Receive Exciting Japanese Treats Every Month from #TokyoTreat

Some people get really excited when their palate is treated well. Knowing that Japanese treats are awesome and cannot be found just anywhere, waiting for a monthly supply from will really whet your appetite with surprise treats that range from different sorts of candies, chocolates, biscuits, chips, drinks and DIY kits! You will not know what exactly you will get, but for sure they are all from Japan. There are limited edition and seasonal items you cannot find anywhere, so if you want to make sure to receive these unique treats you have to be subscribed.

If you are a die-hard fan everything Japanese, for sure the small or regular size box will never be enough. Go for the PREMIUM subscription box, which will give you as many as 18 full-size candies and snacks weighing more than a kg (less than 2.5lbs), a drink, a DIY candy kit and a special item that can be a drink, a DIY or a toy. You can subscribe monthly or several months in advance which gives you price discounts, depending on how you subscribe. As a subscriber, you are also automatically entered into a lucky treat worth $500. It’s available worldwide and shipping is free.

@Qdoba Catering is Perfect For Any Group Event or Occasion

We invited several of our friends to a holiday party that we held earlier today on Christmas Eve.  So many people were going to attend, we decided to have our holiday event catered.  My hubby had a great idea to take advantage of Qdoba catering.  So, we visited to see what options we had to choose from.

Wow, so many great choices including marinated grilled chicken & steak, black beans, handmade tortilla chips, queso and three salsa varieties.  The flavors of salsa we ordered was pico de gallo, salsa roja and salsa verde.  Side orders included sour cream, shredded cheese and a choice of cilantro-lime rice.

For dessert, the kids loved the freshly made brownies and cookies.  Everyone loved serving their own mix of a table food of goodies and going back for more as we visited and enjoyed Christmas Eve.  I loved it because it took the stress out of serving for so many people and it was so easy to order what we wanted.  This is a great catering option for parties or events at home or work for the holidays or any other occasions.

Last Minute Gift Ideas

A couple of holidays are just around the corner. Are you ready? Are you sure you have not forgotten anyone? Just in case you have, here are a couple of last minute holiday gift ideas that you can easily buy so you have time to send them for the holidays.

1. Kosher Hanukkah Gift Basket Classic. Hanukkah is a special holiday that involves food and gift giving as well. This basket is sure to be Kosher so anyone you give this to who celebrates Hanukkah will be assured it’s safe for them to eat. There are a variety of snacks, chocolates (dark and milk), pomegranate, nuts, blueberries, almonds, deli items, sour candy, etc. Ten different items are in the basket, so there will be enough for sharing. If ten people share each item, one gets to taste every single mouth-watery delicious treat. Make sure to get one for yourself too!

2. Winter Seasonal Beer Bucket. Who doesn’t know someone who would loves beer? Not just any regular beer, but this kind is a limited edition! You can be sure not only men, but also women would love to have a bottle or two just for themselves. The six bottles are of different flavors, so that would probably make one selfish to make sure he or she gets all six! There is also cheese, salami, popcorn and other crunchy snacks like nuts, pretzels and cheddar crackers to enjoy with the beer in the basket. This is one of the many perfect gift ideas from This basket is something you would not want to miss for yourself, too!

Now is a good time to check your gift list and think of the people who would enjoy these unique and special baskets. Save yourself from the embarrassment of forgetting someone and make sure to give this last minute gift to that important person. Any other gift ideas you think should be here?

Magical Family Night at the Melting Pot is a BLAST!!! @MeltingPotLittl

My family really enjoys eating out and attending special events, especially with our eight-year old daughter. Earlier this week, we attended the Magical Family Night at the Melting Pot in Littleton. This event not only included their well-known courses of fondue that includes the appetizer, to the main course and their incredible dessert, there was also a magician to entertain the guests. Not just any magician, but Dennis Michael, who performs around the entire country.

We were so amazed he came to every table and performed magic tricks and illusions for all of the guests. Our daughter loves magic and really had a blast watching and talking to the magician during his tricks.

She was so funny because she always tries to figure out the magic tricks and illusions. This event was great for everyone because people of all ages enjoy well-performed magic, especially when you have your own magic show at your table. Both the kids and adults in our group and at the other tables were all having a lot of fun. We would recommend to attend this event this summer before its too late.

Surprise Yourself with Healthy Treats each Month

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.17.47 PM

More people are aware of what it takes to be fed with healthy food. Fast-food is definitely not part of the list of sources to get.  What is healthy if you look real hard, the grocery store is not really helping anymore either. Even the fruit and vegetable section cannot be trusted because of the existence of GMO.

You can be glad there is Love with Food that sends a monthly subscription that you can be assured of as GMO-free, gluten-free, or free of artificial junk. You do not know what are in the box so that makes the subscription surprising. They are snacks that you will truly enjoy.

84fe1f1586_largestThere are 3 types that you can subscribe to: the Tasting Box, the Deluxe Box, and the Gluten-Free Box. Each contains from 8 to 20 snacks, depending on what type is received. Each has its own points that you can collect and each box gives you the chance to feed the hungry children in America.

Take, for example, January’s Love is Kind Deluxe Box. It contains snacks that may or may not be familiar to you, but are sure without the harmful ingredients that can harm people over time. They are all delicious so sharing is easy, especially for those with allergic reactions to any chemicals. Great to have stock in the office which gives you the opportunity to share not just the snacks, but the ideas of healthy snacks for others.12651044_1029115430484857_2244000373911573632_n

  • Garcinia Indica Superfruit by Sant
  • Corn with Sea Salt Chips by The Better Chip
  • Whenever Bars, Oat Chocolate Chip Coconut by Pamela’s
  • Gluten Free Brown Sugar & Maple Oatmeal Cup By Bobs Red Mill
  • Sea Salt Caramel by Annie Bs
  • Snicker Doodle by Cybele’s
  • Baked Mac N’ Cheese Puffs by Snikiddy
  • Rosemary Truffle Popcorn by Pop Art
  • Almond Butter Balls and Cashew Pecan Balls by Betty Lous
  • Dark Chocolate Toffee by Dave’s Sweet Tooth

Before it is over, get your January box now. Remember to join the mailing list to get a free ebook with delicious recipes, tips on snacking smartly, and a 10% discount from the items you buy from the snack shop.

You can also get your Valentines Box as early as Feb. 1. Do you want more points? Share the concept with friends and you get another 500. Shipping is free in the US.

Now snacking can be deliciously fun and healthy!  So, go check out Love With Food and have fun eating different kinds of treats for you and your loved ones.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are my own.