Awesome Apps For Kids


When it comes to my child, I only want what’s best for her and I always make sure that everything she does is monitored. My daughter likes to play games, so I decided to download this app called iMommy on my iPhone and iPad recently. I decided to download iMommy App on my phone and iPad because this App is free of all the violence you see from other games or apps out there. As a matter of fact, my daughter loves this app and she is learning a lot of things while playing the game. The iMommy app is perfect for your young children because it has plenty of interactive games, amazing graphics, as well as awesome games.

As you can here in the picture, my five-year old daughter is having a blast playing with the games. She picked the baby boy and named him Eddy. I just watched my daughter playing this app and I’m so glad I have been given this opportunity to review this product. It’s really fun watching her feeding the baby, playing with him, taking him to the bath, what she loves most about this app is that the way she can have the freedom to change or customize the baby dolls into different colors of the eyes, hair and, of course, the dressing up.

I found it really amazing how the baby app reacts, which makes my daughter look for ways to make the baby happy. This is really an awesome app for kids from ages 2 to 10 and I would totally recommend this iMommy to any ‘mothers to be’ out there. If you want to learn more about this game you can try the iMommy Lite Free version and become their Facebook and Twitter fan to get updated details.

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