It seems like every time I talk to my dad on the phone he always asks me about Binoculars. I understand why he asks about it because he loves the outdoors, especially going in the ocean. He used to have a couple of pairs of Binoculars before but he lost them. Well, as a matter of fact, two of his friends went up to the mountains and borrowed their binoculars. Since he is a really a nice man and can’t say no to the people close to him, he lets them borrow it. Unfortunately they never returned it and eventually my dad was back to work overseas until he forgot about it. Now that he is retired and almost home all the time, except for going out to the beach. He wishes he has a nice pair of binoculars for his birthday. I promised him I will buy him a pair so he can use it every time his outdoors. So I asked my for hubby’s help since I don’t know anything about binoculars. I wanted to give my dad the best pair we could afford because I know how much he loves having them. Right now, me and my hubby are busy looking for an affordable yet high quality Binoculars for my dad.

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