Special Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

It’s the holiday season and it is the grandest and most special time of the year. Many do their shopping for gifts this time of the year to be free from the panic mode a day or two before Christmas and it’s just the right time to be able to think of gifts fit for kids that are well worth the time and money spent for the children you dearly love.

Below are special gifts ideas. They are unique gifts you will not find on most lists, because your kids are dear to you and you want to give them something special.


Diary for Girls. Girls have the natural ability to express what they feel. Encourage your girl to express her thoughts in writing. Not only will she develop thinking sense, she will also get her hands in the habit of writing. In this digital age, less and less actually write with a pen on a regular basis.  Get 15% Off Entire Cart Of Gifts! Use code  ACART15% to save now! smitcollc.com.


Frogglez. When your girls own Pink Frogglez, learning how to swim is a lot more fun! The special pair of goggles does not slip nor does it pull her hair or pinch her ears. In case she removes it while in the pool and drops it on the water, it’s easy to get hold of it because it floats.  Check out frogglezgoggles for more details.


Angels Above. As a newborn, the First Angel will be a safe option for the baby 24/7. It’s a plush toy handmade with cotton, two pairs of interchangeable wings in a book box that “sees” your kid grow. It comes with a certificate with the arrival date and chosen name. The purchase of the book feeds 10 meals to needy children worldwide.  Check out angelsabove.com for more details.


Watchitude Mermaids. Some girls show the love for water even at a young age. As early as six months, babies can be taught how to swim. Others fantasize being mermaids. The Watchitude with mermaids design is a perfect gift for such kids which they can wear as they get older.  Check out watchitude.com for more details.


Three Little Pigs.  Who has not heard about the plight of the three little pigs and the Big Bad Wolf? This is a game for 3-7 years old that takes some skill and luck as the pigs build their houses and the squeezable real huffing and puffing wolf can give about 15 minutes of enjoyment per game.  Check out walmart.com for more details.


3D Light FX My Little Pony Twighlight Sparkle Nightlight. A cute display during the day in the kid’s room but at night, this little pony will make sure that no one just stumbles and yet any kid sleeping will not easily wake up with the flip of the regular ceiling light switch.  You can purchase this awesome product at target.com.


Fancy Nancy The Musical. This story about Nancy who loves being fancy will be performing for the very first time. She hoped to be picked to be the mermaid only to find out she is just a tree. What is she going to do? Find out with your kid and teach some positivity while young.  Save 15% Off and Free Shipping #FancyNancyTheMusical CD Use code USFAM at http://www.sh-k-boom.com/fancynancy15780981_1300959193300478_2425266212441460049_nScribbler 3D Pen.  The Scribbler 3D printing pen is probably one of the coolest gifts anyone can receive, whether a kid or an adult. Draw in 3D for as long as the filament supplies. It’s like a glue gun where the plastic filament is fed at the back and it comes out melted enough at the tip as the pen heats it. With varying degrees of heat, the crafter or the would-be engineer can choose how hot or how fast the filament should dry to harden. It depends on what you are trying to create. Save $35 with the Scribbler 3D Pen! – Perfect gift for the Holidays! Check out scribbler3dpen.com for more details.

Christmas is around the corner, if you or someone you know is looking for affordable yet fun and enjoyable toys for kids, check out all these holiday gift ideas and you’ll be happy you did.

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Educational Gifts for Kids and Parents Alike

Children ages four and above need to develop their imagination. Their parents help in this regard is critical. Help can also come in the form of toys, but the following holiday gift ideas are best played with parents, especially during the initial stages. When the child has gotten the hang of it, the parent can leave the child alone.  But, since it is fun to play with the child, continuing to play with these toys for kids is encouraged. 


The Guidecraft IO Blocks Minis are little pieces that come together as you see fit. It is easy to build a robot when the pieces resemble robot parts. Kids of this generation can easily imagine that. If you want a girly project, build a doll house with beds, tables, and chairs, so her dolls have a home of their own. There is even an app that can guide you how to build other types of objects.


The Guidecraft PowerClix® Frames 100 Piece Set comes with geometric figures that are magnetic. No need to fit pieces within each other. Just put the edges together and you are on your way to building whatever your imagination can come up with. Both educational toys are from Guidecraft.com.  Christmas is just around the corner, so this would be a perfect gift for your little ones or someone you know.

I received complimentary products for reviewing purposes only. All written content is 100% original.

Holiday Gift Guide for Tween Girls

Here is the most exciting Holiday Gift Guide for the tween girls presented by FashionAngels.com! A number of toys and tools are shared in this Christmas gift guide. Young kids love to play and enjoy the toys, therefore, this gift guide is going to help them a lot!



This is one of the most amazing Christmas presents for tween girls as it creates and designs the jewelry and crafts.  For the tween who has a knack for designing jewelry and other crafts. This American Girl Ultimate Crafting Kit has got all the tools which are needed for making jewelry or crafts like mini bottles, large bottles, spools, twines, elastic cords, embroidery floss, mini clothespins, round beads, iridescent donut beads, wooden beads, pearls, cube beads, buttons, mini start beads, cylinder beads, earring hooks, jump rings, etc. All of these features make this kit a memorable gift to enjoy on Christmas holiday.



This special kit allows you to make posters using different medias! It consists of 4 sketch pads, each with a different tool set for designing the poster! Now, Fashion Angels has made it easier for the tween girls to enjoy the holiday gift guide with such an amazing tool kit. This 4 in 1 Artist Super Set includes Zendoodle sketch pad with double sided markers. Moreover, the unique style of sketching has been provided in this super set for the young tween girls. I am sure the kids would love to have an artist kit like this one!



Young kids love to draw or write something that only exists in their own world of creation. For that purpose, Chox’D Chalkboard Art Tote is the most admired tool kit to make drawing more enjoyable with 3 different markers.  This will excite any tween! With its colourful chalk markers an a sponge eraser, she can spend the day creating, and editing unique designs. The kit includes the chalkboard keeper tote, 3 markers and a sponge eraser. Sponger eraser is used to erase the written content on the chalkboard and gets you ready to start again. Recommended guidelines are also included in the tool kit for better use.



The most attractive Christmas present for tween girls is the Holiday Mini Mani Assortment because it gives a totally new direction to your nail art! Young tween girls are always looking forward to try a new theme, therefore, Fashion Angels provides the options between a snowman, a snowflake, a tree and a hat design. This Christmas holiday gift guide has been loaded with these amazing products which can really make a gift worthwhile!  Fashion Angels has covered its Christmas gift guide with all the Christmas Gift & Stocking Stuffer Ideas.



This is another great Christmas gift for tween girls as it is considered to be one of the most unique style of t-shirt kits when it comes to upcycling! Young kids at the age of 8 years older would really enjoy the t-shirt kit treat for upcycling. Upcycling T-Shirt Kit has got a number of special features like the fabric, which has been used for its manufacturing and its elasticity to make it more durable for kids use. This Kit has evolved as a new trend for Christmas gifts, especially for tween girls. 

Did you know that of all the toys out there, this one is quickly becoming one of the most popular and it’s the UPCYCLING: TSHIRT KIT  line that has been nominated by the Toy Industry Association as a finalist in their Toy of the Year Contest in the Activity Category.

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Step 3: You can also cast a vote in all of the other categories. Each time you vote in a category, you are automatically entered to win any of the items in that category. 

Again, don’t forget to vote for this line of product UPCYCLING: TSHIRT KIT so you can have the chance to win some awesome Top Toys of the year!!!

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Holiday Gift Guide for Creative Kids

This holiday season, my eight year old daughter, Rachel, and I have come across some exciting and delightful gifts for kids who are passionate about gaming like my own daughter. These complimentary products and holiday gifts are going to exhilarate your children just as much as my daughter with their exciting and thrilling experiences.

In this article, I will share with you Rachel’s delight and my own discovery about how these two trending and widely popular logic and strategy games are very intriguing and entertaining, which will help increase your child’s mental focus and concentration.

codem-1950-loresspillThe Code Master, a programming logic game, is indeed any child’s gaming dream come true with its exhilarating and thrilling adventures.  Rachel felt that it gave free reign with her incredibly adventurous imagination and transported her into an exotic and mysteriously alluring world where she can choose different avatars and adopt effective strategies that will enable her to succeed in her quest for the power crystals. I must say, I have never seen her so excited about anything else!  All 60 levels of this single player game come with 10 maps, 12 guide strolls, 12 action tokens and 8 conditional tokens. All levels are filled with thrilling adventures and excitingly action-packed fun, effective programming knowledge and logic is required to successfully locate the Crystals, collect them and safely land at the Portal.

Code Master is for all children above the age of 8 and it provides a set of instructions with solutions that provides a simple way to explain the game.  At the suggested retail price of only $19.99, the Code Master has proved to be an incredibly interesting and consuming gift for my darling Rachel, which does not only occupy her time wisely, but also improves her analytical and strategic development skills. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 9.45.12 PM

The Rush Hour Shift is also an exciting and thrilling two-player strategy game. After playing it myself, as I do with each game to ensure it rushhshift-5060-wld-loresspillhas safe content for the exposure of my eight-year old, I have discovered that this game requires you to exhibit incredible efficiency and exhausting speed in order to escape before your opponent!  I watched her making smart and credible strategies, which ensures that her Hero Car carefully and expertly zooms out of the jam packed traffic along with diligently utilizing every move and opportunity to block her opponent.  The continuously changing and shifting Traffic Grid enhances the interest of the players and increases the fun, just when Rachel shouts that she has almost succeeded, a shift of the grid will bring her back where she started! 

Rush Hour Shift, with its 12 blocking vehicles, 2 Hero cars and 32 cards, has a price of only $24.99 for all the racing enthusiasts above the age of 8!  It comes with an instruction manual with 10 Game set ups.  It is indeed the best Christmas gift for my passionate little racing gamer! 

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 9.49.04 PM

Christmas is just around the corner, so if you’re looking for gift guides for your kids, check out ThinkFun and you’ll see a lot of creative games that will enhance their creativity and fun. 

 I receive some products at no cost for reviewing purposes only. All written content is 100% original.