Avoid The Physiotherapist: Protect Your Muscles

Nobody wants to have to spend weeks of their life being bed bound or unable to exercise due to injury. Then there’s the hassle and cost of heading to a physiotherapist once or twice a week to help your recovery and make sure you don’t get injured again. But what if there was a way to avoid all of this? Well, there is. You simply don’t get injured in the first place. Now, this may sound like an obvious thing to say, but that’s because it is. With a bit of patience, preparation, and routine, you can drastically lessen your chances of injury at the gym. Below are three things that you should keep in mind if you want to avoid being on first name terms with your local physio.   


Warm up

The very first thing you should do before any sort of exercise is a thorough warm up. Nine times out of ten, if someone has injured themselves in the gym it is because they didn’t warm up properly (or tried to perform an incredible feat of strength that people twice their size would struggle to complete). You wouldn’t start your car on a freezing cold day and expect it to drive well on full throttle, tyres screaming around the corners. Likewise, your body cannot perform without being eased into the process. Five or ten minutes on a piece of cardio machinery, slowly ramping up the speed, should get your heart and muscles suitably prepared for your workout.


Stretching before your main workout, but after your warm up, is important to ensure that your muscles are ready to perform. However, you shouldn’t spend too long on stretching at this stage, as you don’t your body to cool down again. The best time to do a thorough and deep stretching session is immediately after you’ve finished your workout. Not only will you be able to stretch further and help your body to become more supple, but you will also decrease the amount of aching you feel in your muscles the next day. Stretching also be used in conjunction with a foam roller to really help smooth those muscles out and keep them healthy.


Not only should you ensure that you are wearing the correct footwear for your activities, but you should ensure that you are investing in quality. Many people simply wear running shoes for all their activities; however, this is not the most beneficial option. If you regularly use weights for strength training, it is recommended that you wear a shoe with a flat, hard sole. Running shoes do not provide the correct stability and support to be safe when lifting heavy weights, particularly if you squat and deadlift. Proper Olympic lifting shoes, or even Chuck Taylor’s, should be worn to keep your body safe. If you are running, you will need something that is compliant and will absorb the repeated impact as you run. A good insole like those found at biopods.com will work with your shoes to prevent excessive jarring to your ankle and knee joints.

Hopefully, these tips will be enough to keep you in the gym and away from the doctor’s office. Take the time to look after your body now, and it will thank you for years to come.

Comfy Fitness Outfit for Fall from Jill Yoga active wear

Ladies Hooded Yoga Jacket

Ladies hooded yoga jackets are a great way to stay comfortably warm this winter season. These jackets and coats are perfect for everyday use and are also used for outdoor activities in the cold weather months. The latest technology has produced high-performance fabrics that absorb moisture that allows you to sweat and keep your body warm. With outdoor clothes that look great in the city or on a mountain, you will always feel comfortable. These jackets also have high neck cutouts with a full cover that prevents cold air from penetrating into the neck. This is the warmth you need when you participate in outdoor winter sports.

Ladies Yoga Pant

Yoga pants for women are not only for training, but also for other activities like shopping, traveling or even running errands. To haveattractive, comfortable and functional trousers has always been of crucial importance for most women. Whether you are taking an intense yoga class or just looking for a comfortable, casual place, yoga pants offer style and comfort. They are indispensable for the basic use for any active person. Yoga pants are supplied with breathing-active materials such as cotton and spandex, which help the body to combat moisture and remain cool.

The #Therafit Shoe Review and Giveaway

One of the most simple and effective exercises anyone can commit themselves to is walking. However, walking in just any footwear may not be good for your feet. There are walking shoes fit for long walks and Deborah may just be one of the best walking shoes you can get for your feet.  It pays off to take care of your feet. Take care of them and make sure they have the best comfort they can get for the demand you require (i.e. long walks, running, mountain climbing, etc.). If you are into walking to get into the healthy habit, you should make sure that the strain will not wear down your feet.

The Deborah walking shoes have a patented technology using the signature seven-layer personalized comfort system (PCS) and three of which are removable. There are removable cushioned insoles featuring gel inserts for more protection.   The Aegis Microbe Shield treatment helps in preventing mold and bacteria. The plush tongue and collar are padded for additional comfort. It has superior arch supports with a durable rubber outsole. It has 1.5″ heel height and only 9.9 ounces of weight.  It is accredited by the National Posture Institute and it was co-developed by Dr. Lisa Masterson.  If you want a roomier feel, you have to order a half size larger.

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Why to Shop at Best Buy for Mother’s Day #GreatestMom

Mother’s Day is just a couple of weeks away and I am excited because it’s the special day of the year the celebrates Mothers, like ME!  I know that being a mother is 24/7, but at least for this one day out of 365 days, I know I won’t feel guilty to pamper myself with a special gift!  Thanks to BestBuy’s huge selection and great deals, I can finally get the fitness gear that I want at a much lower price…unless someone out there who can read my post will do the buying for m e and send the items as their Mother’s Day #Greatest Mom gifts!
Ok. I’ll give you a hint what I would like to have. I’m into fitness now, so I guess the Fitness Fanatic items are just perfect. I’m also thinking that I’ll be buying these for myself (in case no one took the hint seriously!) and I’ll be choosing items under $100. They can all be purchased at the Best Buy Gift Center.
The Fitbit Flex is a cool way to measure the number of steps I have taken, how long I’ve traveled, how many calories I have burned and how much time I have been walking. It can even measure my sleep quality and length of time. Since it is worn on the wrist, I will be able to feel the silent alarm without having to wake others.
I also would like to have that Belkin Sportfit Armband for my iPhone so I can still be reached during my morning run, yet without having to bring any bag or let my phone bounce around in my hip pocket.
How about you, are you looking for a gift for your mom? Join the #GreatestMom campaign, whatever persona your mom exudes! You also get a 20% discount if you buy any Misfit Shine Products by using the code MOMSHINE20. So, I can also choose the Misfit Shine Activity Monitor which also measures steps taken, distance traveled, etc., but I can also have a leather band to match it that looks just like a wrist watch. This or the Fitbit Flex is a tough choice?
While I’m at it, I might as well have a Breville Juicer to get better nutrition into my body the fastest way possible.
I love Best Buy because of the Low-price guarantee and since Best Buy has all types of gifts for all types of Moms, there is no need to look elsewhere. Since there is free shipping with qualified purchase, I am sure I can get the best deal delivered right to my door.
So, whether the mom you are gifting is a fitness mom, foodie mom, on the go mom, adventurer or an entertainer mom, the perfect gift for her is waiting at Best Buy.
The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free