Catch the Multi-Screen Madness at Best Buy

As a blogger who lives in another place, far from my parents and siblings, the best way to communicate and stay connected with them is through the internet using a laptop. I get my work done and I get connected with the same laptop. I’m shopping for one of the new Laptops at Best Buy, so I’m taking extra care on the points I need to consider when buying what suits me best. I just watched the video about what three things I need to know before I buy a laptop and I was able to figure out what I need and what I wanted. Basically I wanted to use it basically for my work and my family. My work requires me to blog regularly. I may just be at home, but I wanted something that I can bring anywhere around the house so I can make sure I am connected. This is because I get notifications of tasks I need to do at any time of the day. At the same time, I needed something that will be able to play videos and have the ability to do video conferencing with my family from my hometown.

Sometimes I play some games on Facebook so I should be able to do that with ease. I am a heavy multi-tasker. That means I have multiple tabs open all at once. My laptop should be able to handle that many tabs and applications open simultaneously. That means I needed something with high memory. I may not be a real gamer, but I also would like to watch streaming videos so having a large RAM will help in making my video experience smooth.

Another thing, I’d like to take a lot of pictures, especially of my family. I would like to store them all in one place so I would like to have a large storage capacity. I’d like the 2-in-1 laptop. It’s a laptop and a tablet in one. It’s really amazing how it works. Now it’s your turn to find the laptop that fits your needs.

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