Becoming A Techy-Savvy Supermom

It’s just so amazing how moms can manage all the household chores and at the same time take care of their children all at the same time. Not to mention those working moms who still excel in their chosen field. We call them supermoms and since I’m a mom now, I also want to become one. There isn’t any instructional handbook for this awesome job, but we can get help with the advancement of technology.

With recent hype in social networking, a group of developers came up with a social networking site made especially for moms called Hapimomi.  It’s a pretty cool site because you get in touch with the entire family just like any other social media platforms through a status update or private messages. With the use of the Hapimomi App, I can get the attention of my kids who often times prefer browsing on their phones rather than help me out in the kitchen or prepare the dining table.

Aside from the social networking feature, the app help you to organize all the things that you need to do for the entire family.  With a quite a number of things to take care of daily, it pays to have a detailed list in a place where you have it with you where ever you go, with your smartphone. To learn more about this cool App, like their Facebook and twitter and be the techy-savvy supermom for your family.

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