Migrating From US to Australia; Important Things to Consider

America has been considered as the one of the dream places in the world; “The American Dream” as they call it. However, a lot has happened recently; government transitions, life changing recessions, and everything in between somehow eradicated the “American Dream” mindset and migration to other countries has become an option.

As Americans who were used to the benefits of being a citizen in a first world country, transferring to another first world country would be the top priority. Among them, is Australia. Over the past few years, the land down under has been attracting quite a number of migrants from all over the world and as America has historically, and some are wondering why? There must be something great in there because after all, people won’t flock there if there isn’t.

Accordingly, Australian citizens are enjoying quite a number of benefits, particularly in the sectors of health and your kid’s education. Just like Americans, Australian citizens can easily travel to a lot of countries visa-free too. If you’re going with your entire family, getting a job is very important to sustain their cost of living which is unfortunately much higher compared to the US. However, securing a stable job down under comes with a greater pay, so you can pay your bills. Your kid’s education is pretty much secured from the primary to secondary level so saving up for university fees is quite attainable.

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Another thing to take into consideration is the Australian culture. Australians are known to be very sociable, so having a chitchat with people anytime and anyplace is very common. Language-wise, there won’t be any problem for Americans, but just like any other English-speaking countries, there are quite a number of words with their corresponding Australian-exclusive meaning. They commonly wear “Thongs” in Australia, especially during the hot summer days. Well, you should know by now that “thongs” in Australia means slippers or flip flops and not the small underwear. They also have this soft way of short-cutting terms like Maccas for McDonalds and Salvos for Salvation Army. These examples and more of their rich culture is quite an adventure to experience. Take note as well that Australians drive on the left side of the road, which is opposite compared to the US and it is just normal during your first few months to look on the wrong side when crossing the street, so be careful until you adjust.

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