Being Prepared with Map Tools

Every year, people underestimate how easy it is to get lost in the snow. The lack of visibility during a storm, the covering of landmarks with deep snow and the isolation that comes with the cold temperatures, makes it difficult to find your way. Even people with a good sense of direction can be easily turned around by the white stuff. The high profile stories of people being sent onto remote, snowy roads by their errant car navigation systems and getting lost are a good example of snow’s disorientating effect . Technology is not foolproof, and it is best to be prepared to use other mapping tools when you are out in snowy country.

Brooks-Range Mountaineering has developed a complete line of high quality map tools that will help you keep you and your party on course to your destination. They work in conjunction with most standard topographical maps of the United States, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Japan. And they are design to be accurate to 1/50 of an inch meeting or exceeding USGS standards. For snow covered excursions, Brooks-Range has put together a complete kit specifically for winter travel – the Winter Traveler Toolkit.

The key component to the Winter Traveler Toolkit is the All-In-One Map Tool Pro. It measures only 4×7 inches making it easy to fit into just about any available pocket. The strong, non-glare plastic is easy to see in direct sunlight, and it resists cracking and chipping in the coldest of weather. The All-In-One Tool has eight distance scales on the outer edges that go from 1:25,000 to 1:250,000, and are scaled in miles, three in miles and kilometers increments. There are eight UTM scales and six slope indexes. With a compass rose featuring 360 degree and 64 degree notation while doubling as an inclinometer, you have a mapping tool to help you keep your bearings in any snowy situation.

Your Winter Traveler Toolkit also comes with a Emergency Latitude / Longitude Ruler. It was designed by experienced cartographers and mountain guides so that you can communicate important latitude and longitude coordinates to emergency crews. Your kit also has a set of Ski Guide Cards that will guide you with snow safety prompts and avalanche safety advice that will help you to make the proper choices to keep you safe.

You can combine your Winter Traveler Toolkit with other map tools like the Field Book #311. It allows you to write notes with pen or pencil on its special paper that works even in the rain or snow. You can put it all together in one of Brooks-Range Field Organizers. This will keep all your tools in a bright yellow, easy to see, waterproof case.

It pays to be prepared anytime you plan to enter an environment that has any potential for snow. Things can go wrong quickly in the cold, and poor decisions can lead to dangerous situations. Anyone skiing, touring or even driving in the snow should take with them a Winter Traveler Toolkit.

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