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Chartering a Private Jet
Guest Post By: Lianna L.
One bright side to the recession is the power that buyers have. Vendors are courting buyers with discounts and sales, and buyers are also seeing great deals when traveling by an air charter flight. The luxury charters today have been discounted. Up until recently, aircraft sales surged, yet with the economic downturn many of private jets, owners foreclosed on their loans. Now there are numerous private jets sitting idle.
If you have ever wanted to fly private, now is the time to do it. Multiply the flight time by the hourly rate plus the expenses. The hourly rate depends on the size of the jet you want to charter. There are three sizes which include light or small jets, mid-size or medium jets, and heavy or full-size jets. The hourly rate for a light jet averages $2,700 per hour, a mid-size jet averages $3,300 per hour, and a heavy jet averages $7,500 per hour. The person who charters the jet is responsible for the expenses which may include overnight charges for parking the plane, landing fees, International fees, as well as catering and flight-phone usage. However, Artemis Air has come up with a better idea.
They have over 15,000 jets available worldwide for charter. They also offer affordable flying options with their “empty leg” charter flights. This means that when a one-way flight arrives at the destination, instead of the jet flying back empty, they will charter out the “empty leg” so that the jet flies back full of passengers.
You can fly commercial and be hassled with a cramped, uncomfortable flight or you can charter an Artemis Air jet and relax in a luxurious interior. It will be an experience you’ll remember your whole life. Visit for more information.

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