Baby Steps – Traveling With The Little Ones In Tow

Getting out and about and seeing what this big wide world has to offer is something that is so important. That shouldn’t change when you have kids. In fact, it should encourage you to get out even more and educate your children about the places that are all around them.

Having said that vacationing with kids isn’t always the easiest of activities is it? Especially when they are young. They need particular food, naps, and places to run around in. Which doesn’t always mesh well with hotels or even when staying with friends and family. Luckily there are some other options to try.

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Day Trips

First of all, if you haven’t been out and about too much with baby yet, then a day trip might be less overwhelming for both you and them. It’s a good place to start with as it gets you to practice packing all the stuff that your little one needs to stay happy.

You’ll need to think about nappies, food, water, wipes and any other essentials like medicine that they are using at the time. Remember that if you put most of the stuff in the boot, you will need to transfer some of it to a bag. This is so when you leave the car, so you have enough with you for any eventuality.


Another option is to go campaigning with an RV. This means that you can choose to break your journey if you are traveling a long distance. It also means that you can experience the calm and relaxation of the great outdoors, but with the comfort and safety of an RV.

One of the best thing about choosing an RV trip is that you can cook meals yourself and don’t have to rely on hotels and diners. This means that picky eaters and any allergies can be catered for easily which is a relief to many mothers.

If you are considering an this as a good vacation option, then remember you can trade in any vehicle against the cost of an RV. Which can make it a very reasonable deal, as well as a good way to get out and explore the world with the whole family.


If you are looking for a longer vacation, then why not consider renting an apartment or home in the place that you will be visiting? This means you get the space and privacy you would do in your own home while you are away. It also means that you get to set your own schedule around meals and sleeping. Which is perfect if Baby hasn’t quite settled down into a routine yet.

There are many sites that specialize in private rentals now like AirBnB. If you have young kids, it best to select one where you can rent the entire home. Then you will have the space all to yourself and won’t risk disturbing the owner if your little one has a noisy night.

Be aware that some places are not allowing entire houses to be renting out in this way. This is because it’s making property cost too expensive for the locals to get on the property ladder. That is why ou will need to do a bit of research to find the perfect place.