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The TUNG Brush & Gel is the Best Tongue Cleaning System Available & It’s yours for FREE!!!

Many people don’t realize that bad breath comes from our tongue and that a special brush and cleaner is needed to resolve the unwanted smell. Mouthwash does not remove the bacteria causing the unwanted smell and a tooth brush is too soft to be effective. The original tongue brush is called the TUNG Brush that is used with the TUNG…

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Manage Your Stress w/ Stress-Less Essential Oil Blend from #ColorEarth

Everyone is affected by stress, but not everyone can manage it which often results into health problems that can be chronic and dangerous to the immune system, digestive system and even reproductive system. It may cause anxiety and lack of sleep. Irritability will be common, as well as sadness and anger. These results tell us it is time to get…

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Lozenges that Contains both Zinc and Elderberry

The most common lozenges that people take has something to do with alleviating a sore throat. Thera Zinc, however, does more than just that because of the zinc and elderberry that it contains. The human body, through various organs, produces zinc naturally, but there are 300+ different enzymes requiring zinc. The immune system needs zinc to function properly. It controls…

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