Comfy & Eye-Catching Stylish Shoes for Active Kids from @MyChooze

My daughter is loving her new pair of shoes from Chooze.  They are light weight, so light that even kids can feel comfortable wearing them to sleep, the flexibility that provides children the space they need to feel comfortable while playing, jumping or running.

The Chooze footwear comes with a 4-way stretch performance material that aids movement. They are not like most children’s shoes as they are washable, even machine washable and will not fade if air-dried. They come with a padded sole that will repel moisture so to keep it from stinking or smelling. We all know that nothing boosts confidence and excitement in kids like new shoes and apparel with Chooze colorful footwear help kids run faster, jump higher and feel happier due to their light weight. With great care taken in designing products that fits well, supports a child’s natural development and with a great cool color Chooze apparel is the best choice.

The sparkly high-top sneakers comes with a vulcanized composition, side zipper for easy access, a cotton lining and 100% vegan materials. It also comes with anti-microbial removable padded insoles, support for ankles, durable leather upper, expanded tongue and collar for utmost comfort. Built with a breathable textile-fabric lining, slick and lovely look in gold and silver, extra heel protection molded into the comfortable, polyurethane insole, ultralight weight, breathable and durable rubber outsoles. 

As you can see here in the photo, my daughter just loves her new Chooze shoes, they are comfy and stylish that every kid would love.  This would be a perfect holiday gift idea for those active kids who love stylish and comfortable shoes.

How Music Influences Your Child’s Brain Development

Music has been part of our everyday lives for generations. From the moment your mom played that lullaby while you’re still inside her womb up to this very moment while you’re trying to relax while in bumper to bumper traffic. In fact, studies have shown that music can actually improve a person’s bad mood. If you want to escape the noisy streets, then  play your favorite music to escape. It’s that’s easy! With today’s technology, music of different genres are within your fingertips. Unlike before when you could only access it through our radios, turntables or tape players. If you want to have access to comprehensive information about music, you can check out the website of John Ross Jesensky

Another great thing about music is its positive influence regarding your child’s brain development. According to the 2016 study at the University of Southern California, it was found out that experiences in music during early childhood can actually increase the brains development, especially in the areas of language acquisition and reading skills. Exposing them early to music can help them with learning sounds and knowing the meaning of words. If they dance with the music, their motor skills would be built as well. As they listen to it repeatedly, their memory would be improved at the same time. Just imagine all these benefits that music can contribute to your child’s brain development.

After reading the above statements, you might be rushing to search for the nearest music school in your place and enroll your kids. However, don’t rush it that much because another study also claims that if there isn’t any engagement from your kids, the benefits will not be fully acquired. It is not enough that your kids attend the class and merely listening to the lessons. There should be active involvement like playing instruments and singing along.

If you want your kids to be interested in music, then it’s up to the parent’s to influence their kids. You can’t force to your kids just because you want it personally. Let them explore the kind of music that they want, the kind of instruments that they’re interested in playing and the music teacher that will teach them what they want to learn. You can ask for help from John Jesensky. Incorporating music in their lives should be something that they would enjoy and pursue until they become adults. It’s never to early to start your music quest so you can help influence your kids in a positive and beneficial way.

Important Tips For Keeping Your Makeup Accessories Clean and Safe

For all you ladies out there who are fond of using makeup, your makeup accessories are one of your most precious possessions. Since you’ve shelled out quite an amount of money for it, it is just right to keep it clean and make sure it will last a long time. Aside from keeping it in mint condition, it is also very important to keep it clean all the time. After all, these brushes and sponges are in contact with your precious skin. You have to keep in mind that your skin should be protected and anything that comes in contact with it should be harmless and gentle.

Sharing Makeup Brushes and Sponges – as much as possible, avoid sharing your sponges and brushes with other people, even your friends. These accessories can serve as a mode of transmission for a lot of infectious bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Cleaning Makeup Brushes – even if you don’t share your makeup brushes, it is still very important to keep them clean.Old makeup materials stuck on your brushes is one of the favorite places for bacteria to live and the longer you keep them, the more susceptible they become. Just take your brushes and run water on it downward to keep the base from getting wet. Then pour in a small amount of gentle shampoo until the water runs clear.  Reshape the bristles then spray some brush disinfectant and air dry on a clean towel overnight. For more tips, you can check out the ideas of Nancy Berhman for detailed beauty tips.

Cleaning Makeup Sponges – same thing as with your makeup brushes, your makeup sponges should be kept clean as well. Run it under warm water making sure that the entire sponge is soaked. Drop in some mild or gentle shampoo and lather until the water runs clear. Squeeze all the water out and air dry it overnight. As much as possible, do these cleaning routine on a regular basis after your use your make up accessories.

Keeping Your Makeup Bag Clean – given that you’ve cleaned your brushes and sponges thoroughly then right after, you will just throw them inside your dirty makeup bag, then  the brush and sponge cleaning would be useless. So, after cleaning your accessories, don’t ever forget to clean your makeup bag as well.

As much as possible, do these cleaning tips after you use your makeup accessories, say every two days is a good rule. This will help you avoid keeping old makeup particles in contact with your skin and check out Nancy Behrman for more details and tips.  

Be Stylish When On-the-Go With @MrLentz

If you’re a person who’s very particular with your outfit of the day (OOTD) then you are definitely aware that your purse is one of the essentials of your get up. Some would prefer a same-color-all-the-way ensemble while others can easily combine different colors. However, if you’re not sure and confident to both, then you can resort to general tones or those that can match any outfit like black or brown. These two shades could a match endless outfits most especially the brown ones.

This crossbody purse of is one perfect example. The classic style could definitely sum up your on-the-go look without comprising a mismatch combination. When it comes to space, the interiors are quite spacious for a stylish purse. You can even add up two storage options that are very favorable for those who are very particular to arrangements.  The purse is made of leather with a solid brass hardware making it very durable. It means you can literally throw in a lot of stuff minus the fear of tear. It opens on the top so you can easily grab what’s inside while it hangs on your body. No need to look for a counter or a flat surface. This is very convenient if you are carrying your groceries when most of the time your other hand is carrying something else. The purse comes in three tones that are equally attractive. Namely, western brown, sun tanned natural and desert night dark.

If you are looking for a perfect holiday gift item for your lady buddies, then you better take this one. You could even get one for yourself and make that friendship goal happen by having the same purse for the holiday celebration. Be a chic on-the-go and grab one these now. It is totally worth every penny as the item can last a lifetime.

Have Your Wine Delivered To Your Doorsteps

Are you a wine lover? Well, I know many and I’ve also noticed that they spend much of their time just to get to that particular vineyard or that famous wine store just to get a bottle of their favorite wine. It consumes a lot of time right? It won’t matter to enthusiasts, but if given the chance to have it delivered right into your doorsteps at any time you want it, isn’t it more convenient?

Because of technology, can make this happen for you.  All you have to do is subscribe to their site and be a Winc wine club member. You have access to exclusive wine deals from select wine retailers and restaurants nationwide and you don’t have to go there personally. Winc ensures that its members will be able to enjoy their wines whenever they want. You could also send one to your fellow wine lover and make their day extra special just because you can. Just imagine how convenient that is for birthdays, anniversaries or special occasions?  Visit now by subscribing so you can start enjoying their exclusive deals right away and before the holidays. Join the growing community of wine lovers and start building up your exclusive wine collection with just a few clicks.