The OZH1 Dual Zone Oscillating Heater w/ Remote is Perfect Even in Small Areas

You may have a big space that needs to be heated, but adding another appliance to stand on the floor may be your problem. Not with the OZH1 Dual Zone Oscillating Heater with Remote since it is a standing heater that occupies a very small amount of floor space. It oscillates so the distribution of the heat goes all around the area. You can press the control buttons on the appliance itself or you can use the small remote control. If you want to make sure it turns off after a certain length of time, you can set the timer and leave it alone.

This Ozeri Stand Heater is perfect to add some warmth during those cold wintry nights. Most homes have a centralized heating system installed, but this one can be used in any room to provide the heat where needed. Just like using a fan to cool yourself wherever you happen to be that lacks cooling, you can use this just the same to give you additional heating and go about your business instead of just shivering in the cold. This unit is specially beneficial for those who who are elderly and for those who don’t like the colder times of year.  You can get this intelligent programmable space-saving heater that is amazingly quiet from Amazon.

Benefits of the Ozeri’s Tower Fan

Why would you go for an Ozeri’s Tower Fan in place of the usual rounded desk, stand, or wall fan?  It has unrivaled technology that oscillates from 60 to 360 degrees that you can adjust depending on your air circulation needs. It has speed settings, but has the quietest, low noise due to the 200+ micro-blades that generates amazingly quiet airflow compared to standard fans.

It has three preprogrammed patterns designed for relaxation, comfort and helps you sleep sooner than later. All the features can be controlled remotely, with a timer that can also be set. It also takes very little floor space, so it is great for small or larger areas. What else do you want from a fan?  To learn more about this awesome 360 degree tower fan from Ozeri, check out Amazon now and enjoy the cooler and quieter environment.

Crab Pot Christmas Tree Décor, Perfect for the Holidays

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 6.49.42 PM

The latest, remarkably stylish 3’ tall lighted Crab Pot Christmas tree is going to be the most striking element of your festive décor this Christmas. It stands out with its exuberant and vibrantly sparkling 200 incandescent lights.  This unique tree is going add cheerful joy and delight to your holidays each and every year!

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 6.43.42 PM

The Crab Pot Christmas tree is artistically and creatively crafted with diligent expertise to enhance its aesthetic beauty and it a delightfully gorgeous piece of Christmas décor, which will shine bright against the dark sky and turn the silent during dark winter nights ablaze with its luminous shimmering and dazzling glow.  This is a holiday decoration that is incredibly well suited and practical for outdoor use and can be made to fold flat for easy storage.  The Crab Pot Tree is a one-time purchase and will add beauty to your festive decorations for the next several seasons or longer!

Get the finely detailed and splendidly dazzling 3’ tall lighted Crab Pot Christmas tree now and create a stunning and cheerfully festive landscape for your home this Christmas!

Cutting-Edge Fan that Spreads More Air Quietly

Fans are very useful, especially when it is humid or hot. The more uncomfortable the heat is, the more desperate people become to be cooled to the maximum. However, most fans get louder as the fan speed gets higher. This annoying fan noise can be a distraction for people who are light sleepers or for those who need a quiet room to study or work.

The Ozeri Tower Fan is the best solution for cool and quiet comfort because not only does it spread the air better, it does so quietly. With three small fans independent of each other, you can also choose to set them at different speeds. You can also set the timer if you wish it to be turned off after a period of time.  You can check out this awesome Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44″) with Passive Noise Reduction Technology on Amazon at very affordable prices and when you do you will be happy you did.

More Airflow with the Ozeri Tower Fan

Have you ever experienced feeling so hot and humid, especially during summer, that you want some immediate relief? Some people are just wanting more air than usual, like a gentle summer breeze. If you live in a place where it gets hot, like where I came from, one fan is never enough. The Ozeri Tower Fan is just the solution I’ve been looking for.

It is just a one piece of tower, but it has 3 fans one atop each other. Each fan can be controlled, so if you want the topmost to be whirling the fastest to change air from the ceiling faster, and the center one the slowest to have light breeze on your face, that is up to you! It’s truly is the most amazing fan I have ever seen. You can shop at Amazon for this awesome Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44″) with Passive Noise Reduction Technology so you find out how refreshing this fan will make you feel.

The Fan that Cools Around

Most fans oscillate from left to right, unless you use a ceiling fan that enables the air to cool everywhere, the only way you can achieve that with a desk fan is with the Ozeri Brezza II Dual Oscillating 10″ High Velocity Fan. It is only 10″ in diameter and uses only 35 watts of power, which saves on energy while giving you cool air. You can sleep well at night when you need peace and quiet because this state-of-the-art fan is ultra-quiet. The vertical and horizontal motion is what makes it possible for the airflow to circulate in all directions for maximum comfort. Try it and you won’t go back to the other out dated style!

To learn more about this awesome Desk Fan by Ozeri, check out their Amazon store and you’ll be happy you did.

Great Way Track Your Weight Loss

I am trying to lose weight and my hubby told me one thing I need to have in order to succeed in my goal is to have a good and reliable body scale that will calculate BMI and guess what? I found a great Digital Bathroom Scale that will help me reach my goal and thanks to Ozeri for this awesome product. There’s so many great features this scale has that I love and one main thing about it is that it calculates body mass index, which I think is the best scale feature and what I really need to track not only my weight, but my body fat percentage. It records your weight from previous weights to the current one, it has auto recognition for 8 different users, it has anti slip resistant surface and can weigh up to 440 lbs. Here’s what’s cool about this bathroom scale, it has a color alert which I haven’t seen in any scale before, the green one is for weight loss and red for weight gain! This scale is battery operated, easy reading manual and it has a scratch resistant non slip surface to provide great footing protection. If you want to lose weight seriously and want a reliable weight body scale partner to help you achieve your goal, I highly recommend weight master two digital bathroom BMI scale from Ozeri. You can purchase this awesome product on Amazon and get the best body you deserve.

My Daughter’s New Comforter Set

My daughter is really excited about her new comforter set. She hasn’t used it yet since I need to wash it. I didn’t thought that I can find a matched comforter set for her rug and back rest pillow. What made me happy was that it was on sale, although I had to pay for the shipping which I don’t mind considering the price drop for this product. Anyway, I posted a picture so you can see what it looks like because it’s just a perfect match for my daughter’s bedroom.

The Coolest Fan That Literally Cools

Whenever the summer season heat starts to get inside our houses, a cooling fan would automatically become the most important appliance along with the whole house air conditioner. The latter is bit expensive and bulky to install and that’s why the best option to have is an Ozeri 360 Oscillation Tower Fan. This is an incredibly quiet and efficient fan. As its name says, it rotates 360, which ensures complete air circulation.

When it comes to noise issues, the Ozeri is equipped with over 200 staggered micro-blades to generate airflow at the lowest possible noise factor. If your laziness strikes, worry not because this awesome fan comes with an extra range remote control device and displays an LED function making it visible even if its across the room. To learn more about this awesome Tower Fan by Ozeri, check out their Amazon store and get the best noise free fan you will find anywhere.