Kids Can Have Their Own Safe Email

Most parents are concerned about safety when it comes to online dangers such as strangers communicating with their kids or spams of adult content ending up in their children’s inbox. Parents can fear no more. With the existence of Kids Email there is now safety tools for the kids and peace of mind for the parents. Available since 2009, has made it a goal to give the key to the parents while giving the kids the freedom to have their own email address and be able to communicate freely with their friends and relatives.

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Parents know the people in the contact list. Time can also be restricted like being able to check or write emails only during specific hours. If someone sends an email who is not in the address book, the parent can screen it and allow or disallow it to reach the kid’s inbox. Features can be enabled or disabled with ease. With Kids Email, you give your kids the freedom to digitally communicate while you still have the control for safety purposes. It can be used on any device they use. You can actually try for free so the online world will be a safer for your kids.

Safe Email for Your Kids

It is common to see that kids are some of the main users of the internet. Sometimes they spend more time on the internet than their parents. They have made friends all over the world by doing so. They are already part of the global network. Now they want to have their own email address. It is easy to sign up with Yahoo or Gmail, but you wonder about the spams they could receive. They might just click on them due to curiosity and be brought to an adult site or other malicious sites.  Also of serious concern is they might click on a virus and infect your computer and your files. With KidsEmail, you have nothing to worry about because as a parent, you can restrict what can be sent or received. Words can also be filtered, as well as spam. At the same time, the user can modify how his or her email platform looks like. As a parent, it is your responsibility to take good care of your child, whether they are offline or online.