Five Simple Ways To Get Better Sleep


If you are struggling to catch enough zzz’s, chances are you may not be winding down enough before you hit the hay. You could be feeling stressed out,  overstimulated by too much technology, or you may simply be sleeping on a mattress that really needs replacing. Whatever your reason for not getting a good night’s sleep, try these simple tips to help you get the best sleep ever.

1. Stick To A Bedtime Schedule. At least five nights out of seven, try to set a regular time for going to bed. We are not children and we are allowed to stay up late, but setting a regular bedtime each night can help your body to unwind naturally. This is especially important on the nights you need to wake up early for work or school the next day. Your body will start to adjust to the new routine pretty quickly, and before too long you will find that you are getting top quality sleep all night long.

2. Create a restful environment. To create a room that is ready for sleep, try to make it cool, dark, and quiet. Bright lights are overstimulating, and a room that is not well ventilated can cause headaches and feel stuffy. The same applies to the use of light-emitting screens like tablets or smartphones whilst sitting in bed. It may feel like the perfect time to catch up with social media or browse the internet, but the artificial light from your device can actually keep you awake and prevent you from nodding off. Soft bedding, an open window or a fan, and a nice dark room will all help you to fall asleep quicker, ensuring that you sleep well the whole night long.

3. Watch what you eat and drink. What you eat during the day can have a direct effect on how well you sleep. Eating a big meal later in the evening, for example, can stop you from getting a good night’s sleep. Your body will be working harder to digest your food, even when you are out for the count, so try eating a little earlier instead.

Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol can also cause you to wake early and will affect your sleep cycle. Again, we are all adults here and your lifestyle choices are your own business. But if you want to enjoy the many benefits of a good night’s sleep, put down that glass of wine and reach for the water instead.

4. Get Comfortable. Sleeping on a mattress that is old or uncomfortable will obviously prevent you from sleeping well. We spend as much as a third of our lifetime sleeping, so investing in a comfortable mattress is really important for sustained sleep cycles. Resting on an eco-friendly latex mattress that holds to your shape and offers all natural comfort is guaranteed to help you sleep better than ever. Invest in a new set of cotton sheets which will breathe and help keep you comfortable throughout the entire night, especially if the weather’s warm. Lastly, comfortable pajamas that don’t tug, pull, or cinch are necessary for the perfect night’s sleep. Again, we recommend cotton as they will breath and allow you to sleep more comfortably.

5. Give your brain time to turn off. Most of us go to bed thinking about chores, to-do lists, and other day-to-day activities as our heads hit the pillow. If you can find ways to relax and clear your mind before you get into bed, you will automatically find that you sleep far better. Try listening to some calming music, meditating, or just reading a book for 30 minutes before you turn off the light. A warm bath, a hot drink and a period of calm reflection is a great way to end the day!

Boost Your Morale By Receiving Quality Spa Services

A trip to the spa is a good way to boost your overall morale, but it also provides an array of health benefits as well. With the numerous spa services offered, you can choose the services that will benefit you the most. There are also different types of spas available, including a medspa which offers certain cosmetic services such as treating fine lines and wrinkles. It helps to plan a day to the spa so you can get away from all the distractions in your life that may be causing you stress. Everyone deserves time to unwind.

coolmini-aobFat Reduction with Certain Spa Services
If you have stubborn fat on your body that will not go away no matter what you do, Cool Sculpting may be a good option for you. This FDA-cleared non-surgical procedure for fat-reduction helps address those areas of fat. With controlled cooling, you can undergo a safe, effective, and precise procedure that gently targets stubborn fat cells and crystallize them, eventually causing these fat cells to die and become eliminated from your body. Many spas around the United States offer coolsculpting services. You can check out coolsculpting in Denver if you live locally for high-quality services.

Disengage from Work and Relieve Stress
Many people have a lot of stress in their lives and cannot seem to find a way to escape the stress. A good way to let your stress melt away to promote relaxation is a trip to the spa. Going to the spa allows you to disengage from everything that causes you stress including work and/or relationship troubles. A trip to the spa offers numerous therapeutic benefits, but stress relief is one benefit that everyone can use. You can even make your bathroom more spa-like by adding some scented candles, a bath tub caddy board to hold a good book and a glass of wine, and relaxing music.

Helps Chronic Pain
If you suffer from chronic pain like many others do, there are some spa services that can help reduce your pain. Getting a massage helps get the blood flowing in your body and it also helps relieve muscle tensions and reduce tension and inflammation. Massages are beneficial in many ways, especially because it offers pain relief without the use of medication and it’s a non-addictive form of treatment.

Helps Improve Your Sleep
Spa treatments, such as massage therapy, have a way of improving your sleep. If you suffer from not getting enough sleep, you already know that poor sleep leads to reduced work performance, long-term disease, slower reaction time, and obesity. Massage therapy offers individuals a medication-free way to enjoy improved sleep without any nasty side effects. Some spa treatments that promote sleep include dry salt therapy, aromatherapy, and various types of massage.

Taking regular trips to the spa can make you feel much better overall. Just the feeling of stepping away from all the stress in your life and indulging in feel-good services your spa offers can have a beneficial impact in your life. Lose stubborn fat with Cool Sculpting or get non-addictive relief from the chronic pain you experience daily. Boost moisture in your skin and recharge your body with body wraps or enjoy body exfoliating treatments that will promote cell regeneration and polish your skin. There is a wide variety of spa services available for every need. Take time to find a spa that offers the right services that will benefit you the most.

Why Treating Yourself is Anything But Selfish

Mothers naturally want to take care of others. We tend to put everyone else and their needs ahead of our own. The one big problem is that can quickly lead to burnout and pent up stress.

Living up to supermom status is stressing out mothers across the country. We’re so busy juggling everything, there’s no time to slow down and take a few moments for ourselves. But completely putting your needs aside could be making things much worse.

The Benefits of Me Time
Being the best mom you can be means being in the best physical, mental and emotional shape possible. Me time isn’t a self-indulgent luxury. It’s a necessity.

Studies are now telling us things that experts in the spa industry have always known. R&R is good for our health. The aestheticians at AOB Med Spa in Denver note that they see many of their mom clients transform in the matter of an hour. Busy moms come in for their AOB Med Spa services totally frazzled and on edge, but by the time they leave they are visibly more relaxed and in a better mental state.

Your brain and body need downtime. When there are tons of distractions fighting for your attention, concentration isn’t possible, and exhaustion is a given. Quiet moments of solitude help clear the mind and replenish energy when you’re running on fumes. We all need quiet time to ourselves to contemplate important decisions and understand who we really are. By doing so, we’ll improve our relationships with others as well as the decisions we make.


Getting stress in check is possibly the most important thing you can do for your health. Women are more likely to feel the physical symptoms of stress, but there are other reactions going on inside that could be much more detrimental. The stress hormones that are released can wreak havoc on your circulatory system and brain while increasing inflammation throughout the entire body.

The need for relaxing me time isn’t an issue faced by just full-time working moms. Full-time moms are often the least affected by stress. A University of Akron study from a few years ago found that part-time and stay at home moms weren’t as physically and mentally healthy as moms that work full-time.

No matter what your work situation is, experts agree that moms should make time for themselves.

Simple Ways to Pamper Yourself Mind, Body, and Soul
It’s time to get serious about taking care of yourself so you can take care of your family. Make the commitment by penciling the activities below into your weekly calendar.

Draw an Epic Bath
If you only have a half hour you can always relax at home with a luxurious bath. Add a creamy milk or foamer, light a few scented candles, pour a glass of wine and get lost in music or a good book. This is something I do regularly when it’s cold out. During the frigid winters, a warm bath can make it easier to handle the added stress of layering up and shoveling snow.

Pick Up a Good Book
Speaking of literature, according to the University of Sussex the quickest way to unwind is with reading material. In a matter of minutes study participants lowered their stress levels by 68% by simply reading.

Get a Makeover
We’ve all seen the makeover shows and how changing up your look can make a dramatic impact on a person’s disposition. It may seem frivolous, but how we feel in our own skin is extremely important. It can affect our mood, happiness and even job performance. When moms are comfortable and confident in themselves, they also set a good example for their kids.

Take a Walk Outdoors
We moms in the Denver area are super lucky that there are plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors. Walks out in nature have been shown to instantly relax people and can even lower depression levels.

Have a Mom Brunch
Get together with your fellow moms for a ladies brunch without the kids. Having a support system that understands what you are going through is important for your emotional and mental health.

Morning Meditation
Just five minutes of meditation in the morning can set the stage for a more productive, less stressful day. During your meditation focus on your breathing with long, deep breathes.

Take a 20-Minute Nap
It turns out the concept of power napping is real and backed by science. Neuroscientists have discovered that a 20-minute nap is one of the quickest ways to recharge our brains and overcome nighttime sleep deficits.

Top Tips For Relaxing At Home

Have you noticed that you’re feeling a bit tired and stressed out lately? And the thought of coming home to another rushed meal and clean-up almost keeps you glued to the office chair? Chances are you need to find the time and the opportunity to relax when you’re at home. If your home life is just as chaotic as your work life, it’s time to make a few changes. Try these top tips for relaxing at home:


Make time to unwind in a warm bath each week. Most of us grab that three and half minute shower in the morning before breakfast out of necessity. But enjoying your time in the water can help you destress and cleanse away all that is bothering you. Give yourself a full thirty minutes in the bathroom. You can just lay there soaking in some luxurious bath foamer with your favorite chill-out tunes and scented candle.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 9.58.24 AM

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Hanging Out With The Kids

As Moms, most of our time with the kids is spent tidying up around them, wiping their faces, and getting them into their beds. Take some time each day when you can all curl up in the family room and do something together. You might read a book, help with homework or just watch TV. Choose relaxing seating like beanbag sofas. You can find them online in different sizes at websites like Then all pile on, lay back, and enjoy each other’s company.


Getting enough sleep is essential for controlling your stress levels. Without enough sleep, you may be more prone to irritability, and you may not be able to focus on tasks very well. To ensure your sleep is good quality sleep, invest in a good bed. Make time for your bedtime routine every night to help you fall asleep promptly. And make sure you have enough time in bed to get enough sleep!

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 9.59.09 AM

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Yoga is one of the best ways to relax at home. It is one of those activities that can be done anywhere at any time of the day. You don’t even need any special equipment. Of course, a mat and some comfy clothes could be a worthwhile investment. You can wait for the kids to go to bed, or you could encourage them to join in. Yoga for children has been recommended as a way to help kids focus at school and manage their behavior.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 9.59.58 AM

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If you feel like you have too much to do at home, it could be time to ask for some help. Perhaps your children can take on some of the chores as a way of earning their pocket money? Or why not hire a housekeeper to come in to keep things ticking over? They could prepare your evening meal, clean and tidy the house, and even do your laundry. This would buy you the time you need to relax and spend some quality time with the kids.
If your life is busy, why not try one of these tips to help you unwind a little. It’s good to find time to relax. Finish your day on a positive note.

How to Relax and Improve Your Mood

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Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 2.37.00 PM

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Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 2.39.52 PM

The Jasmine fragrance gives you a nice comforting, passionate, and warm feeling throughout your body. It’s like being lifted into heaven, I absolutely love it!! With each different fragrance used, you can feel the individual effects they have on your body. This is no gimmick!


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