Sustain Users’ Interest In Your App By Using Embedded BI For Real-Time Data Reporting!

Are you a developer with an application out there? Do you know the key things your app must have now if it’s to sustain the interest of its users? They include the opportunity for your app to help users make operational and strategic decisions by using the analytics provided by your app!

This is a new need  many app users. In addition to your application being able to supply them the data that reflects their activities on your application, they want the freedom to be able to design and manage their analytics. And finally, they want to be able to do all this within your application!

Is your application (be it mobile or desktop) able to offer this experience? If no, then you need to upgrade real quick! What you need is their purpose-built embedded BI. It helps you deliver the analytics that your users desire within the app!

Their modern three-tier embedded architecture lets you utilize self-service reporting, dashboards and data visualizations on any page of your application.

What their ad hoc reporting entails.

Your app users will be able to find the answers they need in time using their report design experience that can be tailored to your needs. No coding knowledge whatsoever is required on their part, and they will be able to interact with a semantic layer that displays fields in a business-friendly term. They will literally be able to easily share their insights with other users.

Furthermore, the data needed to answer the analytic questions that your users have isn’t always in one place. Their fusion driver lets you blend data from multiple sources quickly without requiring a data warehouse. You can access data through:

  • Role
  • Tenant
  • Row
  • User

With Izender’s intuitive architecture, give your users the ability to perform data analysis and ad hoc reporting themselves and consequently free your developers from having to waste significant time creating reports.

Their platform:

  • Deploys in as little as 30 days
  • Features a code-free administrative interface
  • Integrates in any technology stack
  • Inherits your existing security model
  • Requires no 3rd party software or plug-ins
  • Embeds in cloud, on-premise or hybrid applications

Visit Izenda now to try out these amazing features for your app and give it the professional feel it desperately needs in order sustain your users’ interest!

Valuables Tips To Start A Business and Keep Your Customers Engaged

When you’re starting a business, it is not enough that you will be able to sell your product at a massive rate. To keep the business going, no matter what it is, it is also important to keep your customers coming back. In short, keeping them engaged. Your primary goal is to include your product in their life’s necessity.

They always say that the most difficult part in starting a business is to know which product to sell. Everyone’s seems to have started different kinds of businesses and you would normally think that there isn’t room for more. The answer is actually very simple and you don’t have to sell something new. All you have to do first is to list the basic needs of your community. Normally, people need shelter, food, clothing and services. Just choose one of them and you’re good to go. Once you identified one, focus on a specific product that is consumable. In this way, you would be constantly needed by your chosen market.

Another important thing to consider is to set an impression of offering a quality product. If you are known for the best quality, your price would be a secondary consideration. It is also important to take note that there will always be competitors and keep in mind that there existence is not a threat after all. Consider them as a challenge to do better. Keep your quality high and aim for loyalty among your customers. You might as well consider having a customer success platform to keep track of your clients. Keeping it personal and rewarding feedback from customers will eventually keep them by your side. Every now and then, send them thank you notes or some loyalty rewards. If a customer feels appreciated and wanted, most likely they would stick to you no matter what.

The advantage of having a customer success program is that you will be constantly aware of your customers’ needs. You also need to keep the communication open and easy to access. Have a responsive customer service media outlet. It is inevitable to have complaints or factory defects these are effective methods to make sure you are addressing it properly. Receiving a response is what a complaining customer will always want. They want to know that their complaints are reaching someone that will address and hopefully resolve them. Afterwards, see to it that whatever the complaint, address it properly and promptly. If there is a need to replace the product, do so and send an apology.

The Positive Effects of Technological Advancements

Ever since the invention of machines, the advancement in technology has been progressing ever since. Over the course of time, machines have made the lives of each person so much easier to live. However, there has been debates going on, that sooner or later, human beings would be replaced by machines. Not to mention all those sci-fi movies with such a plot. It’s a bit scary and not impossible. Given all the benefits that human beings can fully avail from the advancement of technology, it always comes with a price, but since we are supposed to be proactive, let’s just focus on the brighter side of it.

Here are some of the positive effects of technology to mankind.

Connectivity – because of technology, communication has never been so easy. Just a few decades ago, sending a letter through the snail mail would take days, but now it takes seconds to send an email or use social media. Thanks to our cellular phones and ease to find an internet connection, we can send messages almost anywhere and anytime. Being able to relay information is very essential in life. This is how we explain ourselves and make plans. The faster we respond, the less misunderstandings will happen.

Acquisition of Knowledge – advancement in technology has paved the way for reaching as many learners as possible.  Lessons that could only be heard in the four corners of a classroom can now be accessible with a few taps of the mouse. Sharing knowledge has never been easier.

Improved Jobs – with the help of machines, jobs are being carried out at a faster rate than before. More output will mean more income leading to higher sales and increased profit. Aside from that, these machines can keep the human workforce in direct contact with the raw materials which means there is more protection for workers.

Better Trade and Economy – you might consider reading the books of Andrew Charlton for more insights in this matter. Because of technology, seeing the bigger picture of our economic and trade status has never been more important. Machines are doing computation, predicting trends and a whole lot more.

It has been debated that our natural resources will become depleted as our population increases dramatically around the world. Fortunately, these technological advancements can be used to protect our environment. Let us keep in mind that we have full control of our future technology. We create what we need and they will not function without our inputs. Let us all use them for the betterment of our lives without compromising what we naturally have around us.

Check out Andrew Charlton to learn more about economics.

Maintaining Healthy Living While Working

Keeping our jobs is also tantamount to keeping ourselves healthy. However, it is much more fun if keeping yourself healthy would allow you to earn at the same time. Popular these days are those effortless MLM that uses health products. Sell the products and get profit or use it and avail discount. For stay-at-home moms like me, MLM can be an advantage. All you need is an internet connected computer, a wide range of social media friends, followers and ability to convince your clients that the products are effective thus using it personally is a beneficial.

Three Ways to Increase Your Customer’s Dining Experience

Being a restaurant owner makes you involved in one of the toughest businesses to succeed at. Anything that can be done to improve revenues is always welcome. Perhaps the best place to focus your effort with your business is to increase your customer’s experience when inside your restaurant. The following are three ideas to point you in the right direction.

Reduce the wait times for tables
Although it is true that having people willing to wait for a table is a sign that you have a popular restaurant, more often than not, this is a bad sign for your business. This is especially true if there are plenty of tables available, but they are not ready for dining. Look at the system from top to bottom, and make changes to create a more efficient way to prepare the table for the next diner. In some cases, you may have to hire additional staff, but this is more of a long-term investment and not so much a cost for your company.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 2.48.44 PM

Make up new menus
Many restaurant owners learn too late about the importance of the menu. Although many experts will tell you that you need to keep your menu simple, this is not always possible. To a large extent, it has everything to do with the type of food you are serving. Regardless of how large your menu is, you need to focus on organization. If you are serving food at more than one meal time, you need to keep the menu sections separate and easily identifiable. In addition, appetizers and side dishes should also be separate. Everything should be labeled and easily read at a glance. If you find your menu to be large, you should consider custom menu designs that include the use of ring binding.

Reduce a serving time
Once your customers have sat down, it is important that they not wait too long to get their food. The first problem is taking their order in a timely manner. You need to have specific goals as to how long a customer should have to wait to place their order. Naturally, they will want to spend a few minutes reading the menu, but once they are ready to order, they should not have to wait long. The key in making this happen is to reduce the number of tables each food server is responsible for. Never give too much work to any one person to handle. This will cost you customers in the long run.

The time you spend on maximizing the diner’s experience will be rewarded to you in the form of repeat customers, and this is the secret to long-term success in the restaurant business.