Brick Fest Live at the Denver Mart

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 11.51.52 AMMy family and I attended the Brick Fest Live at the Denver Merchandise Mart after receiving complimentary tickets and I have to say it was definitely the highlight of our year! The environment was awesome and the event staff were fantastic. The organizers of this event definitely deserve a round of applause for how well it’s organized! I loved watching the Brick Fest Derby. Watching all of those Lego cars fly that fast across the room was something since I had never seen that before…it was so awesome to see in-person! The Mosiac wall made out of Legos was a real work of art and showed off some true creative talent. The trivia was really fun, too. I was actually surprised at how many answers my daughter knew! Me and my husband’s favorite thing to do was definitely their mini-golf. You just can’t beat mini-golf when it comes to playing and having fun with the family. Also, there were literally millions of Legos at our disposal to play with ranging from Star Wars themed Legos to the original block Legos. There is nothing else we can compare to this event, it is truly a one of a kind experience. We will surely be attending the same event when it comes to Denver next time!


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