Alphie the Squid Conquers the Ocean and the Mobile World

The mobile industry has been busy, not just communicating with each other but more so, playing! It is no longer only for the adults, but for the kids as well, although, adults cannot keep their hands away from many of the kids’ apps! Take for example Alphie the Squid. It’s a cute baby squid that embarks on a journey into the ocean through many obstacles. It knows how to camouflage itself to be able to hunt its prey and when it has successfully eaten, it gets stronger and bigger and faster. It uses its ink to be able to escape when needed and it can even use hypnosis against its prey.

As the sea world unfolds, the graphics, animation and colors are very enticing. The player goes through different levels with one to three stars. The hurdles are in the form of predators and natural ocean currents which can only be passed through with enough strength. The player not only enjoys the different challenges, but gets to learn more about the squid world as well interesting facts along the way.

Anyhow, as you can see here in the picture, my daughter is having so much fun playing with Alphie, she even told me that this game is so intense and fun to play and it’s so different from all the apps she’s played before.  I totally agree because even when I played this game, I screamed coz Alphie almost got caught by some dangerous creatures.

Alphie The Squid is definitely a game for all ages and I highly recommend this game to all my friends and family.  Alphie is available from the App Store, Google Play and Amazon. It is featured as “new and noteworthy” in 36 countries on the App Store.


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