Awesome #SafesPlash Swimming Lessons & Facility

Our daughter, Rachel, has been asking me to teach her how to swim, but I don’t know swim. So, I enrolled her in a local swim class at SafeSplash that has their own facilities. Rachel was real excited before her first lesson and I was curious to see how she would do. Her swimming lessons were once a week late in the afternoon over a four-week period. They have several different days and times to choose from, which was great for our busy schedule. We were provided complimentary lessons so we could share our experience with my lovely readers.

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Rachel was paired with one or two other kids that were about her age and had similar swimming abilities. At first, she watched one of the other kids listen and try to swim how the instructor was demonstrating. Then, it was Rachel’s turn. At first, she didn’t swim even close to how the instructor had demonstrated. But, after a couple of turns, she was quickly showing improvement and building some confidence. Also, they really stressed safety and how to use the side of the pool to get out without using a ladder.

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As her swimming lessons progressed, she was showing a noticeable improvement swimming, going underwater while holding her breath and how to play safe around a pool. This was a really enjoyable and very worthwhile experience for her that we would recommend for any children that are new to swimming or want to advance their current swimming skills.

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