Experience Beauty at Five Popular Destinations in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs pulsates with numerous unforgettable experiences for the resident, adventurer and for the visitor. Being a popular tourist destination and the most populous municipality in the county of El Paso, Colorado, Colorado Springs is a beehive of interestingly rewarding activities.
The following are the five best hot spots in Colorado Springs:

The sight of the waterfalls is awesome. There are 224 steps to climb to access the steam that feeds the falls.

The University of Colorado
Situated in a serene and likable environment, the University of Colorado is a four-campus-united-in-one University founded in 1876. This University serves the residents of Colorado and elsewhere and graduates of about 15,000 students each year from over 300-degree programs. The University is primarily focused on making a difference in the life of Coloradoans by advancing the economy, health and culture. The University’s architectural designs smack of a rich, pragmatic demonstration of craftsmanship and dexterities. The Faculty and Student community are so diverse that the wealth of individual differences add color to the University’s activities. Come explore how the University shares knowledge across the state of Colorado and beyond. The online home of the University is at cu.edu

Fine Arts Center
This center houses four cultural entities. There is a museum to visit, a theatre gourmet dining to relax at, a retail shop and an art school, all in one place – all displaying relics of Colorado’s rich culture and catalyzing kindred spirits in visitors. On top of that, other fun activities including exhibitions, events, musicals, dramatic displays and concerts are something else to consider.

The garden of God’s Park
The garden of God’s Park is a National Natural Landmark, with its full blend of woodlands, sandstone rocks, mountain forest and grasslands. This park is rated as the No. 1 Park in the U.S. in 2014 by a trip service provider. The beauty of this park is breath-taking. Nature meets creativity here! The adventure is terrific

Colorado Springs Real Estate
Colorado Springs has an assorted, exquisite selection of homes for purchase or rental purposes. A number of real estate brokers mediate the real estate brokerage transactions. The REDFIN, a real estate company, lists their real estate agents on its site. These agents are committed to your ultimate satisfaction. Their agents can help you acquire one of the over several-hundred homes listed on its website for acquisition.

Our Awesome Family Experience at The @GreatWolfLodge in Colorado Springs

Our family has been really looking forward to attend the Grand Opening of the Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs. The special event took place just last weekend and we all had such a great time that we can’t wait to go back for another Weekend Getaway.

When we checked in, they gave us gold bracelets that we used as a key to get into our hotel room and to enter the waterpark. This was so convenient knowing we would never forget or lose the key to our room, especially when we visited their incredible Waterpark.

Our daughter wanted to sign up for the MagiQuest before doing anything else. We were all given special ‘magic wands‘ that are used at kiosks located in easy to access areas. We saw so many kids and parents playing the game and enjoying the unique experience of the game like we did. There is even a high scores list shown on a special MagiQuest channel on their TVs in their hotel rooms.

Then, we played some Miniature Golf that was really fun with their customs themes on each hole. After golf, our daughter really impressed us by reaching the top of the climbing wall,the Rustic Ridge Climbing Wall, on her first attempt.

Enjoying the #climbingwall @greatwolflodge #gwlcosprings #prochnowstravelingadventures #sp

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Next to the climbing wall is an obstacle course that looks challenging for kids and even adults. We were a little nervous watching our daughter at first on the elevated Howlers Peak Ropes Course that has different types of challenges to move from point to point, but she did great and made it look easy.

For our dinner, we were really impressed with their custom made pizzas at Hungry As  A Wolf. Also, it’s important to mention the signs we saw in their restaurants advising to let their staff know if any guests have any allergies. This is obviously a big focus for their kitchen staff and chefs so families have the piece of mind they deserve when they are away from home.

At the end of our first night after seeing a gorgeous sunset over the Rocky Mountains and Pikes Peak, they held a Story Time in the main area for kids that includes a visit from the Clubhouse Crew who are animated characters that steal the show.

Nightly #storytime @greatwolflodge #gwlcosprings #latergram #prochnowstravelingadventures #kids #sp

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The next day we were planning to mainly spend time at their huge indoor waterpark. This waterpark has two slides you go down one at a time and two other slides you ride with one or more other people.

For my hubby, this was his favorite part of the weekend. He said the slides were such a blast he could ride them over and over and still want to ride them again. It was great to have fun with our daughter in all of the different water areas, the wave pool and of course, the slides!

It was so convenient to have a snack bar/cafe right in the water park called Buckets Incredible Craveables. We stayed in the waterpark from mid-morning until late in the afternoon. Then, we went back to our comfortable room with a huge TV and great views to relax until dinner.

Their Loose Moose Family Kitchen has a very impressive presentation that I have never seen at a any buffet before. The food looks and tastes like a five-star restaurant.

During our second evening of enjoying their Family Adventures, we took a break so our daughter could attend the Scoops Kid Spa. She got such a kick out of being pampered with lotion, lip gloss, scented hair spray, a sash that says, “Princess” and a dazzling crown she was able to take home.

Afterwards we received a bag of rocks and sand at the Olivers Mining Co. We took the rocks and a sifter to their ‘stream’ and sifted out the sand to uncover the precious rocks and stones. Our daughter loved matching the stones to the pictures on the card they gave us that shows what each stone is called. At the end of our visit, we realized we didn’t get to visit their bowling alley because we were so busy with all of the other activities including the arcade. So, we decided the bowling alley would be first on our next visit.

This is a must visit experience for any family or any other group gathering for meetings, family events or any other special occasions. Our family is already talking about when we should schedule our next visit to the Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs.