Accessorizing with Inspired Silver

Accessories are part of a woman’s getup. It started when she was a girl or when she was able to choose what to wear. As an adult, however, it is more satisfying to accessorize because of the capability to buy one’s own items and it can be a hobby to collect (read: hoard) something that adds character to one’s overall getup.

Why Silver? Silver is a metal you can wear as jewelry anywhere. Perfect for minimalists who do not want the excessive display of gold, but still proper for luxurious occasions since silver can be a flashy accessory. It can be worn in formal settings as well as everyday, anywhere or anytime. Bathe with it even and that is fine.

Below are silver accessories you can collect which you can wear for any occasion. The design elements will be the deciding factor to know which ones you want to wear now or later.

Earrings. Especially for short-haired women, earrings give accent to the face. Choose something that stays in place even if you go swimming or if you are active otherwise. Stay away from danglings, unless gala events are your everyday activities.

Necklace. Choose the thin variety. One that is almost unnoticed from a distance, but visually defines the beauty of your neck when seen up close. A monogram pendant is also fine. It may be a gift from someone special so wearing it every single day will be a delight if it is not heavy on the skin.

Bracelet. Whether a simple chain or with ornaments, a silver bracelet enhances the length of the hand. It also somehow covers imperfections by directing the focus on the bracelet. If you also are in the habit of fidgeting, a bracelet is an ideal tool since it does not have to be obvious. Bracelets are also one of the accessories that you can have more than one to wear on different days or for different occasions. If you hang out with a group of girlfriends and all of you wear the same design as a sign of your friendship, who’s stopping you?

Anklet. Not many of us focus on the feet of someone else. When you go to the beach, though, everything is noticed. Wear it with or without barefoot slippers, your foot with a silver anklet is something that can start a conversation. It can be a cool ice breaker and show a unique way to accessorize.

Check out the Pinterest and Instagram sites for design samples of InspiredSilver you can own.

Personalized Holiday Gift Idea for Her

During the holiday season, choosing a gift for her takes more care than choosing for him. Especially if she is someone special in your life, there is more elegance taken into consideration, which makes it safer ground in making the right choice. However, make sure that wrong signals are not sent as too much care or thought given into the gift to someone who is just a casual friend may bring out a different meaning. 



Choosing from the holiday gift ideas is a good start, but if she is someone special like your girlfriend, wife, or daughter, or even your sister, you can build your own locket with her picture or of you together to create the special bond. Hurry while it’s Black Friday and prices are low. Have the created for her to treasure as long as she lives. You have to hurry to be sure that your gift gets to you in time for the upcoming holiday season.

I received complimentary products for reviewing purposes only. All written content is 100% original.

The Best Guide of Creative Gifts for Your Dear Ones

Holidays are around the corner and like each holiday we would like to pick the best and most unique gifts for family and friends.  This guide will help you out in picking out the most exclusive gift items within the affordable cost for everyone on your list. The following details for these four elite products will give you the very best solutions for choosing holiday gifts this year.

Believe In Magic Inspirational Pendant

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 1.22.44 PMMagic is something that we used to believe in our childhood. As we grew up we considered this as a fairy tale or just a fantasy. But some of us believe that magic is all around us at all the time. Love, success, luck, fate and different stories of our lives, all is seems like magic at times. This eye catching beautiful inspirational pendant reminded me of the true meaning of magic with a heart wrenching message on it and it creates an adorable look with its attractive solid silver ribbon.  For more details you may visit

PIXI Beauty’s Holiday Collection

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 1.29.46 PMGive your dear ones a beautilicious feel this holiday with PIXI beauty items .  When I used the beauty products from Pixi, the results were more than what I expected. For a reasonable price, you will never acquire beauty products that not only enhance your features, but gives you a confident feel like never before. Glow tonic offers you a much healthier and fresh skin than you have ever experienced. Endless silky eye pen and cat eye ink liner outlined my eyes so smoothly and stayed looking great all day long. The mini matte luster lipstick kit was so handy and easy to carry that I take it everywhere I go when I leave the house.  Attractive nail colors for casual as well as formal use just add colors to your beauty. For further details you may visit

Love Cooking Products

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 1.33.50 PMWhy not give a gift with a unique feel of love? The Love Cooking Company provides a line of top-quality cooking products full of love that will add a ‘sweet taste’ to your gift. In Mrs. Field’s pans, unique and yummy desserts are easy to bake as well as convenient to cook.  The 24 cute mini cupcake non-stick pan will help you bake delightful one bite cupcakes and muffins easily and quickly. The push pan is also different and interesting for baking lovers.  So, you should check out The Love Cooking Company’s products if you are about give a gift to someone who loves to cook special goodies for their friends and family. For more info:

Ecocentric Mom Box

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 1.44.40 PMIf you want to have variety of items at one place then Mom Box may be the best place for you . It offers quality beauty products including the Ecco Bella Eyeliner, silk therapeutics serum and a moisturizer, lasting smiles care lip balm and ellovi body butter. The products are made with top-quality ingredients. Products other than beauty ones are the People Towel that is used to cut down paper towel waste, by using the environmentally friendly people towel) and a couple of tasty snacks to keep your family happy and healthy. As a holiday gift your friends can use these products and will remember you for the care you give.  For more information , visit

 I received some products at no cost for reviewing purposes only. All written content is 100% original.

Great Necklace Gift for this Holiday Season

Christmas is just around the corner.  If you’re looking to buy something for your loved ones, then I suggest you check out some Reeds necklaces. That’s because you will be impressed with their great selection of beautiful necklaces at very affordable prices.  Just like this tiny butterfly necklace which I think is perfect for my daughter.  She loves butterflies and giving this to her on Christmas will be a great gift since I’m sure she will love it!

Accessorizing With Copper Jewelry

The fashion industry has been introducing a lot of things for many years and it includes magnificent copper bracelets. They are among the numerous accessories that never get out of style. Bracelets are often used to enhance a person’s outfit, but it should also be carefully chosen because sometimes it will ruin the entire get up. Copper is one of those metals that won’t fade easily, that’s why using them as raw materials for making a bracelet is very favorable. The color of the metal is also neutral, so it can easily be worn with various outfits.

No wonder magnetic bracelets are becoming a trend these days. Also, I like wearing a copper bracelet because it matches everything I wear. I love wearing bracelets, especially this kind of a copper bracelet where it’s stylish yet it has the classic look. This place that I found has all kinds of copper bracelets with different styles that will suit your needs. You will be surprised how affordable they are plus they provide free shipping within the USA. Anyone you know who is looking for high quality and stylish copper bracelets should check our the MagnetJewelryStore and you will be glad you did.