Awesome Puzzle Games For Girls

I would like to thank SmartGames for giving me this opportunity to review one of their cool products called the Aqua Belle. This game is what my daughter said, it’s the first magical and entertaining puzzle game she has ever had! She has lots of puzzle games, but nothing compares to this one since it’s really unique, interesting and has very challenging puzzle games.

This game consists of 48 challenges ranging from starter, junior, expert and the master levels. The early challenges are just great for my daughter and right now she’s up to the level 20 challenge and she’s loving it! She told me she could play and challenge herself all day long with these puzzle games. I love watching my daughter play and think when she tries to trap the piranhas in the bubbles and keep the fish and mermaids safe.

What I love about this games is that it teaches the kids to use logical thinking skills and develop reasoning abilities and of course the patience in dealing with the puzzle. Also, with this game board, she can bring it anywhere since it has a great storage container for the pieces so not to lose any of the pieces. If you want a fun and entertaining game for your girl, Aqua Belle would be a wonderful game to get.

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