My hubby and I want to see if our daughter, Rachel, is interested in being a singer, an actress or a model. It’s not easy to decide if this is something she really wants to pursue and whether she has the talent needed to be successful. When we went to Disneyworld last year she sang to all of the princesses gathered around the park. All the princesses and most of the Disney employees who heard her sing were very complimentary. They suggested we find someone that could give us some professional guidance regarding her singing and modeling ambitions. When we got back home I was telling my friend about our experience at Disneyworld and what other people were suggesting we do with Rachel. She told me about a website that offers casting call auditions that would be a good option for us. We found out they have acting auditions and other types of auditions depending on what their clients are looking for regarding their search for what they wanted. We told Rachel about this opportunity and she was really excited to attend one of the auditions. My hubby and I thought this is a great chance to really see how she measure up with other kids to see how she is received by professionals in the industry. It’s not easy to do something like this with your young child, so working with experienced professionals will make this new experience for us much easier. I have a feeling Rachel will really like it and they will be impressed with her talent and looks. It will be very exciting if that is what happens after we attend their auditions. Rachel is so excited she is already practicing her singing and deciding which clothes to wear. We may even need to go out and buy her a couple of new outfits.

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