Everyone Should Visit the Incredible Ice Castles in Colorado 

For the first time ever, Ice Castles are in Dillon, Colorado. Our family was so excited when we arrived and saw the ice sculptures for the first time. We were so curious what it would look like once we were inside. There are many areas to visit and two slides the kids loved going down over and over. We had so much fun taking pictures in the different viewing areas. This was a fantastic family adventure we would recommend for people of all ages. Check out their website icecastles.com to make your reservation today!

Four Proven Ways STEM Projects Can Benefit Your Child

Currently, one of the most popular education programs is STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). However, the real question is “how can STEM projects be of benefit to your child?”

There are four proven ways STEM projects can benefit your child.

  1.  An Impact On Each Area Of Your Child’s Life

In order to help our lives progress each day, having knowledge of how things work together is important in making the education of a student complete.

Hence, this program teaches children through items and activities similar to what they will encounter on a daily basis.

As a matter of fact, the National Education Association believes that observing nature and simple scientific experiments will aid scientific learning in early childhood.

2.  Better Educational Performance

These children will develop more cognitive abilities since they will become more curious and hence will ask more questions about their environment.

It has been proven that this method allows children to benefit more from learning compared to traditional methods.

These STEM programs have been proven to help children become more curious about the world around them.

Asking questions and encouraging discussions between the children, their teachers putting the children into discussion groups is the basis for teaching these topics.

Put differently, critical thinking skills are cultured rather than spoon-feeding the children with information.

3.  Your Children Can Learn Important Life Skills And Facts

Since the activities are engaging and the materials are interesting, teaching the four main subjects in a single program is not only easy, it also makes it easy for the children to acquire their new skills.

Since the STEM program is a complete program, each activity from the program builds on the child’s current level of thinking and his or her previous knowledge.

Apart from helping to build the child’s self-esteem, educators also give the children a lot of positive encouragement.

Through the lessons and activities, children are able to work with each other and thus, develop better social skills.

When they have to handle small projects and write down their observations, they can easily exercise their improved communication skills.

4.  The Program Appeals To Children Of All Ages

If the appropriate materials are used, children between the ages of three and four can be involved in STEM activities as well.

Snapology carefully selects the materials it uses so that it will appeal to the children and also ensure their safety.  The importance of each subject becomes more pronounced as the children develop and progress through their education.

Obviously, more complex materials are given to older children – though this is done on a gradual basis. Also, they are taught more complicated concepts.

Are you interested in helping your child enjoy these and many other benefits of a STEM education?

If yes, then get in touch with Snapology.  If you have any further questions, they will provide the assistance you need.



@NitroCircus  Bikes – The Perfect Gift Idea For Kids

Our daughter loves to ride her bike in a lot of different places where we live in Colorado.  She started riding with training wheels and needed a new bike since she outgrew her first one.  We were recently provided (in exchange for this review) a complimentary Hyper 20″ Nitro Circus BMX Kids’ Bike in Matte Black that is great for her to ride in the park and on dirt trails since it has multi-surface tires.  It’s a black sporty looking bike that has a similar look to the awesome motorcycles we saw at the Nitro Circus show.  The performers were professional motorcycles stunt riders that all rode Nitro Circus motorcycles that had a unique look and focus on performance.  This bike looks very unique because of the platform BMX pedals, the micro-drive front & rear sprockets and the rotor that allows for 360-degree handle bar rotation.  It’s a very solid and well-built bike that will last for a long time. 

The Hyper 16″ Nitro Circus Motobike Kids’ Bike is a great looking bike.  Both of these bikes come with a Bell Nitro Circus Bike Helmet that looks really good on her and she said is very comfortable.   This specially designed helmet is for ages 8-14.  It has a hardshell construction that can be used at skate parks, nine vents for effective cooling and a side-squeeze buckle that is easy to adjust.  This is a single-speed bike with a suspension frame, 16” rims and knobby tires.  The authentic motorcycle saddle & Nitro Circus Graphics provide a great look that kids will feel proud to own and ride with their friends and family. 

The bikes are easy to assemble and would be a perfect holiday gift idea.  The best place for buying bikes is at WalMart because of their low prices and great selection including the two bikes referenced above. 

Sun Tail Mermaid- Girls Can Swim Like a Mermaid Like Never Before!

Christmas is just around the corner and so is Boxing Day and New Years Day. It’s time for a lot of gift sharing again! Unfortunately, many of us are generous givers, but are often lost of ideas when it comes to the best gifts to share on these memorable occasions and on birthdays. Because of this, I have provided below one fantastic gift ideas to keep your gift-giving ideas flowing.

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Bali Blush Mermaid Tail + Monofin Set is an awesome birthday gift. It is a great gift that get the girls feeling very excited by the beachside when they are swimming in the beautiful blue water and mimicking their favorite mystic creature. Made from a unique combination of rich pink, deep fuchsia and royal purples, this suit is sure to leave the bearer reeling with joy for its uniqueness. Visit suntailmermaid.com now to get one or more for yourself!

Keeping Toddlers Healthy & Active All Year Round by Using @life_stix

As parents, our kid’s health has always been our top priority. Even if they’re still inside our womb, we see to it that we eat healthy food and we visit our doctors for constant monitoring. Now they’ve reached their toddler years, keeping them healthy has become more and more challenging. Toddlers are naturally curious, especially when it comes to food. If it looks appealing, then they would definitely eat it. During this stage, we can no longer monitor their activities 24/7 as they start to mingle with other kids at their pre-school or sometimes when they get to play outside in the neighborhood.

If you’re thinking of keeping your toddlers inside your house to keep them safe, then you’re depriving them with a lot of essential learning activities. If you worry that much, then you better take note of the following reminders.

Live By Example – if you want your kids to be clean, then let them see that you are clean as well. They often mimic the adults in the house, so this would basically do the trick. It applies not only in cleanliness, but in almost everything.

Supplements and vitamins – since you can no longer monitor what your kids’ are eating it would be much better to keep their immune system healthy. You can check out Lifestix.com for their Lifestix immune probiotic. E.N.T Care is an oral immune probiotic that dissolves in the mouth. This new and effective probiotic, E.N.T. Care, focuses on supporting ear, nose and throat health.  The mouth and throat are the body’s entry point for nutrition, but also for threatening bugs that could compromise your health.That’s when E.N.T. Care can be used for immune support. You can find E.N.T Care at any local Walgreens stores.

Encourage Independence – now that they have a boosted immune system, let your kids explore their surroundings. Don’t worry about them getting dirty because it’s where they’re going to learn more. They will be able to know things faster if they can fully use all of their five senses.

Be Creative – as parents, we should also embrace variation. Don’t stick to single snack or single color or whatsoever. Be creative as much as possible. Kids usually get bored easily if they constantly experience the same activities all throughout the week.

Always remember that your kids childhood experience is essential for their personality to develop, so invest in it and make it as fun as possible.

Comfy & Eye-Catching Stylish Shoes for Active Kids from @MyChooze

My daughter is loving her new pair of shoes from Chooze.  They are light weight, so light that even kids can feel comfortable wearing them to sleep, the flexibility that provides children the space they need to feel comfortable while playing, jumping or running.

The Chooze footwear comes with a 4-way stretch performance material that aids movement. They are not like most children’s shoes as they are washable, even machine washable and will not fade if air-dried. They come with a padded sole that will repel moisture so to keep it from stinking or smelling. We all know that nothing boosts confidence and excitement in kids like new shoes and apparel with Chooze colorful footwear help kids run faster, jump higher and feel happier due to their light weight. With great care taken in designing products that fits well, supports a child’s natural development and with a great cool color Chooze apparel is the best choice.

The sparkly high-top sneakers comes with a vulcanized composition, side zipper for easy access, a cotton lining and 100% vegan materials. It also comes with anti-microbial removable padded insoles, support for ankles, durable leather upper, expanded tongue and collar for utmost comfort. Built with a breathable textile-fabric lining, slick and lovely look in gold and silver, extra heel protection molded into the comfortable, polyurethane insole, ultralight weight, breathable and durable rubber outsoles. 

As you can see here in the photo, my daughter just loves her new Chooze shoes, they are comfy and stylish that every kid would love.  This would be a perfect holiday gift idea for those active kids who love stylish and comfortable shoes.

How Music Influences Your Child’s Brain Development

Music has been part of our everyday lives for generations. From the moment your mom played that lullaby while you’re still inside her womb up to this very moment while you’re trying to relax while in bumper to bumper traffic. In fact, studies have shown that music can actually improve a person’s bad mood. If you want to escape the noisy streets, then  play your favorite music to escape. It’s that’s easy! With today’s technology, music of different genres are within your fingertips. Unlike before when you could only access it through our radios, turntables or tape players. If you want to have access to comprehensive information about music, you can check out the website of John Ross Jesensky

Another great thing about music is its positive influence regarding your child’s brain development. According to the 2016 study at the University of Southern California, it was found out that experiences in music during early childhood can actually increase the brains development, especially in the areas of language acquisition and reading skills. Exposing them early to music can help them with learning sounds and knowing the meaning of words. If they dance with the music, their motor skills would be built as well. As they listen to it repeatedly, their memory would be improved at the same time. Just imagine all these benefits that music can contribute to your child’s brain development.

After reading the above statements, you might be rushing to search for the nearest music school in your place and enroll your kids. However, don’t rush it that much because another study also claims that if there isn’t any engagement from your kids, the benefits will not be fully acquired. It is not enough that your kids attend the class and merely listening to the lessons. There should be active involvement like playing instruments and singing along.

If you want your kids to be interested in music, then it’s up to the parent’s to influence their kids. You can’t force to your kids just because you want it personally. Let them explore the kind of music that they want, the kind of instruments that they’re interested in playing and the music teacher that will teach them what they want to learn. You can ask for help from John Jesensky. Incorporating music in their lives should be something that they would enjoy and pursue until they become adults. It’s never to early to start your music quest so you can help influence your kids in a positive and beneficial way.

Fright Fest at Elitch Gardens was Scary Family Fun!

Our family wanted to go to a special place to celebrate Halloween and we all agreed to go to Elitch Gardens in downtown Denver.  We always have a blast when we go there, but we have never been there during the Halloween season.  There theme this year was called Fright Fest!

It was so much fun to see our daughter dressed up in her costume, just like many other people attending the park and park employees dressed in scary costumes.  Our daughter really enjoyed the unique trick-or-treating she was able to do there.  The haunted house we visited was so scary our daughter almost started crying before we finished walking through it.  We all had such a great time and this event really put us in the Halloween mood this year.

U.S. Travel Destinations Your Family is Sure to Enjoy

Remember the days when you and your spouse would go on a leisurely vacation, spend hours by the pool and gaze into each other’s eyes over a nice quiet dinner? Now that you have kids, it may seem like you’ll never have those romantic vacations again; but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make lasting memories with little ones in tow. In fact, it can be a downright fun and exciting adventure that won’t soon be forgotten!

Here are some of the best travel destinations across the country to plan your next family vacation:


Why? One word – Disney. It really is a magical place where adults get to be kids again. There is so much to see and do, you’ll have a hard time deciding what to do first. There is an endless selection of attractions, rides, restaurants and souvenir shops to keep you busy the entire time you’re there.

There are other sights as well, aside from the Disney Park, that are suitable for both adults and kids of all ages.

Sights you don’t want to miss: Disney’s Animal Kingdom, SeaWorld Orlando, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, Epcot Center and Disney’s Blizzard Beach. Older kids will love Orlando’s Science Center.


Why? Where can you sightsee, shop in world-renowned fashion houses AND spot celebrities all in one day? Hollywood, that’s where! Not only does Hollywood offer great entertainment and night-life, it offers a great family vacation. Little ones and older kids alike will delight in all there is to see and do.

Sights you don’t want to miss: There are plenty of things to do in West Hollywood, such as the Halloween Carnaval, a free event that takes place on October 31st.

Stroll down the Sunset Strip where you’ll find plenty of shops, restaurants, and even some wine tasting events.

There are plenty of museums to check out, as well as Universal Studios Hollywood, an attraction for kids and adults alike.

San Diego

Why? If you’re going to be in Hollywood, take the two-hour trip down to San Diego; you won’t regret it!

Sights you don’t want to miss: The world-famous San Diego Zoo is sure to delight everyone in your group. Home to more than 3,700 rare animals and species, it’s also home to more than 700,000 exotic plants.

For the Lego lovers in your family, a trip to Legoland California is a must. Plan on being here for the whole day!

SeaWorld San Diego is a popular attraction with both animals and plenty of rides for the thrill-seekers in your group!

Grand Canyon

Why? If you don’t want the hustle and bustle of the city, the Grand Canyon offers an excellent alternative. Ride along the Colorado River, marvel at the stars, or hike on the Bright Angel Trail.

Sights you don’t want to miss: Take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon for a unique look at Mother Nature’s finest; Desert View Drive offers breathtaking views of the canyon. There are many guided tours that take you along the edge of the Canyon for an up-close and personal look. For the very adventurous, walk the Grand Canyon Skywalk, with a glass floor, and views from 4,000 feet.

Washington, D.C.

Why? Because this city is fun AND educational! It’s estimated that the city sees more than 6 million visitors on business alone, but the capital city is also a popular family destination where kids can see their leaders in action. Aside from the obvious White House attraction, there are plenty of other museums and sites that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Sights you don’t want to miss: The National Air and Space Museum, the Lincoln Memorial, the United States Holocaust Museum, and of course, the White House. Tours and sightseeing excursions can be booked online or in person.

Traveling with kids in tow can require a bit more advance planning and plenty of patience. But making memories as a family is priceless and you’ll treasure the memories for years to come.

Copper Mountain Witchcraft Event

Our family always looks forward to the fall season and Halloween. This year, we attended the Copper Mountain Witchcraft Event at the Copper Mountain Resort and we all had a great time! The drive there was gorgeous seeing the fresh snow on the mountain tops and the trees turning to fall colors. Our daughter, Rachel, was so excited to take her first hay ride and visit her first haunted house.

After we arrived at The Copper Mountain Resort, we walked into the festival and saw so much to do. Rachel wanted to find something that she could enjoy with other kids. She really had fun in the Bounce House playing and jumping around. She was dressed in her Wonder Woman costume for Halloween, so it was always easy to find her when she was bouncing around from side to side. After that, we had fun with the Apple Launch trying to get those apples in the target, my hubby won that contest of course. Then, Rachel said she was ready for the Haunted House. We really didn’t expect much, but we were really surprised! They really did an excellent job designing and setting up several areas and rooms that were so scary for Rachel and even for me I will admit. My hubby and I agreed this was one of the best Haunted Houses we have even seen!

Before we looked for something to eat and they had a lot of choices, we decided to take Rachel on her first hay ride. She really enjoyed the ride up up the mountain and had fun hanging out with the other kids on the ride. Our whole family really had so much fun at The Copper Mountain Witchcraft Event that we are looking forward to going again next year!