Brushing Is Easy And No More Nagging

My daughter is really excited because she recently got a New FireFly Ready Go Brush and it’s one of her favorite characters, which is the Barbie. This kind of toothbrush is so unique that my daughter just loves it! Since she got this toothbrush I don’t need to tell her to brush her teeth after meals or help her since this toothbrush has a light up timer just like a traffic light that tells the kid to Go for green, halfway done for yellow and finished for red!

It’s easy as 123 and kids had fun using this kind of toothbrush without having to hear their parents nagging anymore. Another thing I like about this toothbrush is that it has a suction cup holder so it can be stored upright on the counter for less clutter on a busy bathroom counter. Aside from the toothbrush, she also got the foam toothpaste. This is the kind of toothpaste I have been looking for since it’s not a paste or gel, as a matter of fact it’s a foamy texture and my daughter really got a kick out using it because it squirts right in her mouth. She used to complain when using the old toothpaste because every time she used it, it’s always fell off the toothbrush, so I would end up cleaning the bathroom counter all the time.

This New FireFly Fluoride Foam Toothpaste is a bubble gum flavor and what I love most about it is the foaming action since it flushes out food debris from hard to reach places from her teeth. It’s also suggested regarding kids with braces who have a tendency to brush way too hard and danger breaking wires. These are ADA approved products, available in your favorite characters like Barbie, SpiderMan, AngryBirds and the original firefly for the Toothbrush (SRP $3.99) and the toothpaste (SRP $2.99) you can get them at popular stores like Target, Kroger’s and Meijer, and and other fine mass market retailers. Christmas is around the corner, so this would be a great present for your kiddos or a great option for stocking stuffers.

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