Have Your Wine Delivered To Your Doorsteps

Are you a wine lover? Well, I know many and I’ve also noticed that they spend much of their time just to get to that particular vineyard or that famous wine store just to get a bottle of their favorite wine. It consumes a lot of time right? It won’t matter to enthusiasts, but if given the chance to have it delivered right into your doorsteps at any time you want it, isn’t it more convenient?

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Five Simple Ways To Get Better Sleep


If you are struggling to catch enough zzz’s, chances are you may not be winding down enough before you hit the hay. You could be feeling stressed out,  overstimulated by too much technology, or you may simply be sleeping on a mattress that really needs replacing. Whatever your reason for not getting a good night’s sleep, try these simple tips to help you get the best sleep ever.

1. Stick To A Bedtime Schedule. At least five nights out of seven, try to set a regular time for going to bed. We are not children and we are allowed to stay up late, but setting a regular bedtime each night can help your body to unwind naturally. This is especially important on the nights you need to wake up early for work or school the next day. Your body will start to adjust to the new routine pretty quickly, and before too long you will find that you are getting top quality sleep all night long.

2. Create a restful environment. To create a room that is ready for sleep, try to make it cool, dark, and quiet. Bright lights are overstimulating, and a room that is not well ventilated can cause headaches and feel stuffy. The same applies to the use of light-emitting screens like tablets or smartphones whilst sitting in bed. It may feel like the perfect time to catch up with social media or browse the internet, but the artificial light from your device can actually keep you awake and prevent you from nodding off. Soft bedding, an open window or a fan, and a nice dark room will all help you to fall asleep quicker, ensuring that you sleep well the whole night long.

3. Watch what you eat and drink. What you eat during the day can have a direct effect on how well you sleep. Eating a big meal later in the evening, for example, can stop you from getting a good night’s sleep. Your body will be working harder to digest your food, even when you are out for the count, so try eating a little earlier instead.

Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol can also cause you to wake early and will affect your sleep cycle. Again, we are all adults here and your lifestyle choices are your own business. But if you want to enjoy the many benefits of a good night’s sleep, put down that glass of wine and reach for the water instead.

4. Get Comfortable. Sleeping on a mattress that is old or uncomfortable will obviously prevent you from sleeping well. We spend as much as a third of our lifetime sleeping, so investing in a comfortable mattress is really important for sustained sleep cycles. Resting on an eco-friendly latex mattress that holds to your shape and offers all natural comfort is guaranteed to help you sleep better than ever. Invest in a new set of cotton sheets which will breathe and help keep you comfortable throughout the entire night, especially if the weather’s warm. Lastly, comfortable pajamas that don’t tug, pull, or cinch are necessary for the perfect night’s sleep. Again, we recommend cotton as they will breath and allow you to sleep more comfortably.

5. Give your brain time to turn off. Most of us go to bed thinking about chores, to-do lists, and other day-to-day activities as our heads hit the pillow. If you can find ways to relax and clear your mind before you get into bed, you will automatically find that you sleep far better. Try listening to some calming music, meditating, or just reading a book for 30 minutes before you turn off the light. A warm bath, a hot drink and a period of calm reflection is a great way to end the day!

We Like Homes To Be Cozy, Comfortable & Personal

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Winter is the time for all things cozy. Pumpkin-spiced lattes, hats, scarves, lazy weekends and a home so warm and welcoming you’ll never want to leave. Not for work, not for socialising, not for anything, not until winter is over.

With that in mind, here are our top tips to help you make a home that is every ounce cozy and comfortable:

A Bedroom You Can Sink Into

When winter arrives, your beds becomes your safe haven; that marshmallow you want to sink into and never leave, tucking your legs into your body out of fear the cold air will nip your skin. With so much time spent in bed, though, you need to make this as comfy as possible, something that starts with your mattress, which is something mattress-guides.net has more details on. However, it doesn’t stop there. To make this room your little hidey-hole, invest in a bunch of throws, pick the perfect pillows and hang a white canopy from the ceiling so that you can wake up in a cocoon. Mmmmmm. Now that is living.

Pick The Perfect Plants

People always associate spring and summer with plants, but plants have a way of bringing a space to life, especially if you find a plant that looks cozy. Now that may sound bonkers, but there are long, leafy and fluffy plants out there that you can go overboard with, such as pussy willow. The addition of plants is a surefire way to make your space that much more welcoming, encouraging you to spend the entire afternoon of relaxing, all curled up on the sofa with that book you wanted to start when summer first began.

Lay It Down In The Bathroom

The idea of stepping out of your warm better, rushing down the stairs as the winter weather nips at your skin and having to tiptoe across the freezing bathroom tiles is not going to get anyone excited about the mornings. That is why you need to head out to a flea market (read: Ikea) and grab yourself a Persian rug to lay in your bathroom. Not only will this cover a large chunk of floor space and make your exit from the bath-slash-shower that much more pleasant, it will also add a statement. It will make your bathroom pop, giving it a sense of old Parisian-style.

Over Do The Textiles

If overdoing it is even possible. Now we know that this is an obvious thing to suggest and something every home decor blog will have said, but that doesn’t change the fact it is still incredibly effective. Get yourself some thick, plush rugs. Lay down a seagrass rug and then layer it up with a sheepskin one. Choose deep furniture, grab some bean bags, add a few floor pillows around the place, get an ottoman and start framing old textiles and fabrics. It is such a great way to subtly add a bit more cosiness to your home.

With these bits in place, start using your lamps instead of your overhead lights and get into the habit of lighting the fire. All you need now is a cuppa cocoa or a glass of red and you are ready to ignore every phone call you get.


Weight loss is a fundamental problem with the current public obesity, caused by being overweight, usually stored as fat on your waist and is defined as having a BMI greater than 30 (body-mass index), is a ratio between the body weight and the body size; this does not always need to be perfect, but usually gives a good indication of your weight compared to your ideal weight.

It is known that being overweight causes many long-term conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and joint problems. In addition to long-term conditions, overweight people can suffer from fatigue, lethargy and dyspnea, which can help them lose weight.

It is research that over a quarter of adults in the world are obese (they have a BMI of 30 or more). It is widely recognized that obesity is a growing problem that is increasing at an astonishing rate. The overweight issues are usually caused by having a poor diet, a lack of exercise or other physical reasons that make losing weight important to avoid the many chronic diseases that result from obesity.

What Medicines Are Available To Aid Weight Loss

The only clinically proven weight loss treatments today include orlistat, a drug that keeps on fat and helps to stop the absorption of about a third of the food fat. Xenical and orlistat are suitable for those who have a high BMI (over 30 or over 27, if other is risk factors exist) that can only lose the required weight with diet and exercise. Xenical and Orlistat are two prescription treatments that contains orlistat in 120 mg per capsules. Alli capsules are also available and contain orlistat 60 mg per capsule, half the strength of Xenical and generic orlistat.

Orlistat weight loss treatments help one-third of the intake of fat in your diet. As excess fat contributes to weight gain due to its high-calorie content, you can lose over 50% more than diet and exercise.

Non-prescription weight loss supplements, such as XLS-Medical, are available as  an alternative to medical treatments. Weight loss supplements such as XLS Medical Carb Blocker and XLS Medical Fat, carbohydrates and fats help to collect or prevent them from being absorbed, reducing the calorie intake. Both should be used with a low-calorie diet and exercise to help you lose more weight than doing it alone.

Most doctors agree that a healthy diet and regular cardiovascular exercises are the best way to control weight. But for some, additional help may be required to lose those few extra pounds. Many weight management strategies, with the approval of a physician, can be used safely and effectively.

Non-Medical Alternatives For Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight the healthy and effective way? The main elements of weight loss are a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise. A balanced nutrition should include your five daily fruits and vegetables and a varied intake of protein carbohydrates, dietary fiber and dairy products. The average calorie limit for a man does not exceed 1900 calories per day and 1400 for most women. On average, an adult should undergo about 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity like cycling every week.

Now, combined with these methods, you should find that you can lose weight without the help of medications. However, if you are taking medication, you should always include healthy nutrition and a good exercise program.

  • It is important to note that every method of weight loss must be slow and realistic. It is more likely that you will experience a significant and lasting weight loss if you have a good plan, set realistic goals and focus on your target weight slowly. Consistent determination is imperative and to have friends and family that will help and support you in your weight goal to greatly increase your chances of success.

Forget Medications, These Foods are help with Depression

Most physicians are free and loose to prescribe anti-depressives to patients. But as most depression patients will tell you, these medications are only instant and quick solutions. They do not offer long-term solution for the problem.
And truth be told, what we put in our body, and how we treat our body has an impact on what happens upstairs. That means that the food we consume can either improve or even worsen depression. The common stereotype is that when you are depressed you should chocolate or ice cream. But there are many more foods that help with depression.
And the best part is you have a saying in what goes inside your body. You make the call what to eat every single day. That being said, let’s take a look at 9 foods that are better than medications for treating depression.

Green Tea

Technically, green tea is not a good, but a beverage. But it doesn’t matter in this case. The fact of the matter is that green tea can help with anxiety and other mental problems. It comes down to polyphenols, compounds found in green tea that support the production of dopamine. This is the happy hormone, or the happy neurotransmitter if you like. They also help increase your insulin sensitivity. IN other words, polyphenols help you get a steady supply of fuel and energy for your brain.

And the more tea you drink, the better you will feel. So, go for 3 or 4 cups of green tea per day to boost your mood.


Truth be told, all fishes that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids help with depression. But salmon is the best option as it is the best source of omega-3. These fatty acids help you by allowing serotonin, another happy hormone to get to the brain.

Studies have shown that antidepressant effects increase with the amount of omega-3 fatty acids you consume. And when it comes to salmon, always go for organic versions. Wild salmon is the best option. Always stay away from farmed salmon.


Speaking of omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is not the only food with loads of it. Avocado is another food that is extremely rich in omega-3. In addition to omega-3 fatty acids, avocado is also on the list of high potassium foods. These foods rich in potassium relieve the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

When it comes to potassium, the recommended daily dose is 4,700mg per day. One avocado will give you provide a huge dose of that.


Another mineral that helps with depression is magnesium. One cup of almonds will provide 258mg of magnesium, which is more than you could ask for.
Magnesium is good for so many things, depression included. In addition to helping with depression, magnesium helps your muscle relax, but also treats migraine. And we know that depression is often accompanied by migraine. So, say goodbye to all those headaches, pain, and discomfort with just a cup of almonds per day.
And not to mention, magnesium helps with menstrual cramping as well. So, bonus for the ladies out there.


Here is that chocolate we mentioned at the beginning. But there is a catch. When we talk about chocolate, that Snickers, Mars, or any other chocolate bar you might reach for will not help. At least not in the long term. Yes, you will feel better for about two minutes. But if you want to get chocolate that really helps with depression, go for dark chocolate.

Rich in cocoa, dark chocolate will increase the amount of both serotonin and dopamine in your brain. That is 2 in 1, as two happy hormones produced by just one food. In addition, dark chocolate reduces the cortisol levels in your body, or the stress hormone. Just do not overeat it. Just 50g of dark chocolate per day is more than enough.


We talked at the beginning that antioxidants help with depression. After all, that is why we had green tea on the list. But blueberries are the gold standard for antioxidants among fruits and veggies. And they taste great as well.
Blueberries take care of the root of the depression problem, the oxidative stress. In addition, blueberries will help your brain grow new cells.


There are few fruits that can combat the banana as a source for minerals. Bananas contain both potassium and magnesium, two of the minerals we said help with depression. They also contain tryptophan, a nutrient that your brain needs to produce positive neurotransmitters. Yes, those same serotonin and melatonin we’ve been raving about.
One or two bananas per day will get the job done.


Spinach is the best leafy green, at least when it comes to depression. Spinach contains the highest amount of folic acid. Studies have shown that folic acid deficiency leads to depression, or at least is common in patients with depression.

This acid boosts your brain’s ability to produce serotonin and dopamine. And the best part is spinach also contains magnesium, a mineral we talked about previously.


Many veggies are rich in folic acid. But spinach and asparagus are the gold standard. This is the stalk vegetable you must include in your daily diet. In addition to folic acid, asparagus also contains B vitamins which boost mental health. Consuming this veggie will help your body convert tryptophan into serotonin.