Maximize Energy and Boost the Signal for Your iPad

One of the digital gadgets that a lot of people are enjoying is the iPad, mainly because so many things can be accomplished with such a small device. However, for long use, it gets tiring just to hold it in a certain way, depending on what position your body wants to assume. Unlike desktop, tablets need to be held always, unless there is a helper like the Pong Case. Take, for example, the Pong Case for iPad Air.

This will allow you to have a faster connection speed and it’s the only case that reduces exposure to wireless energy. With the twin antenna technology, it automatically pairs with your gadget when you snap it on. The cellular range is increased, so web applications work a lot better. Pong cases are tested and proven in the same labs where government certification takes place.  The case also folds in a number of ways, depending on how you needed it positioned, whether you would like to use it for typing, browsing, watching videos or playing games on Facebook.

The interior is a soft micro-liner that protects your iPad from scratches. It also supports the auto sleep-wake function when you open or close the cover.  It has a 60 day money-back guarantee, so you have a lot of time to test it. But, once you have this case, you will surely love it so much you wish you would have bought it sooner. Go to to order yours today or for a great gift for someone you know. To learn more about this awesome product from Pong, become their Facebook and Twitter fan and get this updated case for your heavily used tablet.