Blanket with Sleeves

My daughter really loves this new blanket from She says it’s a perfect blanket for her for this winter, it really keeps her warm and she loves to wrap it all over her body because it’s so comfy and soft to touch. She loves playing games with her iPad before she goes to bed and it’s really cold here especially it’s winter, so wearing this blanket really keeps her warm and cozy.

For me, it’s the coolest blanket I’ve seen so far because it will cover the whole body, but you can still use both of your hands just like my daughter here, her body is covered while she’s enjoying playing with her iPad. Because she likes it so much, she even uses this blanket as her normal blanket. Aside from the comfort by using this peace keeper blanket, a portion of this sale goes to charities, buying this product is also helping other people. To learn more about this product, check out this great place, Facebook and Twitter to receive updates and promotional details.


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