Comfortable & Trendy @prAna Outfits For Fall

prAna products are excellent as always. And if you follow the trend, you will know that stylish shirts have been a big thing in fashion and prAna have more of the best in products, with unique, comfortable cotton blend materials. With prAna’s conscious effort put into designing products that are very comfy and look elegant, stylish and trendy. If you have not gotten one, you cannot understand this additive feeling prAna products can bring. I want to write a bit of a review about some of their products, and if you have one or two, you will know and understand that feeling of awesomeness brought by prAna products.

prAna always gives the great fit, super comfortable, from the office to a casual night out and even for outdoors. The comfort can be so addictive that you will want to wear their clothes everywhere. Their clothes are great for everyday use, too. They’re perfect for travel, pilates and yoga due to their good fabric blend and they hold up well to regular laundering.   With vibrant colors and elegant designs, these trendy clothes can be worn to the club or to work. You cannot help to be noticed and complimented by others when they see you.

Let me start with the Daria Sweater Hoodie that is another unique piece of clothing that is so comfortable from prAna, with its lightweight sweater knit hoodie with warm, cocoon sleeves and a contrast rib panel at center back. Its made with a total organic cotton blend and coupled with a kangaroo pocket that provides a very relaxed fit. You will love absolutely this sweater! It’s so comfortable that it feels like you’re getting away with your wearing pajamas everywhere you wear this sweater. Not too heavy, but nice and cozy. It’s great to throw over a tank and leggings, perfect for casual or even at the office.

prAna has the Uptown Pant also that has this addictive feeling, so awesome that you wouldn’t be able to resist, to have this silky and fresh feeling, and also is really comfortable and flattering. Uptown Pant is the new rave, the next big thing in the fashion industry, it’s so comfortable that it will outweigh your so to be past desire for traditional pants. These pants are perfect for going out and for being active. Perfect for yoga and climbing due to its unique, stretchy quality, and the wide waist band that makes it also very stylish enough that it can be rocked with a just about any shirt or sweater and flat shoes.

To learn more about these comfy, yet stylish casual fall outfits, check out and find the great fall selection you deserve.

Get Ready for Your Summer Getaway

Summer is the best season of the year as you can do almost anything fun outdoors. Going on a short vacation, camping, or visiting places you’ve never been are some of the interesting and favorite events that are exciting to many.
There are two items you should consider to bring with you wherever you plan to spend your time out and about this summer.
 1. The Cargo Hauler Rolling Duffel is a lightweight bag that allows you to store your items while on the go. It is ultra-light, so it will not wear you down unlike others that are heavy to begin with. You can pull it around or carry behind you. It’s tough and durable, so you can throw it around with no worries.  Also, it’s very spacious and water repellent, too. Get your new duffel from where you can choose from any size and color, I would choose blue, but you can order any color you want.
2. INSECT SHIELD AURORA LONG SKIRT DRESS SOFT NAVY COMBO that is perfect to wear outdoors. It’s lightweight, so it can serve as skin protection because of the covering and it has insect repellent so you do not have to worry about mosquitoes and other insects creeping in while you are camping out. Aside from being functional, it’s durable. It’s easy to wear and maintain so that it can last for years.  What I love about this dress is that you can convert it to a skirt, just simply rolling down the top and using the fabric neck strap as a waist tie. It comes with different sizes and the size small length is just perfect for my height. You check it out at where you can find this great quality and comfy dress to add to your summer wardrobe.