We Found Our New & Best Value Dentist at Risas Dental

My hubby had a tooth that started to really bother him recently.  It was a tooth that had an old filling and it was causing him pain all day long.  The pain was the worst when he drank something cold.  Also, the constant pain caused him not to be able to sleep well at night.  His co-worker suggested he call Risas Dental since we didn’t have dental insurance and we were concerned about the potential cost if he needed some extensive dental work to relieve his pain.  We remember a couple of years ago when we paid about $3,000 for a root canal and a crown at his family dentist they have been using for many years.  It’s incredible how the cost for dental services have skyrocketed over the past several years.

Risas Dental were able to see him on short notice and gave my hubby an estimate for the root canal and crown he would need similar to the dental work he had done a couple of years ago.  He was so amazed and pleasantly surprised that the cost was almost half of what he paid at his former dentist.  Risas Dental provided A+ service and did a great job making him feel comfortable during the root canal.  We will provide a follow-up article to show how he looks when he goes back for his crown.

Here is the link for the location he visited, Aurora South – Risas Dental, and a picture of his bad tooth.  The cost for his visit was discounted in exchange for this article and was not factored in the cost comparison above.    So, if you live in the Denver Area, do yourself a favor and call them for your next dentist visit like we are planning to do when our nine-year old daughter needs braces in the next year or so.

A Top-Quality Dentist Near You

Many people dread going to the dentist and may even have anxiety over their appointment. This problem can be decreased greatly if you do your research and find a top-quality dentist that you enjoy being around. Look for a dentist that is reasonably priced for you and your family to visit and receive the service that you are looking for. Finding a friendly dentist in Granger, IN, is crucial to your satisfaction as a customer and it will leave you content with the health that your teeth may gain.

Factors to Look For

There are many things to look for when you are searching for a dentist to invest your family in. Look for a dentist that treats you with respect and is friendly no matter what. You deserve to feel comfortable in your environment and feel at ease with each appointment that you attend. Dentists should review your records and take a full history on your first visit to their office. They should ask about all symptoms that you have and explain the various methods of hygiene habits. Treatment options should be discussed as well as cost estimates for each visit. Be sure that the dentist is gentle when operating on your mouth and helps to reduce pain as much as possible. If a dentist wears a mask and gloves, has a pleasant staff, a clean office, and a short waiting time, then they are one that you should put your trust into. Dentists that get you into their office as quick as possible and accommodate emergencies when needed are ones who care about your overall health and wellness.

You do not want your dental costs to put a major dent into your budget, so research an office that is affordable for you. Emergencies may arise at any time, and you want to be sure that your insurance will cover you and work with the office that you have committed to. Your dentist in Granger, IN, should treat you well and produce high-quality results no matter what the situation may be. Find a dentist that is good for you and puts their customers first every time.


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The Top Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Having a beautiful smile means more than just having a healthy smile. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry in El Paso can help anyone achieve a picture perfect smile that they feel proud to display.

While, in most cases, cosmetic dental procedures are pursued for cosmetic purposes, certain procedures, such as white dental fillings, are necessary for the patient’s overall oral health. Fillings and other necessary cosmetic dental procedures are designed to prevent further tooth decay while providing a natural, undetectable appearance.

Teeth Whitening and Reshaping

Teeth whitening can produce significant results in a short amount of time. In fact, some procedures can help to whiten your teeth by several shades during your lunch break. There are generally a variety of options available to patients, including both in-office and at-home whitening options. The right option for you will depend on your needs, goals, lifestyle, and what your dentist offers.

Many patients choose to reshape and contour their teeth. This typically consists of sanding and shaving any crooked or misshapen teeth. This can usually be completed after orthodontic treatment or alongside another dental procedure. 

Veneers, Implants, and Bonding

Porcelain veneers, dental implants, and bonding are all designed to provide you with beautiful, natural looking results. Veneers are ideal for those looking to change the color or shade of their teeth, while implants are ideal for patients who are missing one or more teeth. Bonding can also help to repair chipped or broken teeth and leave your teeth looking and feeling their very best.

Speak with Your Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry in El Paso can provide you with the smile of your dreams and an improved sense of self-confidence. While you may have a certain procedure in mind, not every patient is a good candidate for every procedure. Schedule an appointment with your cosmetic dentist of choice to determine which treatment options are available to you and which services are necessary to help you achieve your best smile. During this time, you can also determine which procedures will fit your budget or whether your cosmetic dentist offers insurance or financing options to accommodate your needs.


This is a guest post provided to Mile High Mom for its readers.

Your Dentist Discusses Abscess Teeth

A tooth abscess is when a pocket of pus forms around a tooth due to an infection. It is usually caused by untreated tooth decay. Dental offices like Drake Dentistry are trained to deal with all issues of the teeth, including tooth abscesses.

Signs and Symptoms

When you have a tooth abscess, you may notice a lot of swelling on one side of your mouth, which can be relieved by ice packs. The pain is usually acute and continuous. If you touch the tooth or the surrounding area, you will find that it causes extreme pain.

Other symptoms include some of the following:

  • Fever
  • Extreme sensitivity to cold or heat
  • Bitter Taste in Mouth
  • Bad Breath
  • Swelling in the lymph nodes, gums, and/or cheeks
  • A painful, open wound on the side of the gums

You may experience some or all of the symptoms listed above. In some extreme cases, the abscess may affect the nerve tissue as well. In this case, you may not feel pain, but you will notice swelling. Any time you notice extreme swelling, you should contact your dentist. It may cause the bones in the jaw to deteriorate if not treated in a timely manner.

How Is an Abscess Treated?

Because an abscess is caused by an infection in the mouth, the first thing a dentist will do is find the source of the infected area and treat it with antibiotics and draining of the infection site. In many cases, the root of the tooth is so infected that a root canal may be necessary. The tooth may also be extracted if the root is so full of infection that it cannot be saved. 

As part of treatment, you may also need prescription pain medication. After the wound has been drained, warm salt water rinses can be used to fight infection, reduce pain, and aid in healing.

Can an Abscess Be Prevented?

The best way you can prevent a tooth abscess is to follow good oral hygiene practices. Brushing twice a day and flossing is key to preventing dental problems. Also, getting your teeth checked out at offices like Drake Dentistry will do a lot to help you prevent tooth abscesses and other dental issues as well.


This is a guest post provided to Mile High Mom for its readers.