Best credit card deals

My hubby worked in a small company before in the northwest area of the country. It’s a family owned business, but they do have their own business credit cards for their employees. My hubby worked there for a short time because we had to go back to Denver. His father had an accident and he needed us to come back here. Anyway, after he quit his job he found another job. Then, we were thinking of getting a new credit card we can use. We were not happy with one of our credit cards and we don’t know if we were gonna renew it since the annual renewal fee was due soon. They are getting so expensive with a high APR which we don’t like to have. Also, there’s a lot of hidden fees we can afford right now. My hubby always calls their customer service and complains because of the charges we have on our account. That is why we decided not to renew a card with that company. They are not providing any help for us except getting our money with all their charges My hubby and I are seriously looking for the best credit cards to apply for soon. There’s a lot of companies in the market today that provide credit cards, but some of them has the same hidden fees that we don’t like to have. We have visited a couple of places but we don’t like what we read. Until this morning, while surfing on the internet, I found this website that has a wide variety of best credit cards to choose from. Their selection of cards includes Discover Card, Slate from Chase, Citi Platinum, Capital One and many more. This company has very low interest and has good benefits which is what we really need. With the economy nowadays saving money and cutting back on some of our spending is really important and choosing the best credit cards to use is an important decision.

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