Be Fit and Healthy with #YOO2

Health often deteriorates faster because we do not do enough about it to keep it at its best. One of the most neglected ways to stay healthy is to get enough exercise. Especially, during the last few decades when many have sat longer than usual because of work or entertainment, while eating unhealthy junk food, the urge to exercise gets little or no attention for many people.

Introducing the YOO2 sidekick is a great step towards better health. It gives you the push to walk farther. It counts your steps and shows how many calories you have burned. It gives you information about how much time you have actually moved during the whole day. As you are burning calories, you will know, and be inspired to move more.

YOO2 is better than plain YOO because the 2 version has Bluetooth Smart sync capability and does not require recharging. It has a 14-day memory and shows the active minutes. It still has AirShow Motion activated display. It comes in cyan, magenta or grey. It is compatible with iPhones 4 to 5s, iPads 2 to Air and iTouch, Galaxy S3 to S5, Note 2 and 3, HTC One and Nexus 5-7 (only on Yoo 2).

To learn more about YOO2 Bluetooth Smart Activity Tracker, check out this place, and you’ll be happy you did.

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