Some of our neighbors told us that there have been some burglaries and attempted break-ins in our neighborhood over the last couple of months.  Also, I heard on the news that these types of crimes are on the rise because of the economic recession we are in, which can cause an increase in property crime.  I asked my hubby if we could get a home security system that has the latest technology to give us the piece of mind by making our home more secure.  He said of course we will do that by going to a website called  On this website he explained how adt security can give us the system and monitoring we need at very affordable prices.  The leader they turned to was adt security that has state-of-the-art alarm systems monitored by them 24/7.  We both agreed to make an appointment and have the system that best meets our needs installed as soon as we can.  This will be good when we are home or also when we take vacations and are out of town for days or weeks at a time.  To learn more about adt security, check out this website and get the help you need to protect your family.

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