. But in case of a limited time frame which makes an enrollee unable to take the full-time university course, a Diploma of Accounting can be attained in training centers. Although the diploma is attained in a shorter time period, it will still provide the same practical skills and knowledge needed to work in a financial or accounting department.

What are the perks of having an accounting degree?

Having a degree in accounting gives you an edge as an accountant in a variety of knowledge and skills. It will likely be able to put you on different types of accounting career, including management accounting, governmental auditing, public accounting, and internal auditing. Also, accountants may further their career by getting themselves a master’s degree. An MBA, or a master’s degree in accounting, could widen their job opportunities even further. But an accountant might not be employed just by having a degree. Being a CPA or a Certified Public Accountant makes you the cream of the crop and will likely be employed in almost any firms, so choosing the right school could help you a lot in succeeding in your accounting career.

Accounting is not as hard as most people think it is, nor does it require a genius to finish the degree. And if people still think accounting is just math, yes it is, but simpler, it’s just an application of the numbers. Being poor in mathematics doesn’t mean one will never be qualified. Never get discouraged, study and keep motivated. But if it still is a setback, then don’t pick a major based on self-asserted flaws, seek to improve. Remember, improvement always comes before success.

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