Career exhibition

My hubby has attended a career exhibition where we live in Denver where he received career advice, resume advice and made contacts for future career opportunities. I was surfing on the web and read about the My Career Choice Exhibition at going on in Johannesburg, South Africa on May28-30, 2009. He has a friend that lives there who recently lost his job, so my hubby was trying to give him some good options to start a new career. It’s taking place at the top convetion hall in South Africa called the Sandton Convention Centre.

To learn more about a Sandton Convention Acommodation for your stay, you can visit their website. If you are on of the Sandton Delegates, there is information on their website for you too. Also, their are some great places to stay if you are looking for an Accomodation around Johannesburg. This state of the art facility is connected to three different hotels for convenience and plenty of shopping in the area.


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