Calico Critters Seaside Cruiser Houseboat Review & Giveaway


The adorable Calico Critters of Cloverleaf Corners has definitely captured the heart of my little girl. We just got her the complete set of the Calico Critters Seaside Cruiser Houseboat, right on time for the summer when she has more time to play. My daughter is a known collector of dolls and there is no doubt she would also love these Sandy Cat Family and Bell Hopscotch. These collectibles are too cute to resist as they come in colorful outfits and amazing themes.

Having something to collect can actually give a certain satisfaction to your kids. It can be anything that they truly want like toys, dress, school supplies or their favorite cartoon characters. Since it gave my daughter great happiness, I decided to share it to my fellow mom bloggers and readers. Keep on reading so that you can enter for a chance to win one Calico Critter Family.

She is also starting to complete her Calico Critters Sandy Cat Family at this time and she’s very excited to display them along with her lovely dolls. She has been collecting unique toys since she was three years old and as a stage mom, I fully support her. I also make similar dresses for her dolls to match her dresses. Now that she’s starting to collect these Calico Critters toys, I might as well consider making some similar set ups for my daughter’s role play activities with her friends. Unlike the dolls that she used to have, these toys have more interactive sets that have already been set up and your child can pretend that she’s part of the entire family.


Since we received these awesome toys as complimentary gifts from Calico Critters, my daughter has been playing with them non-stop this summer.  She told me many times, playing with these toys she loves so much makes her feel like she’s in the cruiser boat with these Sandy Cat family critters.  This Seaside Cruiser House Boat includes Bell Hopschoth, and it features two pools and two waterslides, it has a sundeck where they can enjoy the sun, families can travel to the private island where you can fish or snorkel.  The cruiser boat expands to 20” for more play space, has lots of seafood and drinks for the perfect boat party and families can even cook their favorite foods on the grill stove or in the oven.  You can turn the dials to see the fish swim in the pool and amazingly the shower converts into a bunk bed.  With over 50+ pieces this incredible set will surely excite your kids similar to being on a seaside adventure!

Here’s some exciting news for all of my lovely readers. How would you like to win this awesome Calico Critter Families for FREE? It’s very easy to enter for US residents 18 years old and older to enter the Giveaway below and one winner will win this awesome toy for your child.


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To learn more about these Calico Critters Toys, check out this place,  These toys are pretty amazing. Let your child experience what my daughter has recently. Read about what’s available and have your own set for free. We’ll never know if today is going to be your lucky day. Enjoy and join the fun.

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