Bladder Leakage: Know the Depend #Underwareness Solution

Have you heard about Depend and how it has helped people who have little or no control of their bladder? I used to shun away when it was the topic of discussion. However, I have a confession to make due to changes in my body.

I was in a mall walking and doing some window shopping. You probably know how it is when women shop, even if it’s just browsing.  Restrooms are not easy to find in shopping malls, but  that is not unusual. I used to be able to walk around for hours and hours and I would not have to go to the restroom even if I had a drink with me. However, recently I have had the urge to go often and I have tried to control it as much as I can just to find myself wetting my underwear! It was not obvious at first, though, since I did’t notice until I sat down, but then I had to hurry home right away!  And another thing, after that happened, I was just cleaning, moving some stuff around the house and I felt some bladder leakage again.  After these recent incidents I felt alarmed and since I am only in my mid-30s it was surprising to me to experience bladder leakage.   I thought there must be a solution to make this problem not affect my daily lifestyle.

So, I did my research. I found out that bladder leakage affects people of all ages. That was a little comforting since that categorizes me as normal, somehow. I found out 1 in 3 women experience it. That is over 51 million women in the U.S., so I am not alone. Most are not just comfortable talking about it. If no one wants to talk about it, how can we find solutions? We ought to share tips for bladder leakage with as many people as we can!


Good thing there is the Underwareness movement that shows the world that it is all right to wear a different kind of underwear for incontinence protection to save face from shame. There is at least one that will fit men and another for women and in colors that matches any wardrobe. You can try the Depend Silhouette Active Fit briefs which gives moderate absorbency. It features a thin design for complete comfort and protection that you can trust.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 1.38.58 PM

You are not alone if you are one of those people who experience what I started to experience recently. Let’s join the Drop Your Pants for Underwareness Movement to support people with bladder leakage. For every photo or video shared, $1 will be donated by Depend brand, up to a total of $3M through 2016 to fund charities that care to advance the research and education of bladder leakage.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 1.30.23 PM

What to wear for bladder leakage? Please visit and while you are there, you can request a FREE SAMPLE of Depend Silhouette Active Fit (for your free sample click on the “Get a Sample” button located at the top right-hand side of the screen. Then, select which sample you would like to receive and wait for it to arrive.). Let’s get our freedom back. The Real Fit for Men and Silhouette for Women briefs look, fit and feel like real underwear and features cloth-like fabric for sleek, ultra-smooth fit. The Underwear with Fit-Flex protection features more lycra strands for smooth and comfortable fit that is close to the body. Let’s do the #Underwareness movement now! 

Personalized 2.5D Light Box

Thanks to for giving me this opportunity to try one of their personalized light boxes. We all love the style and the uniqueness of this product. I can’t believe how awesome the picture turned out when the light is applied. I don’t think the photo here in my post does it justice because in real life it is really amazing. I put this light box in my daughter bedroom and she fell asleep looking at the photo because she said it’s really beautiful looking at her grandparents and cousins in a very beautiful light box.

It does give an art to every picture that makes it look truly authentic. My daughter can’t sleep with any light on, but with this light box, she loves the soft light because it doesn’t bother her. Also, the light is perfect for a dim nightlight in the bedroom. I also attached a video for my readers to see why we love this unique product so much.

To permanently capture memories of your loved ones, this would be a perfect gift or use in the house or office. If you want a high quality personalized light box, check out this great place, become their Facebook and Twitter fan and turn your pictures into a display of art with a light box. 


I receive some products at no cost for reviewing purposes only. All written content is 100% original.

Easy Travel with Bubble Bum Booster Seat is a very functional, easy and convenient booster seat for kid’s ages 4 to 11 who weigh 40 to 100 pounds. It meets all federal motor vehicle safety standards, so you’re safe to use this awesome booster seat for your kids. What I love about it is that it’s really easy to use, just deflate the air when you’re done using it and inflate it with air whenever you need it again. Me and my friend are planning to go to the mall and she will pick me up at my house.

I was so glad that I don’t need to get big old bulky car seat out of my car because I have the Bubble Bum Booster Seat that I can bring whenever I go out with my friends. Also, we are planning a trip and having this portable booster seat is perfect if we need to use it in our rental car or on a bus. She loves sitting on it because it’s really comfortable. If you want a hassle free booster seat that you can take anywhere, check out this place, visit them on Facebook and Twitter to get updated details about this booster seat.


Keep Track of Your Weight Loss

I would like to thank for given me this opportunity to review one of their cool digital bathroom scales. This Precision Tracker is really attractive, unique and really a user friendly bathroom scale that anyone would love. It has a touch screen and automatic person identifier which I think is awesome since I’m working on losing weight and I want to really keep track of my progress so I get motivated when I see my positive results. Having this Eatsmart Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale will surely make my weight goals easier to achieve since it has the features that I need.

Here are some additional features about this awesome product;

  1. Measuring Functions: Short Term and Long Term Weight Tracking Capabilities
  2. Proprietary Automatic User Identification Technology; Stores personal data for up to 8 users
  3. EatSmart “Step-On” Technology – Get instant readings!
  4. Large, 3.5″ LCD display with white backlight – Easy to read.
  5. 4 High Precision Sensors – Consistent and accurate measurement
  6. Measurement Modes: Pounds / Kilos 
  7. Graduation Increments of .2 lbs. / .1kg
  8. Ultra thin, sleek design with high quality tempered glass platform
  9. Max Weight: 400 lbs / 180 kgs
  10. Auto Calibrated; Includes 4 AAA batteries

If you want to easily keep track of your weight loss, this product, the Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale from EatSmart, is the perfect one for you. So, check out this place, connect with them through Facebook and Twitter to learn more about the coolest digital bathroom scale I’ve ever seen.

I receive some products at no cost for reviewing purposes only. All written content is 100% original.

Great Tasting Coffee

I love coffee and my morning is not complete without drinking coffee.  That is why I’m so happy and so fortunate to have this opportunity to try Don Pablo coffee.  This place,, has great tasting coffee that you could never imagine.  With their great selection you will surely find something you will love and adore.

For me, what I received is the signature blend which I love so much.  The aroma smell makes me want to drink more and more.  Having great tasting coffee really made a big difference for the start of my day.  The taste of this signature blend is so unique, smooth, you will just loved it!  This medium dark roast is the perfect way to start your day.  When you check out this great place, you can choose from mild, medium or full blends with whole grind or drip ground and each pound bag costs only $12.99.  You will be surprised how great tasting and delicious this coffee from Don Pablo is compared to low quality brands.  To learn more about their awesome coffee, check out this place and get the best Don Pablo Gourmet Coffees you love.  Anyway, since I’m talking about how much I enjoy coffee, I will share this Better Sleep Tips which is really an interesting article for people who are having a hard time sleeping.

 I receive some products at no cost for reviewing purposes only. All written content is 100% original.

Headphones For Kids

I would like to thank for this awesome opportunity to review their headphones products for kids. My daughter really loves these headphones, they fit really well on her, the quality of the sound is awesome, they are really comfortable to wear and the cool thing is because they’re adjustable, I can wear it too! Here’s some great features about this headphones: the max volume is 80 db-90dB which is intended for kids, you can carry it anywhere because of its lightweight design, can be used ages 2 and up, built in volume knob, cord length is 1.5 meters, 30 mm speaker size, it has free kidzcontrol volume limit cable and for only 19.99 you have a lifetime limited warranty. These headphones can be used with any audio content and this is far the best and safest headphones for kids plus they have a great variety of colors that your kid will love. If you want these really cool headphones for kids, check out this place and you will be happy you did.

Clean and Simple with Ivory 2 in 1 Hair And Body Wash!

We’re so glad we tried this newest addition of Ivory. This 2 in 1 hair and body wash is really a great product not only because it will save money, but also it will help you with the hassle of applying shampoo, conditioner and soap. I love the refreshing scent, too! This product itself will do it all leaving your family happy, clean and fresh.

Here are some cool highlights for this product:

A total body cleanser that you can use for shampooing and conditioning hair.

It’s not so heavy on perfumes and it’s free of dyes.

This awesome big bottle is a space shower saver.

It has 33% more in the bottle than any regular leading 2-1 brand which is a great value.

And last but not the least, as you can see here in the picture, because it’s not watered down, it will not easily seep through your hands like other brands.

We just love our new 2 and 1 hair and body wash, for just one small squeeze, you will be happily clean, fresh and you will get the smoothness from hair to toe. To learn more about this product, visit their Facebook and get some promotional updates how to stay fresh and clean with just one one squeeze.

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The Best Food For Snacking

Here’s the best snacks that I received from There all tasty, yummy and delicious, plus the fact all of these snacks are a healthy choice because they’re all natural, gluten free, soy free and vegan. Me and my daughter really enjoy munching and having these healthy snacks to give to your family is what matters most to me. This starter box only costs $33 a month and it has16-20 servings. They provide same day priority shipping with the minimal fee of $6.99. Isn’t that an awesome deal for healthy family snacks?

All of these healthy snacks are delivered to your door for only that sum of money? For me, it’s really a good choice, especially when you want the best food for snacking for your family and this starter box from Healthy Surprise has all the snacks you need. To learn more about this great company, check out there websirte, become their Facebook or Twitter follower and get a new snacks every month.

Blanket with Sleeves

My daughter really loves this new blanket from She says it’s a perfect blanket for her for this winter, it really keeps her warm and she loves to wrap it all over her body because it’s so comfy and soft to touch. She loves playing games with her iPad before she goes to bed and it’s really cold here especially it’s winter, so wearing this blanket really keeps her warm and cozy.

For me, it’s the coolest blanket I’ve seen so far because it will cover the whole body, but you can still use both of your hands just like my daughter here, her body is covered while she’s enjoying playing with her iPad. Because she likes it so much, she even uses this blanket as her normal blanket. Aside from the comfort by using this peace keeper blanket, a portion of this sale goes to charities, buying this product is also helping other people. To learn more about this product, check out this great place, Facebook and Twitter to receive updates and promotional details.


Perfect Coffee Mug

I really love my new coffee mug that I received from It really keeps my coffee drink hot because this nissan gums thermal has double wall vacuum insulation, it has a leak proof design, it’s very durable and lightweight, which makes it really easy for me to carry or even put in my bag. I like the rubberized handle because it is easy for me to grip and comfortable to hold. Also, it’s BPA Free and you can’t feel it hot when you put hot liquids in it and it’s sweat proof with cold liquids.  For year-long use, this coffee mug is just perfect for me. If you want to grab one of these coolest coffee mugs, check out this place,, or become their Facebook and Twitter follower to get more promotional and updated information.