How Music Influences Your Child’s Brain Development

Music has been part of our everyday lives for generations. From the moment your mom played that lullaby while you’re still inside her womb up to this very moment while you’re trying to relax while in bumper to bumper traffic. In fact, studies have shown that music can actually improve a person’s bad mood. If you want to escape the noisy streets, then  play your favorite music to escape. It’s that’s easy! With today’s technology, music of different genres are within your fingertips. Unlike before when you could only access it through our radios, turntables or tape players. If you want to have access to comprehensive information about music, you can check out the website of John Ross Jesensky

Another great thing about music is its positive influence regarding your child’s brain development. According to the 2016 study at the University of Southern California, it was found out that experiences in music during early childhood can actually increase the brains development, especially in the areas of language acquisition and reading skills. Exposing them early to music can help them with learning sounds and knowing the meaning of words. If they dance with the music, their motor skills would be built as well. As they listen to it repeatedly, their memory would be improved at the same time. Just imagine all these benefits that music can contribute to your child’s brain development.

After reading the above statements, you might be rushing to search for the nearest music school in your place and enroll your kids. However, don’t rush it that much because another study also claims that if there isn’t any engagement from your kids, the benefits will not be fully acquired. It is not enough that your kids attend the class and merely listening to the lessons. There should be active involvement like playing instruments and singing along.

If you want your kids to be interested in music, then it’s up to the parent’s to influence their kids. You can’t force to your kids just because you want it personally. Let them explore the kind of music that they want, the kind of instruments that they’re interested in playing and the music teacher that will teach them what they want to learn. You can ask for help from John Jesensky. Incorporating music in their lives should be something that they would enjoy and pursue until they become adults. It’s never to early to start your music quest so you can help influence your kids in a positive and beneficial way.

Family visit to @elitchgardens amusement park

Our daughter was so excited to visit Elitch Gardens because she is nine years old and is tall enough to enjoy some bigger rides. She really likes roller coasters and kept asking who will go with her on the rides. After we arrived, she found a roller coaster she wanted to ride called the Mind Eraser. It looked really fast and so I volunteered my hubby to go with her. After the ride, they looked really excited and my hubby said his legs were a little wobbly because the ride was so exhilarating. Later, I enjoyed some rides with her and we all had a blast! This is such a great amusement park for families and people of all ages.

Check Your Local Store

If you or someone you know lives in San Antonio and is looking for musical instruments, then look no farther. There’s a local store you can check out in your area. They can provide you with all the instruments for all of your music needs. They have very affordable prices for the high quality instruments they offer that will last for a very long time so you can enjoy your music for years to come.

Latest News And Updates About Everyone’s Favorite – Justin Bieber

What does the year ahead hold for the fans of Justin Bieber? What are the coolest shows to attend to in 2017 and what are the latest news about JB?

JB: News, Shows And Trends + Bonus Info About BST Hyde Park 2017

Has Justin Bieber dance his way off your radar lately? Worry not, you are not the only one to lose track of the artist’s latest appearances. Big J is surprisingly quiet lately but that did not stop my research. Thus I present to you the complete list of compelling news about the teen pop idol.


If you are looking to purchase hot Justin Bieber tour tickets or simply interested what the talent was up to lately – you have come to the right spot, my dear friends.

Big J is tired of Paparazzi

The teen idol is inconsiderably frustrated with obnoxious paparazzi lately. Especially if they ask the wrong questions! For once TMZ captured a video where Justin did not want to answer any “dumb” questions about the hockey incident, Kanye West or Donald Trump.

This is not the only story about our boy Justin mistreated by the sensation-hungry press, but it is definitely one of the better ones where the singer got a chance to stand up and speak for what’s right.

Justin + Billy

Start singer is really supportive for Billy Gilman, the rising star of The Voice. Our man Big J has literally melted Twitter during the show’s finally while cheering and rooting for Gilman.

Needless to say, this display of outstanding caring says a lot about the 22-year-old singer. Much more than many of his performances!    

And, finally, it’s time to talk about the BST Hyde Park

Justin has announced a colossal show in London. He will be the star of the BST festival. Book your trips to the capital of Great Britain for the lines will be getting insane way before July 2. 2017. Smarter fans have already done all the preparations in advance and so should you.

16 of December will be the date when all of tickets will be available since 9 AM and up to 6 PM. Pre-sale tickets are also available for Barclycard customers.

What’s the best way to shop for Justin Bieber tickets?

Ultimately, in 2016, there is only one right way to get what you desire – buy it online. The rumor say it that physical reseller will skyrocket the prices after initial sales will be closed down. Additionally, there will be a lot of fake backstage passes walking around the subways of London. If a suspicious dude offers you one of those – rest assured it’s most likely a fake.

Sites like TicketCrab, on the other hand, will provide you access to online purchases. You won’t even need to go anywhere as necessary functionality is available both in desktop and mobile modes.

Plus you will get access to additional benefits, such as:

  • A personalized feed of events. Just bookmark the gigs or events you care about and receive notifications about them in advance. This way you’ll be ahead of the planet with ticket purchases.
  • All of the alerts are personalized and convenient. No ads, no clutter, just news and updates about the topics you really care about.
  • Geo-location targeting will allow you to know about what’s going on right now in your neighborhood so you won’t miss out on a single party. 

The Best Place to Play Games in the Denver Metro area – #GAMEWORKS!

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 3.37.35 PM

Our family has gone to many different places that offers video games and other types of electronic entertainment in the Denver Metro area and other parts of the country, but we found our new favorite place to play the newest and latest video games and it’s called GAMEWORKS!  Earlier this week, I made plans to take visit GAMEWORKS with my eight-year old daughter and some of relatives.  Immediately after we arrived, we noticed they have over 160 video games and most of them we had never seen or played before.  They have video games you play to win tickets to buy prizes and other video games you play just for fun or to compete with your friends.

Also, GAMEWORKS has other areas to have fun with your friends and relatives, which includes laser tag (5,500 square feet – the largest in the Denver area), their eSports lounge to play LAN games solo or with others and party rooms for birthdays or other special gatherings.  We arrived around 1pm and had a great lunch before we played any games.  I was so amazed with their menu selection and how great their food tasted.  For example, the salmon I ordered was cooked perfectly, my daughter loved her chicken parmesan sandwich and we both really enjoyed their sampler appetizer.

Then, the game playing commenced!  It was hard to decide which video game to play first because there are so many new games to choose from.  I had fun watching my daughter play a crazy air hockey game that dumps dozens of different sizes of pucks to hit all at the same time. 

For me, my video game favorite is shooting games and I found the most fun and addicting shooting game I’ve ever played there.  I’ve never played a video game for so long as this one.  Then, we played Laser Tag in their state-of-the-art arena that has two floors and so many places to hide and ambush the other team.

After Laser Tag, we visited the eSports arena which is something I’ve never seen before.  It’s a video game lounge with dozens of Xboxes and monitors so gamers can play on their own or with others in the room.  They also have several big screen TVs that are ideal for playing a video game with two people where they play against each other or as a team.  We were planning to stay for a couple of hours, buy we stayed into the night and had so much fun we can’t wait to go back.

We were so impressed with how helpful and friendly the staff was during our entire visit.

So, the next time you are looking for some fun playing games or need a place to have a special event like a birthday party, you need to check out because you won’t believe how much fun you will have there with everything they have to offer!      

Samsung #GearVR @BestBuy

Samsung Gear VR is the latest digital technology that many of us have yet to experience. It used to be that virtual reality attachments included cables and that the user was not able to move away from the console. Now, you can even walk out of the door, cross the street or be anywhere you want with your device. With the Passthrough Camera, you can see where you are going, like through a traffic of people or vehicles. You can play games feel like you are in the game. You can even look back and around and see what’s happening behind and around you. Watching movies is like doing so in a real movie theater, even in 3D. You can also watch videos you recorded yourself.

Samsung Mobile Gear VR


There are videos and games you can download and be ‘in those games’ without leaving your personal space. You know what it’s like to be in Jurassic World or be in a rocket blasted in space? You can experience them with the Gear VR which is brought to you, only by Samsung and Oculus.

It’s June and Father’s Day is right around the corner. This Samsung Gear VR is a perfect gift for a hardworking father so he can relax and have the entertainment of a lifetime within reach.

It is compatible with smartphones such as Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 3.12.28 PMYou can get the Samsung Gear VR for free, plus $50 worth of VR content with a purchase, lease, or activation of select Samsung Smartphones. The offer is good from 6/5-6/18 whether online or any BestBuy store near you. Be in the middle of the action. Get your own Gear VR. Do not miss on the opportunity to get it free!

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

Discover The New Powerful #VIZIOatBestBuy

We all love having great images and sounds on our TVs. Sometimes we think we already have the best we can buy, but VIZIO just keeps innovating and doesn’t stop surprising us. When we think about the best technology, we instantly think about BestBuy.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 3.13.59 PM
You just can’t imagine the amazing features and capabilities of the VIZIO Home Theater Display. Your entertainment experience will never be the same again.

VIZIO SmartCast™ P-Series™ Ultra HD HDR Home Theater Display™ comes with the latest 4K ultra HD display. One of the powerful innovations of this product is the brightness of the colors. With an ultra color spectrum and Dolby vision, you’ll see the difference in the resolution. Also, the new VIZIO also has a full-array LED backlighting that will give uniformity to the lights, providing even a better experience.

With the VIZIO SmartCast™ P-Series™ Ultra HD HDR Home Theater Display™ you also have a Google Cast™ built-in. This allows you to use any apps you already love like Netflix, YouTube or even to play games.

VIZIO also includes a powerful 6” Android™ Tablet Remote. It incorporates the VIZIO SmartCast app where you can find what you want to watch by using multiple apps at once. You can search a movie by genres, TV shows, or even music. And then you just tap to see it on your VIZIO SmartCast™ P-Series™.  One of the best features with this tablet remote is that you can simply tap or swipe and it even responds to voice commands. Since it already comes with a wireless charging dock, you’ll never run out of battery.

You can get your new VIZIO at BestBuy and check out this cool Educational video to learn more about the product.

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

Motor Thrills by Nitro Circus at Pepsi Center

Pepsi Center was totally outrageous with the thrilling performances shown by Nitro Circus on Nov 17 . Travis Pastrana and his team of high – flying athletes redefined what seemed like endless jumps and tricks that can be performed with bikes, skateboards and motorcycles . You are not going to see such action sports entertainment anywhere else in your life .

My family and I went to Pepsi Center to Nitro Circus event on Nov 17 . My daughter was so amazed and excited when she saw all the amazing and unique tricks done by the Pastrana’s team . Flipping and jumping, risking their lives by doing back flips and front flips with a variety of deviations. The team also showed jumps that hurl throttle-twisting athletes more than 90 feet in the air . It was so mesmerizing and full of entertainment that we all were immensely engaged with the show .


Highly Risk affiliated stunts :

These tricks and stunts were so dangerous and risky that many performers have been injured. No doubt this all needs to be with perfection and bravery to accomplish such difficult and dangerous stunts.

The Nitro Circus crew experienced a devastating blow in September when longtime tour leader Erik Roner struck a tree in a skydiving accident in California . Pastrana’s love and involvement in the circus is so high that he says , if my kids grow up half with half the passion that my wife and I had , I will feel like I have done my job. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 10.32.28 PM

If you want to see this amazing nitro circus perform live in-person, check out this special one-of-a-kind event and see when you have one coming in your area.  I promise you this show will be one of the most entertaining and memorable live events you will ever attend! 

I received complimentary tickets for reviewing purposes only. All written content is 100% original.

The New Toshiba Laptop w/ 4K Ultra HD Display @BestBuy #RadiusAtBestBuy @ToshibaUSA

Looking to buy an awesome new mobile PC device? Then, Best Buy is the is the place to go searching! At Best Buy you can find all the newest mobile gadgets for the awesome low prices that Best Buy is know for. And now you can get the awesome new Satellite Radius 12 by Toshiba.

Toshiba 2_0

Why is this news worthy? Because it has a flexible 2-in-1 design which is great for Windows 10 and you do not have to worry about having your computer perform at a slower pace because of the new Windows. Yup, it is really fast!  Not convinced? What really impresses me is the Satellite Radius 12 is the world’s first 12.5-inch convertible laptop with a 4K Ultra HD display. So, all you gamers looking forward to utilizing the Direct X 12 to the fullest need to check this laptop out. It also comes with Core i7 and up to 8GB of RAM. What more could a gamer ask for?

So, if you are a non-gamer and plan on using you laptop for creating and editing pictures, videos, animations, games, software or websites, you simply name it and it’s up to the task. The Satellite Radius 12 was designed knowing that you will be using lots of colors and you will need it at its optimal best. Hence its Technicolor-certified wide gamut RGB display supports 100% Adobe® RGB color space reproduction. You know what this means, right? With the screen of this laptop, whatever picture or video shot by your camera can be viewed as they were, that is in the same real-life color fidelity. Plus, it runs on Intel’s 6th generation Core Processor.

Toshiba 1_0

And for those who just want to conduct simple paper work business on their laptop or use it for school projects and assignments, the Satellite Radius 12 is perfect for you. It has a very flexible 360-degree precision hinge, the screen can rotate into any viewing point of your side and It can be converted into a tablet. This is perfect for board meetings, seminars and business launches! You want more? It is portable and easy to travel with and you do not have to worry about damaging its screen because it it was designed to be mobile. Another unique feature is the Gorilla Glass damage resistant screen and an LED backlit keyboard is also included.

Toshiba 3_0

So, whether you use your laptop for gaming, content developing for your own business, school or work, you can do all three on the Satellite Radius 12. It was designed for Windows 10 and enables facial authentication with Windows Hello. Not only does this make your interaction with your laptop more personal, it keeps your mind at rest knowing that whatever you have stored in your laptop will remain private and between the two of you. Plus, this is easier than typing a password or trying to memorize your latest password in order to log into your laptop.

Did I mention the New Toshiba Satellite Radius 12 is among the first Windows laptops to run on the Intel’s new 6th generation Core processors?  Lol, of course I did! Just so excited about this cutting edge laptop! The Satellite Radius 12 will arrive in Best Buy stores on October 18, just in time for the Holiday season! What better time to use this new laptop to its fullest potential for fun or work or both.

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free