Reasons You Should Invest in Surge Protectors

A power surge is a brief spike in the electric current in your home. While a surge lasts less than a thousandth of a second, it can completely destroy your home’s appliances and electronics. If you don’t have surge protectors in your home, here are a few reasons you should consider getting some.

You Never Know When a Power Surge Will Happen

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We can watch the weather forecast to know when a thunderstorm will move through, but no meteorologist can predict when a power surge will happen. Even though lightning doesn’t cause most power surges, it’s certainly the most startling and destructive. A lightning power surge happens when lightning hits a utility pole and sends an instantaneous surge of voltage through your home. This can damage anything that’s plugged in, including your microwave, television, and computer.

You Work From Home

If you work from home, you have plenty of valuable electronics that you can’t afford to go a day without. If you work for a company, you might be required to have surge protection to keep these electronics safe. Not having the right protection could mean you end up having to pay to replace these items yourself. On the other hand, if you work for yourself, losing these electronics might also mean days of lost business as you wait for replacements to arrive.

Your Homeowner’s Insurance Doesn’t Cover Loss From a Surge

If you have homeowner’s insurance and you think you can simply use it to replace any devices damaged during a power surge, you might be surprised when you go to submit a claim. The typical homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover damage caused by a power surge. In fact, even some upgraded plans only cover damage to electrical parts from a surge not caused by lightning, and electronics such as computers still aren’t covered at all.

You Want to Keep Your Electronics Safe

From televisions to computers and refrigerators to game systems, there are numerous electronics and appliances in your home that you want to keep safe. However, if you’re simply plugging them straight into the outlet, you could be putting them at risk. If you’re looking for a surge protector you can plug your electronics into, keep in mind that the higher the joule rating, the better the protection. Additionally, surge protectors don’t last forever. While some recommendations say to replace them every two years, actual longevity depends on how many surges occur, the surge protector’s joule rating, and how many joules the surge protector has absorbed.

You Want to Protect Your Home

Perhaps the most important reason for investing in a surge protector is because you want to keep your home safe. If a power surge moves through a damaged wire, the wire can heat up enough to catch fire. That’s why you should consider whole-house surge protection. A whole-house surge protector is a single device connected to your main electrical panel. It protects your entire house from power surges and can even protect your electronics from lightning strikes.

With these reasons in mind, you now have a better understanding of why it’s important to invest in surge protectors for your home.

5 Things You Might Need to Replace on Your Older House

Living in an older home means enjoying plenty of charm and stylish details that you just don’t see in new construction anymore. However, it also means living with items that can create potential problems if they start to break down or simply aren’t as efficient as what we have today. If you have an older home, consider replacing the following items.
Windows and Doors

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Even though they don’t build houses like they used to, when it comes to the windows and doors on your house, what you can get today is vastly more efficient. The glass in old windows and doors is single-pane, which doesn’t retain the heat like today’s dual-pane windows do. In fact, modern dual-pane windows are about twice as effective at holding in air conditioning and heat as single-pane windows from just a few decades ago. Additionally, there are often leaks around the old panes and sills.

Electrical Wiring
Old electrical wiring in a home has two main issues: safety and convenience. Electrical wiring lasts as long as the wire’s insulation. Once that goes, the wire becomes exposed and the risk of short circuits, shocks, and electrical fire increases. Wiring installed before 1960 will last around 70 years, while new wiring installed today can go at least 100 years. Additionally, homes with older electrical wiring often don’t have enough outlets to handle all the electronics we use today.

Your biggest risk with old or substandard plumbing is having the pipes burst and dealing with water damage in your home. A serious flood could mean thousands of dollars worth of damage, leaving your home uninhabitable for weeks. There’s also the risk of mold problems that form because of leaks. While copper and brass pipes can last around 50 years, steel pipes sometimes don’t make it 20 years. If you know the pipes in your home are old, you might want to upgrade to plastic pipes that can give you another 40 or 50 years.

Depending on the age of your home, you might not even have a HVAC system or central air conditioning. If you do, keep in mind that the average life span of a furnace is 15 to 30 years, and the average life span of a central air conditioning unit is around 20 years. If you still have some years left on this equipment, don’t forget about the ducts. Most experts recommend a duct cleaning every three to five years to improve air quality inside a home.

It’s a given that older homes have older roofs. The problem with an older roof is that you could have issues with water damage, pest damage, and inefficient insulation. Once leaks begin to occur, it could cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair the damage. If the problems are in one area, you could repair that section. However, if the roof is widely damaged, it could make more sense to replace the entire thing.
As you continue to enjoy the charm and character of your older home, make sure you’re prepared for the things you might need to replace down the road.

Small But Perfectly Formed: Making Limited Spaces Beautiful

The old saying goes “it’s not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it”, and we all know what that phrase is about… Interior decoration! While many of us fantasize about owning a vast mansion that’s elegantly furnished and bedecked with gorgeous thing, it’s important to love every inch of the space you’re in, from a five bedroom house in the hills to a petite studio apartment. Rising property prices are keeping more and more of us from having a significant space to call our own.

If your home is limited in size, then it’s important to make the most of the space you have. From making the most of a small kitchen to making a tiny garden in a windowbox, there are a great many gorgeous, space saving solutions to making your house or apartment feel spacious and luxurious.

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A place that’s just for you

Summer’s here and while it can be a beautiful time of the year it also means hot, sweaty bus and train rides, and hours spent in cramped offices with bad air conditioning. Your home should be a bright, breezy place to relax and unwind after this, so if your living space is dark, cramped and cluttered then it’s time to refresh your living room for summer.

You should be able to throw on some music while reading a book and sipping an iced caramel macchiato in blissful surroundings free of the oppression that can be caused by cluttered or overly busy living spaces.

Even if you have a very limited space, it may come as a surprise how easily you can create a feeling of spaciousness without needing more actual space.

Here are some easy ways in which you can do this:

  • Keep your walls bright and neutrally colored.
  • Keep your wall art bold but restrained. You should be able to see lots of blank wall.
  • Maximize your window-space by replacing heavy drapes with blinds of bifolds.
  • Lay out your furniture according to the room’s layout, matching the corners and agles for optimum free space.
  • Now’s the time to purge your home of clutter and remove anything you no longer need or want. You may need to be uncomfortably ruthless if you or your partner are natural hoarders. If you still have a chipped coffee mug from 1994 taking up valuable space in your cabinet, it needs to go!


You might think that open plan is the way to go, but dividing your space into separate ‘zones’ can really help you to maximise whatever space you have available to you. Each zone should be associated with a specific activity (e.g.. sleeping, eating, working, relaxing), which will give a feeling of separate “rooms”.

Marvelous mirrors

If you’re working with limited space then the strategic placement of mirrors is a must. Not only do they create an impression of depth, they also reflect light which will be extremely helpful in creating an airy, spacious feeling.

Nothing says ‘home’ like a houseplant

What better way to brighten up your home and make it feel more open than by opening it up to a little piece of nature? Houseplants breathe out oxygen; literally making the space airier. They also bring a wonderfully calm, serene presence into your home.

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