Another Great Canvas Print

Preview And Size Of My Canvas

Here’s another great canvas print of my daughter, Rachel. As always the quality as well as the unique look never ceases to amaze me. I actually have a hard time picking out what picture to put on the canvas since she has lots of cute pictures and this picture below is one of my favorites. I let my hubby pick one and I’m glad he did because the pictures turned out great and I think that’s because of this quality print on the canvas from this cool place is just so perfectly done. This easy canvas print is actually 16×20 and I ordered it customized with .75” standard wrap since you can select the display option from standard wall hanger and canvas stand. What I ordered is the standard wall hanger and as for the border option, they have three options and I love the image wrap around it. Our entire family just loves it and as a matter of fact, I just can’t stop staring at our wall now because of this awesome print. For my lovely readers, I will offer an exclusive giveaway for 30% off at, using this code: BLOG30OFF4U. Enjoy and have fun!

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