@TheJoeyTag Locating Device for #kids is Awesome!


Our daughter is active and hard to keep track of sometimes when we are in public or even sometimes around the house.  So, I was real excited to learn about The Joey Tag that is a device she wears like a watch on her wrist which provides a lot of features including a panic button.  For example, I can create an ‘electronic safe area’ on my smart phone within 100 yards of my location so an alarm sounds when she leaves the safe area.  It even sends me an alert if the device is underwater to prevent accidental drowning and can only be removed with a special tool.

I would recommend this for parents or anyone who is responsible for watching young children.  The Joey Tag was sent to me as a complimentary item in exchange for writing this article.

The #SantaExpressTrain to the ‘North Pole’ is Incredibly Fun and Memorable!

Our family really looks forward to riding the Santa Express Train each year at the beginning of the holiday season. This year for the first time, our daughter brought a friend of her along with us. After we arrived, we found our gate and boarded the train. Shortly after arriving, we ordered our drinks and dinner for all of us. Then, they brought us the best hot chocolate and cookies that tasted homemade. The staff played games with the kids as we rode towards The North Pole to meet with Santa and his elves. The kids were all ages and had so much fun playing together and singing holiday songs. We really enjoyed the dinner that was served before the highlight of the trip.

We could feel the excitement in the air as we turned the corner and saw the sign welcoming us to The North Pole. Then, to see the town with Santa and his elves waving back to all of us on the train was an incredible moment, especially for the all the kids. After the train stopped, Santa boarded with his elves to visit with each of the kids. Santa gave our daughter and her friend a special reindeer bell and sat down to talk with them for a couple of minutes. The pictures we took while they visited were so amazing. The elves had great stories about living with Santa at The North Pole they shared with the kids as Santa was visiting with others.

Our daughter and her friend had so much fun they couldn’t stop talking about the trip as we drove home. The Santa Express Train ride is such a memorable holiday experience for families and anyone else who loves the holiday season.

The Colorado State Fair was a BLAST!!!

I would recommend the Colorado State Fair to anyone that is looking for a wholesome, electrifying or just all around family-oriented fun environment. The people that put this event together do a great job of representing the State of Colorado in so many ways. We attended the Colorado State Fair as media, but it was hardly a press event.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 2.02.46 PM

My family and I who were given media press passes were greeted with free snacks at the media office and were able to see some extremely talented musicians. One of whom being Jake Owens, one of my favorite country musicians! We had a great time at the Jake Owens concert and couldn’t have asked for a better artist to perform for the beautiful state of Colorado. The venue was awesome too, that being The Southwest Motors Event Center.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 2.02.33 PM

My family and I were given free tickets to this as part of the VIP Press Package and boy are we ever thankful. Earlier I mentioned how the Colorado State Fair would be fun for anyone looking for an electrifying or wholesome environment, well this definitely covers the electrifying part. With all the squealing tires and crashing cars we experienced something we’ve never seen before! This was definitely an unforgettable experience for all of us and knowing what we have been missing all these years, I encourage all of you to purchase tickets. If I had not been given free tickets due to my fortunate media privileges, I would have definitely purchased these for myself and the rest of my family. If you’re worried about safety, don’t be. The folks in charge of the events that take place over at Budweiser Rodeo Arena take all the special precautions in order to keep the audience safe. There have never been any reported injuries to the audience and I’m sure they plan on keeping it that way! I find it amazing how we are able to view such intense action so close to it and yet remain completely safe.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 2.02.17 PM

The Colorado State fair is definitely worth attending for people of all ages. I was able to talk to many other people there and each of them said the food was amazing, the events were unforgettable and they would definitely would recommend attending. Next year I hope to try out more foods we weren’t able to try this time like the caramel apples. My family and I left with full tummies and happy hearts because we had such a fun and memorable time. This is a must attend event since everyone will find fun rides, great food and exciting entertainment.

I received complimentary tickets for reviewing purposes only. All written content is 100% original.

Snowmobiling to the Continental Divide was a Blast!

It was one of the best adventures my hubby and I have experienced, snowmobiling to the Continental Divide! He drove while I enjoyed being the passenger. (Thanks for the complimentary tickets that made this adventure possible!) At first I was a little scared knowing that we were going to go up to 12,000 feet with views of the entire Winter Park Ski area, but it also got me excited because no other park offers this kind of adventure and I was just glad I did not chicken out.


Actually, the two hour Continental Divide tour can be enjoyed by both the intermediate rider and the beginner rider as well. This is a guided tour, but you can also go without a guide if you are apt to do so. Even kids can spend two hours having a blast during this adventure since they are allowed, although they also offer one-hour adventure tours with the younger kids in mind. This was one of the most memorable days of my life, especially when we reached the top of them mountain and took some incredible pictures.

Our tour guide was a lot of fun and stressed safety a lot, so we were not concerned about anything except enjoying the great views and the fun of being on a snowmobile for the first time. My hubby said he had a great time and the snowmobile was very easy to drive. I have been to many places around the United States, but this snowmobile adventure in Winter Park, Colorado was one of the best we can remember. I saw natural beauty from the top while my feet still touched the earth. Check out GrandAdventures.com and plan your own family snowmobile excursion before the winter season is over!

I received complimentary tickets for reviewing purposes only. All written content is 100% original.

How to Play Show Me the Kwan

For those who are fond of playing with words, one of the games you can play is Show Me The Kwan. There are 12 dice with letters and one die that gives you the order of letters for the words played. The object of the game is to come up with words that match the dies. If the order die casted 1st, 2nd or last letter, you will have to give words that fit, under the pre-chosen category (among 300). So, if the order die is “1st” and the letter dice are D, C, G and the category is animals, your words can be DOG, CAT and GOAT. If you can produce words that fit the 1st, 2nd and last orders, you get 3x the points and the game is over. This game is for 10 years old and above and is really fun for kids and adults.


Didn’t win

My sister told me about this online games they played yesterday afternoon. At first they just played for fun, then they decided to play for small amounts of money, just coins.  Since she was new to the game, she felt like she’s wasn’t playing very well and didn’t win as much as the others.