Review of Soft Surface Resin Bound

Soft Surfaces Ltd. has been an established company for a decade and when it comes to projects in sports and play industries for schools in the UK, their expertise and experience is next to none. Over the last decade they have expanded their range of business to become one of the first playground and sports facility installers in the UK when talking about synthetic sports pitches and multi purpose game areas that are safe. They have performed many installations of different sizes and designs. Some of the products and soft surfaces includes the Resin Bound Gravel that is made from aggregate natural stones mixed with a special Soft Surfaces resin flooring that is then laid out to form a paving or concrete sub base. It comes in a range of colors, patterns, and designs to suit individual projects. The resin bound stone surface type fashions a natural appearance. Another type of the Resin Bonded Gravel is also created using natural gravel, but is different in its appearance. In the case of resin bonded gravel, the adhesive is spread on the existing concrete, and then the aggregate stone is spread across the surface of the spread resin, which sticks to the surface, this makes it have a look of loose gravel.

Another product is The wetpour rubber flooring. It provides impact absorption to enhance and aid safety. It comes handy with ranges of bright colors and various graphics and designs. These models can include roadways, hopscotches, colorful animals and educational games that children can interact with during active play. These attractive safety options are becoming favorites for most UK schools and playgrounds.