Buying First Home

This is the best time to buy a home for many different reasons. First, real estate prices in are down drastically compared to just a couple of years ago. Also, the interest rates for mortgages are very low compared to years past. The main reason not to wait is because the homebuyers tax credit from the federal government is only available for a couple of months before it expires. This program is not only available to people Buying First Home, but for people that haven’t owned a home for a specific period of time. This tax credit is available for up to $8000, depending on how you qualify. These are all great reasons to buy a house now compared to later this year. Many sellers need to get out from under there mortgage because of their financial circumstances, so the terms negotiated can be very favorable to the buyer. Combined with the tax credit and low interest rates, why would you wait any longer to buy your new home? We are looking right now for our new house so we can take advantage of all these benefits to people who buy a home soon. This is one of the best buyer’s markets for homes in recent memory.

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