Big fun in small packages

Since Rachel was born a year and a half ago I’ve been thinking of funs things we can do as she grows up. We know that she is interested in her dolls and has a lot of fun playing with them. So, it occurred to me as she gets a little older that she would have a blast playing with a dollhouse. I always wanted the smaller style dollhouse when I was a little girl, but was never able to have one. I talked with my hubby about it and we agreed to buy her a dollhouse for her birthday later this year. There are a lot of garage sales in the area and last week we saw a dollhouse for sale. It was in great shape and was very close to what we were looking for after we agreed to buy her one. The only thing that we were disappointed about was there was no miniatures that came with the dollhouse we bought. They said the girl that played with it decorated her room with the miniatures and didn’t have room for the dollhouse anymore. This meant we had to search around and find some dollhouse miniatures that Rachel could put in her “new” dollhouse. A friend of mine who has a dollhouse for her daughter told me where they get all of their miniatures from a website called She said they have such an incredible selection they don’t have to drive all over town to try and find what they are looking for. My hubby and I visited the website and immediately understood why she shops there. It’s really amazing how many different items they have to choose from. I really liked the items for the baby’s room, like the baby crib and the baby clothes. My hubby thought the miniature grand piano was another good choice because Rachel loves music so much and it looks so realistic. I’m so excited to shop with Rachel on their website after we give her the dollhouse. This will be a really fun experience to share with her as she grows up.

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