Bathroom Training With The Shandle

As a mom, the first few years of my child’s life were full of major and memorable events like our son’s first words, first steps, and even first smiles. We even kept a record of dates when these things happened. Another event that me and hubby considered a major task was our child’s potty training and him use of the big toilet. We did not rush the process until he was ready physically and emotionally. We never forgot to reward him during his potty training. Now, he’s already five years old, but the healthy bathroom training did not stop there.

Thanks to the The Shandle, putting the toilet seat up and the down is made easier than ever. This reminds him and everyone in the house to put the seat back down because of our cute toilet handle attached to the toilet seat. Also this handle gives extra protection for my little darling not to touch the actual toilet seat when lifting and lowering it.

Interested in a install toilet bowl handle for your bathrooms? The Shandle Alien and Robot design will surely delight them and using the seat is easy for toddlers now. This fantastic product is made from ABS Plastic layered with antimicrobial elements and it’s waterproof on both sides. It has an easy peel-and-stick installation and is guaranteed not to fall off. Visit the site and see all their designs!